40+ Special 6-Year Anniversary Gift Ideas For Your Iron Anniversary (2021)

  • BY Editorial Staff
  • April 11, 2021
40+ Special 6-Year Anniversary Gift Ideas For Your Iron Anniversary (2021)

Looking for 6 year anniversary gift ideas? Celebrating 6 years of marriage is an important milestone for any married couple in love, so you’ll want to choose an amazing gift to mark the occasion. To celebrate 6 years together, choose one of the many thoughtful gifts on the market that relate to the classic gift theme.

If you’re feeling stuck on what to buy, we’re here to help. Here are some great gifts to give on 6 year anniversary, whether you’re treating your better half or a special couple.

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What is the 6 Year Anniversary Gift?

 The traditional gifts associated with the sixth anniversary is iron and candy Iron represents the strength of the marriage and candy shows sweetness in the relationship.

If you want to opt for the modern anniversary gifts then go for wood, which signifies a long-lasting and solid marriage. Alternatively, the gemstone to represent 6 years of marriage is amethyst or turquoise, with the relevant colors being purple and turquoise. There are many pieces of jewelry you can buy, for example, that feature a dazzling amethyst or turquoise stone.

If you’re really stuck on finding the perfect gift, then you can always present a bouquet of beautiful calla lilies, the flowers that symbolize the 6 year anniversary. These delicate flowers represent magnificent beauty, and anyone would be thrilled to receive a stunning bunch of such exquisite blooms.

6-Year Anniversary Gifts for Him

Custom Photo Canvas


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This Personalized Star Map art print makes a romantic anniversary gift for your spouse. You can customize the art print with your names, date, location, and your star map. So, let your love shine bright just like your lucky stars. 

“When the Adventure Began” Personalized Photo Canvas Print

“When the Adventure Began” Personalized Photo Canvas Print


For couples, the biggest day of their lives is their wedding day when they finally say ‘I do’.

 Our “When the Adventure Began” canvas print allows you to celebrate this important day of your lives. Bring a smile on your partner’s face with this amazing gift for this 6 year anniversary.


six year wedding anniversary gift for him: tiny railroad spike knife

Iron Gifts for Him

Tiny Railroad Spike Knife


Looking for iron anniversary gifts for him? Consider this collectible iron steel knife. It will look great sitting on show in the home, and there’s an option for the knife to come with a display.

anniversary gift for him: hockey stick bbq set

For the man that loves grilling

Hockey Stick BBQ Set


Encourage him to fire up the grill on a warm summer’s day with this trendy hockey stick BBQ set. The handles are repurposed from hockey sticks, so if he’s an avid sports fan you can’t go wrong.

Here is a golfers version if he is a golf fan instead.

6th anniversary gift: forged iron bottle opener

Iron Gifts for Him

Forged Bottle Opener


Now he can pop open beers in style, with this cool iron forged bottle opener. Crafted using traditional blacksmithing techniques, this is one bottle open he won’t want to lose.

iron & wood ring: traditional & modern six year anniversary gift idea

Iron Wood Ring


If you’re looking for practical iron anniversary gifts for him, give him this iron and wood thick band ring. Smart and stylish, you can select from different sizes and widths to choose a ring that suits him best.

creative 6th anniversary gift: iron periodic table of elements glass

Creative 6th anniversary gift

Engraved Periodic Table of Elements Glass


Is your man a science buff? Make him chuckle by gifting him this engraved iron periodic table of the elements glass. It’s the perfect beaker to toast to your marriage with a whiskey and coke!

6th yr anniversary gift for him: custom wooden watch

Personalized Wooden Watch


For a modern 6 year anniversary gift, give him this beautiful wooden watch. You can even personalize it with a custom engraving to make it even more special – it will look super smart teamed with a neat shirt or suit.

6th anniversary gift for men: wooden beer caddy with bottle opener

Wooden Beer Caddy with Bottle Opener


Is your man into his beer? Then he’ll appreciate this handy and attractive wooden beer caddy to transport his bevvies to summer barbeques and parties in style. Made from reclaimed redwood beams, it’s superb quality too.

gifts for men: the 4 elements of perfect shave - unscented

The 4 Elements of the Perfect Shave™ - Unscented


This luxury quartet of shaving essentials will help him achieve the perfect shave, making your man’s jawline smooth and hair-free. The products are all made from botanical ingredients and 100 percent pure essential oils, so it’s great for the skin.

traditional 6th anniversary gift: tree ring pen

Modern gift theme

Tree Ring Pen


With 100 years of history behind each of these wooden pens, this gift will be both a useful and thoughtful gift for your better half. Made from both stainless steel and wood, you can gift him a present that fits with both the traditional and modern themes.

