20+ Interesting 7 Year Anniversary Gift & Celebration Ideas

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20+ Interesting 7 Year Anniversary Gift & Celebration Ideas

A couple’s seven year anniversary is special. It marks yet another milestone of their love and devotion to each other. It is important to celebrate your love each year with special and heartfelt acts and gifts that will last many more years to come.

Copper is the traditional material for a 7 year anniversary gift. In this guide, we will share with you different ways to celebrate your own 7th anniversary with both traditional and modern gift ideas.

What is the 7 Year Anniversary Traditionally Called?

Each year a couple is married, there is a traditional material given as a gift to symbolize their love for one another. To see what we suggest for each year, visit our gift guide for different anniversary years.

For the 7 year wedding anniversary, the traditional gift is copper, which is a very durable metal and is said to attract love, according to Greek mythology. Therefore, 7th anniversary is also known as Copper Anniversary.

Unique and Romantic Ideas to Celebrate Your 7 year Anniversary

Make your seventh anniversary one to remember with these seven anniversary celebration ideas.

Relive Your First Date

Don’t let that special memory of your first date fade out, rekindle the romance that sparked your marriage.

If you can’t exactly relive your first date, if the place you went to is no longer there, glam it up. Find a sitter for the kids and go to that fancy new restaurant you have been meaning to go to.

Book a Staycation

If you aren’t able to book your dream vacation to the tropics just yet, opt for a staycation.

Check yourselves into a nice spa or a luxury resort nearby. Take this time to switch off from the day to day hustle and reconnect with one another.

A Paint Date

Make something special to commemorate your seven years together. Grab your paintbrushes and a bottle of wine and paint something special that you can adorn your home with.

Go On a Picnic

Weather permitting, making your own lunches (or dinners) and going on a picnic is a great way to celebrate your seven years of wedded bliss.

Seek out a scenic place that neither of you has ever been to before and roll out a blanket.

Make a Special Dinner Together

If one of you is the cook, recruit the other to join you in the kitchen for a night of cooking (and eating) delicious food. Make it extra special with something you don’t make often, like lobster or steak.

Make a Time Capsule of Your Relationship

This is a fun activity that you can do to treasure all of your special memories together. The time capsule can be in the form of a box or scrapbook. Dig out those old movie tickets and love letters and create something special with them.

Exchange Gifts

Besides celebrating your anniversary, you can also exchange gifts with one another. Make a special memory with either traditional or modern anniversary gifts for your seven years together. Don’t fall into the rut of gifting each other things that you will never use.

Best Gift Ideas for Your 7 Year Anniversary

There are several categories for 7 year anniversary gifts. The traditional gifts are copper or wool; the modern is stationary or a desk set. Gemstones and flowers for 7 year wedding anniversary gift ideas are onyx and freesia.

So what are some gift ideas for your 7 year anniversary? 

Traditional 7 Year Anniversary Gifts for Her

copper penny keychain gift idea for 7th anniversary

Custom Penny Keychain


This custom penny keychain has a little heart around the date on the penny, which correlates with the year you got married. Each one is lovingly hand stamped with your anniversary date and a sweet little saying, “I still do.” 

Price: $8.50+

bracelet for women made of jade and copper 7 year anniversary gift idea

Jade and Copper Bangle Bracelet


Jade is traditionally worn for abundance and prosperity. The combination of jade and copper creates a beautiful statement piece any woman would love to wear.

Price: $40.00

A soft & warm throw blanket made of merino wool - 7 year anniversary gift idea

Merino Wool Blanket


Wool blankets make a great gift. Wrap up that special lady in a wool blanket when you are not there to snuggle and keep her warm.

Price: $121.50

wool gift for her on 7 year anniversary: long knit cardigan

Long Knit Cardigan


An simple yet gorgeous looking piece of outwear that will keep her warm when autumn or winter comes.

Price: $79.00

Necklace with cute puppy pendants - cute copper anniversary gift for wife, dog lover

Puppy Love Mixed Metal Necklaces


Is she also a dog-lover? Then these necklaces with puppy shaped pendants are just for her!

Price: $75.00

Traditional 7 Year Anniversary Gift for Him

custom copper mug unique 7th anniversary gift for him

Custom Copper Mug


Engrave your own special message on this custom copper mug. Remind him of your love for each other every time he fills up his one of a kind mug.

Price: $34.00+

7 year anniversary gift for him: a guitar pick made of copper

Copper Guitar Pick


A thoughtful & lovely keepsake for your favorite guitar player. This guitar pick comes with a sweet line that will surely melt hist heart.

