How To Celebrate Your 6 Year Anniversary in Style

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How To Celebrate Your 6 Year Anniversary in Style

The longer you’ve been married, the easier it can feel like each passing year is the same as the last. While the first few anniversaries may feel exciting, you may feel less thrilled by your 4 year or 5 year anniversary. By the time your 6 year anniversary comes along, you may not feel like there’s anything special about it.

Luckily, there is always a reason to celebrate when it comes to the bond you and your significant other share! Your 6 year anniversary can be as unique as you’d like it to be. Simply take a look at this guide to discover the perfect way to celebrate.

The Year of Iron and Candy 

As most couples know, each anniversary has a special meaning and specific symbols associated with it. The sixth year is often referred to as the Iron Anniversary or the Candy Anniversary.

While iron and candy might seem unrelated, both perfectly represent what it is like to be married for six years. Iron symbolizes the durability of the bond for lasting so long, while candy reminds the couple of the sweetness that their connection can bring. Exploring an anniversary guide can help you get a better idea of the symbols associated with each milestone. 

Celebration Ideas for Your 6 Year Anniversary

While you have every reason to celebrate this anniversary, that doesn’t mean it is easy to think of exciting or engaging plans. Your first thought might be that you have to go out to celebrate, but there are plenty of excellent reasons to stay at home.

By your sixth year together, you may find the idea of a night at home to be far more appealing. A “staycation” can be a lovely way to celebrate this anniversary. Simply cook a nice meal together (or order some takeout!), stream a movie, and exchange gifts in the comfort of your home.

If you’re feeling particularly sentimental, you may want to consider going on a date that mimics your first date. Make a reservation at the restaurant where you first had dinner or go back to the bar where you first made eye contact.

An anniversary is a reminder of all that has come before in a relationship. By using nostalgia to fuel your plans, you can exchange thoughtful gifts in a setting that holds specific meaning for both you and your significant other.

For more ideas on how to celebrate your 6th anniversary, check out our anniversary date guide here.

Traditional Gifts for 6 Year Anniversary

As mentioned the traditional symbols associated with this anniversary are iron and candy. This means the 6 year wedding anniversary gift you purchase can encapsulate these symbols in whatever way you think fits. Try to get creative with your gift ideas!

For Her

Truffle Bath Soaks

Create the spa experience from the comfort of your own home with truffles bathtub soaks. These cocoa butter soaks invigorate the senses and provide a touch of luxury. 

unique candy gift for 6 year anniversary - truffles bathtub soaks

Iron Jewelry

iron necklace - gift for her on 6th anniversary

Celebrate a union as strong as iron with personalized iron jewelry. Consider a bracelet or necklace containing a specific gemstone to create the ideal gift for her.

Candle Dish

personalized candle dishes - iron gift idea on 6 year anniversary

An iron candle dish can be a lovely present that you can display prominently in your home. Have a special message engraved in the dish to give in the perfect sentimental touch. 

Double Handled Skillet

a skillet with double handles - 6 year anniversary gift idea

Looking for a way to get a practical gift for your significant other? A double handled skillet made of iron fits the sixth anniversary theme and can be a great asset in the kitchen.


For Him

Tiny Railroad Spike Knife

iron gift idea for him on 6 year wedding anniversary - a tiny spike knife

Whether your hubby is a railroad enthusiast or a fan of blades, this tiny railroad spike knife may be a great gift. Made from iron, this item will look perfect in a study or den.

Hockey Stick BBQ Set

hockey grilling set - unique 6th anniversary gift idea for him

Looking for the perfect gift that combines hockey with grilling? A hockey stick BBQ set repurposed from old hockey sticks may be exactly what your partner is looking for in a gift.

Forged Bottle Opener

iron forged bottle openers

A bottle opener is always handy to have around. If you’re looking for a rugged gift for your husband, a forged bottle opener is a great way to combine style and function.

Iron Wood Ring

iron wooden men's ring - accessory for men

A unique piece of manly jewelry may also be a great idea to consider. An iron wood ring is a simple and slick accessory that’s worth your consideration.


For Them

Fondue for Two

fondue maker for two people

Some gifts are better when shared. A “Fondue for Two” set is a gift that offers the chance for many fun (and tasty) date nights in your future!

Raw Cacao Chocolate Kit

raw cacao chocolate kit - cute gift idea for couples on anniversary or valentine's day

A fun way to incorporate the candy theme into your gift is with a raw cacao chocolate kit. Make your own vegan, organic chocolate with this kit and indulge without guilt!

 Herb Basket & Scissors

herb basket and scissors with herb pots - 6th anniversary gift ideas for couples who have green thumbs

Couples with green thumbs should look into an Herb Basket & Scissors. This simple piece makes it easy for you to grow and cultivate herbs in your own home.

Black Fig & Cypress Scented Candle

scented candle - gift idea for couples

Bring the invigorating fragrance of the outdoors into your home with a Black Fig & Cypress Scented Candle. This elegant gift is topped with an iron-branded cork lid and makes a perfect fit for your 6 year anniversary gift. 

Hair Care Holder

hair care holder made of iron - unique 6 year anniversary gift idea

Is your bathroom counter constantly crowded with products and tools? An iron hair care holder is a present that can provide some needed organization.


Modern Gifts for 6 Year Anniversary

Though iron & candy are the traditional symbols for 6th anniversary gift ideas, modern couples also explore wood when searching for gifts.

Wood, like iron, is meant to symbolize the strength of your marriage. Consider these gift ideas for a modern spin on your anniversary present. 

For Her

Leaf Wood Earrings

wood anniversary gift idea for her: gold simmer wooden earrings

If your wife enjoys creative pieces of jewelry, consider leaf wood earrings. Laser cut and painted golf, these earrings are a unique piece for the nature lover in your life.