6 year wedding anniversary idea for him: purple tie

With the color of the 6th anniversary

Purple Smith Solid Tie


Choose him a purple tie to match the 6 year anniversary color scheme. A beautiful hue of lavender, this tie will brighten up any shirt. Choose between 2.5 inches to 3 inches in width depending on your man’s tastes.

six year anniversary gemstone gift: amethyst cufflinks

Amethyst Cufflinks


These stylish amethyst cufflinks look smart teamed with a tidy shirt and tie for a sophisticated evening look. Made from ebony and the crumbs of amethyst, these handmade cufflinks are crafted with plenty of love and care.

6th anniversary gift for husband: tiger eye & turquoise bracelet

Tiger Eye and Turquoise Sterling Bracelet


Stick to the turquoise theme by giving him this tiger eye and turquoise sterling silver bracelet. Beautiful but low-key, this is a piece of jewelry he can wear every day.

funny gift for him: f-bomb paperweight

F Bomb Paperweight


This recycled steel F-bomb paperweight is sure to add a dose of fun to the office. He can keep all his papers together with a paperweight that not only looks cool but is a nifty conversation starter too.

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6-Year Anniversary Gifts for Her

Every Love Story Is Beautiful Photo Canvas Print


Tips: Use code SAVE10 at checkout for a 10% off!

This custom photo canvas is an artistic way of saying “Every love story is beautiful but ours is my favorite.” With this personalized wall art, you can revisit 3 moments in your relationship. The print will be a perfect anniversary gift that you can gift your partner to celebrate your 6th anniversary.

Custom Song Lyic Canvas


Do you and your partner have a special song you share? Maybe it’s your wedding song, first dance song or just one that perfectly describes your love story. One way to commemorate your love with the lyrics of that song is to print the song lyrics on canvas. This custom wall art with lyrics is the ideal gift for an upcoming sixth anniversary.

6 year anniversary gift for her: porcelain lily ring holder

Porcelain Lily Ring Holder


She can display her rings in style by placing them in this beautiful turquoise blue porcelain blue lily ring holder. Plus, now she’s less likely to lose them!

unique candy gift for 6 year anniversary - truffles bathtub soaks

Cocoa Butter Truffles Bathtub Soaks


Gift her a luxurious spa-style experience in the comforts of home with these delicious-looking tub truffles. Made with cocoa butter, kaolin clay, and aromatic essential oils, they almost look too good to use.

iron gifts for her: iron heart dish

Iron gifts for her

Iron Heart Dish


Ideal for the 6th anniversary, this heart dish is a perfect iron anniversary gift for her on 6 year anniversary to store her jewelry. It can be engraved too, so you can make it extra personal for her.

6th anniversary gift: hand forged iron candle dishes

Hand Forged Candle Dishes


Create a romantic atmosphere by giving her these iron candle dishes. Placed around the dining room or bedroom, these handmade candle dishes offer a dreamy ambiance for a perfect sixth wedding anniversary night.

iron gifts: cast iron cookware

For the great cook

Cast Iron Cookware


If she loves cooking, she’ll appreciate these handy iron cookware. They can be used to cook anything from breakfast frittatas to pan brownies to baked cornbread and more, making it a versatile gift for a foodie.

jewelry gift for her: amethyst stud earrings

Amethyst Stud Earrings


These enchanting amethyst stud earrings are eye-catching yet low-key and will add a splash of color to any outfit. Choose from a selection of metal finishes to find a style to suit her best.

floral scented soap bars - cool sixth anniversary gift idea for her

Flower scented soap bars

Box of Flowers Soaps


This natural soap set is redolent of the calla lily, jasmine, peony, and gardenia and it smells like heaven. Each of the sweet-smelling soaps is crafted with pure ingredients like coconut, cocoa butter, shea butter, and almond oils – lush!

6 year wedding anniversary gift for wife: wooden jewelry box

Wooden Jewelry Organizer Box


Go for the modern gift theme with this stylish wooden jewelry box. Handmade from solid walnut wood, the box features brass hangers to drape necklaces, bracelets, and rings.

gift idea for her on 6th anniversary: whiskey-enhancing oak tumbler

Whiskey-Enhancing Oak Honey Tumbler


Is she a whiskey drinker? Then she’ll love the liquid even more when she sips the spirit from this whiskey-enhancing oak honey tumbler. The honey-waxed oak wood cleverly brings out the flavor, making a good whiskey taste incredible.

6 year wedding anniversary gift: vintage ladybug stud earrings

Handmade Ladybug Brooch


This pretty and sparkly turquoise ladybug brooch will jazz up any top or dress. Handmade from brass and glass, it offers a vintage-style look that your lady will love.