Price: $11.58

great copper gift idea for him: a engraved bookmark made of copper

Engraved Copper Bookmark


A nice gift idea for any bookworm. This bookmark is fully customizable and will always remind him of you whenever he’s enjoying his favorite book.

Price: $21.44+

collar stays copper anniversary gift for him

Custom Collar Stay


If your hubby often wears dress shirts, these custom collar stays will make a great gift. Not only will he be looking stylish, but it will always remind him of your love for one another.

Price: $26.49

wool scarf traditional 7 year anniversary gift

Wool Scarf


Keep your man warm and stylish with this classic wool scarf. With three different plaid colors to choose from, he will surely have a favorite new accessory.

Price: $79.00–$80.00

Modern 7 Year Anniversary Gifts for Her

monogram stationary set

Monogrammed Stationary Set


Nothing beats a handwritten letter or note. Encourage those love letters with some beautiful custom stationery

Price: $8.50+

desk accessories set 7th wedding anniversary gift for her

Mason Jar Desk Accessories


Make sure your wife’s office desk is country chic with this mason jar desk set that will make all of her coworkers envious.

Price: $39.99+

Modern 7 Year Anniversary Gifts for Him

personalized desk organizer: cool 7 anniversary gift idea for him

Personalized Wood Desk Organizer


Help your man keep his desk organized and stylish with this desk organizer that also doubles as a charging and docking station. The perfect place to keep his phone, wallet, sunglasses, spare change, and everything else he keeps in his pockets.

Price: $29.80

personalized stationary set gift idea for him on 7 year anniversary

Personalized Stationery Set


Write love letters back and forth to one another with this minimalist, personalized stationery set. The set is also customizable with the recipient’s name.

Price: $14.58

Gemstone for 7th Anniversary: Onyx

Onyx is the gemstone of seventh anniversary. It is considered to help the bearer release negativity emotions and thoughts.

minimalist onyx ring jewelry gift for her on 7th anniversary

Minimalist Onyx Ring


What better excuse for a new ring than your 7 year anniversary. This minimalist onyx ring includes two tiny diamonds on the sides and is set in a 14K gold band.

Price: $216.00

Earrings made of onyx and sterling silver - jewelry gift for her on seventh anniversary

Dainty Angel Wings Earrings


Inspired from the TV series Lucifer, these charming earrings will certainly bring her a magnificent look.

Price: $33.00

onyx cufflinks and studs

Onyx Cuff Links


Onyx is a beautiful black gemstone that goes with everything! Make sure your hubby is stylish in his corporate suit (or a night out) with these genuine onyx cufflinks.

Price: $39.99

anchor onyx bracelet seven year anniversary gift for men

Onyx Anchor Bracelet


A bracelet made of onyx with a masculine look is a perfect gift for your man on your seven year anniversary.

Price: $39.99

Flowers for 7th Anniversary: Freesia

Freesia stands for innocence and friendship.

freesia flowers made from polymer clay

Polymer Clay Freesia Flowers


You can never go wrong with a bouquet. Celebrate your seven years together with a bouquet of freesia flowers. Or if you prefer those long-lasting flowers, these freesia flowers made from polymer clay are also a nice choice.

Price: $66.40

Soy wax candle with pear & freesia scent.

Pear and Freesia Scented Candle


An alternate choice for the flower gift on your copper anniversary is this freesia scented candle. The amazing smell will sooth away any stress.

Price: $12.05+


Hello - Will You- I Do custom canvas print: copper anniversary gift idea

Hello – Will You – I Do Map Canvas Print


Celebrate your anniversary with a unique Hello – Will You – I Do custom canvas print featuring 3 maps in a retro style. The maps will always remind you of the 3 of the important moments of your relationship: when and where you first met, your engagement and your wedding.

Price: $48.95+

7 year Anniversary Quotes to Write on Your Card

Sometimes it’s difficult to say how you really feel about someone. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first anniversary or your 7th, having a little extra help to say the right things is never a bad idea.

Check out our guide on writing the best anniversary wishes (with examples!) From serious to funny, you will find something to write in your anniversary card that will make your spouse get that warm, fuzzy feeling (or laugh).

Need more inspiration? Here are some anniversary quotes and love poems for your reference.

Quotes for Your 7 year Anniversary Card

“As we grow old together, as we continue to change with age, there is one thing that will never change…I will always keep falling in love with you.”

“A lot of good love can happen in seven years.”

“The 7th anniversary is a milestone where you can pause and look back at your life – to cherish all the beautiful memories and bind yourself to all the wonderful promises that are yet to be fulfilled.”

“You put so much joy into everyday life. Because of you, my life for the last 7 years has been a dream.”

Don’t let your seven year anniversary be just another day. Celebrate your anniversary in a special way that you will remember for the next seven years!

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