Whiskey-Enhancing Oak Honey Tumbler

gift idea for her on 6th anniversary: whiskey-enhancing oak tumbler

Take the drinking experience to the next level with a whiskey-enhancing oak honey tumbler. This cup is lined with honey wax to help bring out your whiskey’s natural flavors.

Wooden Jewelry Box

A wooden jewelry box is a classic gift idea that is likely to see a lifetime of use. This handcrafted box provides the perfect place to store and organize jewelry. 

wood gift for her: a jewelry box made of wood


For Him

Personalized Wooden Watch

special gift idea for him: personalized wooden watch

A watch is always a timeless gift to consider getting for your significant other. A personalized wooden watch is a unique spin on an old favorite.

Mini Wood Speaker

personalized wood bluetooth speakers

A mini wood speaker is a great fit for the music lover in your life. Not only do these speakers look cool, the sound quality is excellent.

Tree Ring Pen

unique wood gift idea for him: tree rings pen

Is your partner a fan of the written word? A tree ring pen made from centuries-old wood is a gift that may help your husband write a masterpiece. 


For Them

Sustainable Wood Bath Tray

Get more out of your time in the tub with a sustainable wood bath tray. This sturdy accessory creates a simple surface you can take advantage of while soaking.

thoughtful gift idea for couples on 6th anniversary: wood bath tray

Wall Mounted State Bottle Opener

mounted wood bottle opener that has the shape of a state

Take pride in where your from with a wall mounted state bottle opener. Select the state of your choice and find a gift that will look great in your kitchen.

Personalized Rustic Serving Tray

6th anniversary gift ideas for couples: personalized wood serving tray

A personalized rustic serving tray is another piece of decor that can act as a great anniversary present. Whether you use it as an accent piece or to serve guests, this classic item is built to last.

Anniversary Vintage Wine Box

personalized anniversary wood wine box

Having a place to store extra bottles of wine can be helpful. This Anniversary Vintage Wine Box provides a rustic storage option to keep your favorite vintages safe and sound until you’re ready to uncork them.



you are my sunshine custom photo desktop plaque - lovely gift idea for couples

This you are my sunshine plaque is a sweet and sentimental option for a 6 year anniversary gift. Hang it prominently in your home and use it as a reminder of your love as the years carry on.


Flowers – Calla Lilies

The flower related to the 6 year anniversary is the Calla Lily. Due to the beautiful white coloration of this flower, many people associate it with innocence and divinity.

If you are looking for a simple and sweet way to show your significant other you care, there’s nothing wrong with heading to a florist and grabbing a bouquet of lilies. 

Metal Calla Lily Bouquet

unique gift ideas for her on 6th anniversary: a bouquet of metal calla lilies

If real flowers aren’t the right fit, consider a metal calla lily bouquet. You won’t have to worry about throwing away wilted flowers in a few days with this simple gift.


Box of Flower Soaps

floral scented soap bars

Another unique way to approach a gift incorporating lilies is with a box of flowers soaps. Made with essential oils, these soaps are sure to refresh your mood.


Porcelain Lily Ring Holder

calla lily gift theme: porcelain ring dish

Is your significant other always misplacing his or her wedding band? End this problem by gifting a porcelain lily ring holder and ensuring there’s always a safe place to store your rings.

Gemstones – Amethyst or Garnet

Gemstones are also associated with 6th anniversary gift ideas. The gems connected to the iron anniversary include amethyst and garnet.

Amethyst is meant to symbolize a noble and luxurious lifestyle. Garnet, moreover, symbolizes abundance and prosperity. Either gem is appropriate to consider incorporating into a gift. 

For Her

Garnet Victorian Brooch

beautiful 6 year anniversary gift idea for her: garnet victorian brooch

This adorable Garnet Victorian Brooch is a sweet and unique way to include gemstones in your gift. The brooch is sure to add a touch of personality to any outfit your wife wears.

Heart Amethyst Necklace

romantic gift for her - amethyst pendant necklace

A Heart Amethyst Necklace may also be a lovely idea to consider. This elegant necklace is the perfect symbol of romance.


For Him

Amethyst Leather Bracelet

amethyst bracelet gift idea for men

For the man who wants to wear accessories the invoke a rustic feel, the Amethyst Leather Bracelet may be a great gift idea. The bracelet can be adjusted to fit all wrist sizes.

Red Garnet Cuff Links

cuff links made of red garnet gemstone

Want to grab a gift your husband will use whenever you’ve got a fancy event on the calendar? These Red Garnet Cuff Links add a touch of class to your significant other’s wardrobe in a minimal way.


What to Write on a 6 Year Anniversary Card

What good is an anniversary without a handwritten card? If you need assistance with what to write, be sure to take time to look over a guide to write anniversary wishes. Including a relevant quote may also help capture exactly how you feel.

Examples of quotes you may want to think about adding to your card include:

For Her

  • “Real love stories never have endings.”
  • “The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.” 
  • “All that you are is all that I’ll ever need.”
  • “It is difficult to say just how much I love you.”

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For Him

  • “I never dreamed love could be this good.”
  • “Love you even though I sometimes have odd ways of showing it.”
  • “Happy Anniversary to My Better-in-Every-Way Half.”
  • “My love for you has no strings attached.”

For Them

  • “To everyone’s favorite power couple!”
  • “Wish I could find a ride-or-die partner like you guys have!”
  • “A blessed day to two wonderfully in-love humans.”
  • “Watching you grow as a couple has been a reward in itself.”

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Thinking Ahead

Celebrating your 6 year anniversary can take many forms. Before you start counting down the days until your 7 year anniversary, give yourself time to find the perfect way to celebrate the year of iron & candy. 


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