6 year anniversary gift for her: heart amethyst necklace

Heart Amethyst Pendant Necklace


Wow her with this heart amethyst necklace that’s sure to stand out whatever she wears. This glitzy necklace is handmade from brass, copper, gold, and palladium and is a showstopper for sure.

six year anniversary gift for her: scented candle fron chesapeake candle

Chesapeake Bay Candle Scented Candle


This soy wax candle from Cheaspeake Bay not only looks pretty but it smells heavenly and fragrant too. The candle is poured in the USA and is made of quality ingredients.

a bouquet of calla lilies in vase

Flower theme gift

Calla Lily Flower Bouquet


You can’t go wrong with a bouquet, and these calla lilies are sure to impress. Bright, stunning, and sticks to the flower theme, any woman will feel touched to receive such a beautiful bunch of blooms.

6-Year Anniversary Gifts for Them

Custom Photo & Star Map Canvas Print


Tips: Use code SAVE10 at checkout for a 10% off!

This canvas print is a personalized anniversary gift for loving couples. To customize this romantic gift, simply put in their names, photos, the special date and location of the couple’s first date, or where their wedding was held.

modern 6 year anniversary gift idea for couples: wall mounted state bottle opener

Wall Mounted State Bottle Opener


This wall-mounted state bottle opener doesn’t just look attractive hanging on the wall, but it’s super useful too. It’s handmade from birch plywood, so it offers any home a cozy and rustic touch.

traditional 6 year anniversary gift for them: custom iron bowl set

Personalized Iron Bowl Set


Food will be beautifully presented when served in these fancy iron bowls. They’re customizable too, so you can gift a present that’s special. Simply choose how many characters you’d like and write your meaningful message.

iron gift for couples: iron fire escape shelf

Fire Escape Shelf


Does your favorite couple live in a city, in an apartment perhaps? Then this fire escape shelf is sure to fit into their décor. These shelves mimic a fire escape and can hold anything from plants to books to artworks.

wooden bath tray - sixth anniversary gift for them

Sustainable Wood Bath Tray


This sustainably crafted wood tray is ideal for bath lovers who dream of eating, reading, or writing as they soak in warm bubbles. Engrave a message on it to a special couple for a present that’s thoughtful and personal.

6th anniversary gift ideas for couples: personalized wood serving tray

Personalized Rustic Serving Tray


This rustic wood serving tray is ideal for dishing up party snacks or movie night treats in group settings. It’s even engraved with a zip code or family name, making it the perfect gift for homeowners.

meaningful 6th wedding anniversary gift for them: iron sign with quote

Custom Iron Sign


Gift this meaningful iron sign to a couple celebrating their 6th wedding anniversary and watch them smile. It will look fabulous hanging in any room, from the bedroom to the dining room to the kitchen.

cool anniversary gift for couples: anniversary wooden wine box

Anniversary Vintage Wine Box


Wine drinkers will love this vintage-style wine box to house their favorite bottles. Fitting three bottles, this wine box can be customized with names, dates, locations, plus more.

fondue maker for two people

Fondue for Two


Who doesn’t love fondue? This attractive fondue pot is the ideal set-up for a romantic evening celebrating a 6th wedding anniversary. Sleek and stylish, the dish warms cheese and other sauces within a matter of mere minutes.

candy gift for couples on 6th anniversary: jerusalem candy gift box

Gift Box of Jerusalem Candies


Know a couple with sweet teeth? Then treat their taste buds to this Jerusalem candy gift box from Israel. The delicious and decadent sweet treats will definitely leave them salivating.

herb basket and scissors with herb pots

Herb Basket & Scissors


Foodies will adore this herb basket and scissor set, so they can grow greens at home ready to chuck into delicious recipes. It will look adorable hanging in the kitchen next to the spice rank.

black fig & cypress scented candle

Black Fig & Cypress Candle


This black fig and cypress candle will leave the home smelling heavenly with its woodsy fragrances of pine, evergreen, and cypress. The green glass container is pretty and robust too, meaning you can reuse it once the candle eventually burns out.

hair care holder made of iron - unique 6 year anniversary gift idea

Hair Care Holder


This creative handmade art metal is an elegant way to store electrical hair tools. Simply pop a curling wand, straightener, blow dryer or any other similar tool into the metal and voila!

six years anniversary gift for couples: industrial gear iron bookends

Industrial Gear Sculptural Iron Bookends


These fancy industrial-style iron bookends will add an air of character and mystery to any home. They’re the perfect gift for any history buff couple who loves to read.

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Ready to Celebrate a 6th Wedding Anniversary?

Whether you’re choosing a 6 year anniversary gift for your other half or an important couple close to you, there are plenty of creative and beautiful presents on the list to suit different tastes.

We hope that you have found the right gift for the recipient by now. Happy 6th Anniversary!



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