The 27 Best 6-Month Anniversary Gifts That’ll Get Him Swoon (2022)

  • BY Keegan Kraemer
  • August 31, 2022
The 27 Best 6-Month Anniversary Gifts That’ll Get Him Swoon (2022)

Are you searching for a good 6-month anniversary gift for your boyfriend or husband that is not too intimidating? Don’t worry. We’ve done the research for you. We understand that even though your relationship is still new, the past six months of dating have been life-changing. Not many couples think of celebrating the 6-month dating anniversary, but we think it’s worth it.

A lot of people would go for a homemade or DIY gift for their boyfriend. But a small, personalized keepsake is totally fine, too! Here are the best 6-month anniversary gift ideas that’ll make your boyfriend swoon with love.

The Best 6-Month Anniversary Gifts for Him

1/ 6 Months And Counting Photo Collage

6 month anniversary photo collage print for boyfriend

Celebrate special memories over the last six months with this unique photo collage print. You can have the seller revise the picture collage as many times as you want until you achieve the desired result. Then you can print it yourself.

2/ Heart Photo Collage Canvas Print

heart photo collage canvas - 6 month anniversary gift for him

He is sure to shed a tear over this collage canvas print. Pick out your favorite pictures over the last six months together and print them on canvas to make a sentimental 6-month anniversary gift for him.

3/ Pinky Promise Wood Keychain

pinky promise keychain for a 6 month anniversary gift for him

This simple gift idea is perfect for a teenage boyfriend. Get him this cute little keychain to remind him of the pinky promise that the two of you made to each other. A fun and meaningful way to commemorate your budding relationship. Don’t forget a matching one for yourself as well.

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4/ Custom Leather Apple Watch Band

a leather watch band with custom text

6-month anniversary gifts for guys should be simple and practical. You don’t want to scare him off by being too over the top. Go with something affordable that he will actually use with this custom watch band. Include a sweet saying to remind him of how special he is.

5/ Glass Photo Plaque

Personalized Gift Music Plaque - 6 month anniversary gift for boyfriend

Do you already have a song? Give a personalized gift that will remind him of how much he means to you. When that song played, you shared a special moment. He is sure to get the message that you are meant to be together with a free inside message engraving.

6/ Our First Date Custom Map Pillow

a personalized pillow with custom map image and text

6 months ago you shared your first date. It was the beginning of something truly beautiful. A magical night you will never forget. Perhaps a lifelong commitment to one another. Giving him this pillow is a sentimental way to show him how much that first date meant to you.

7/ Happily Annoying Each Other for 6 Months Funny Mug

annoying each other for 6 months still going strong mug - anniversary gift for him

If you and your boyfriend are always poking fun at one another, then he is sure to love this funny mug. It tops our list as the best 6-month anniversary gift for your boyfriend. Even after six months you still find each other’s annoyances cute.

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8/ Leather Photo Keychain

a custom leather keychain for him - anniversary gift for him

Giving him a keychain is a great and thoughtful way to remind him of your anniversary date. Be sure he always has your smiling face close at hand with this nice little keychain.

9/ Instagram Style Anniversary Desktop Photo Plaque

an instagram style desktop photo plaque

If your entire relationship has been played out over social media, what better way to solidify your status than with this cool photo plaque? The gift is a special way to show off the day that the two of you became official. This custom gift is sure to get lots of likes.

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10/ Date Night Cards

date night cards box with custom names

Whether staying in or going out, these date night cards are a great idea for couples who can never decide what to do. From popcorn and a movie to playing arcade games, there’s never a shortage of date night ideas. They can even be personalized with the couple’s names.

11/ Leather Wallet

a personalized leather wallet with custom text

If your boyfriend has been carrying the same wallet around since he was 12, it’s time for an upgrade. Your guy will feel like a real man’s man with this custom, engraved leather wallet. Perfect for carrying around all his cards, money, and a picture of his love.

12/ Six Months Together Anniversary Picture Frame

a photo frame gift for him to celebrate 6 months together

Get your guy a special picture frame that he can hang in his room or stand on his work desk. This sentimental gift is perfect for the boyfriend who loves to show off his special lady. A cute way to celebrate your time together.

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13/ Cactus 6 Months Anniversary Mug

cactus 6 month anniversary funny mug for him

These cactus mugs are a fun play on words. Six months ago it was “I” and “U”, and now it’s “us”. You can’t even remember how you managed without the love of your life six months ago. Now, you can’t imagine life without him.

14/ Couple Magnetic Bracelet

couple magnetic bracelets with custom coordinates

Do you guys love to coordinate your outfits, shoes, and accessories? Then get him something that’s just as magical as your relationship. These magnetic bracelets are perfect for the couple who loves holding hands and taking walks. Customize with a saying, your names, or location for a one-of-a-kind gift.

15/ Social Media Photo Plaque

my sunshine photo desktop plaque - 6 month anniversary gift for boyfriend

Everyone has loved to watch your relationship blossom over the last 6 months. Show him how much you love being his love with this social media photo plaque. Just like he loves to show you off, he will love to show off this cute gift.

16/ Light Me When… Candle

a funny candle as a 6 month anniversary gift for him

You don’t need to say anything with this gag gift. Just like this candle, your relationship has been hot these last six months. Don’t let that flame die out with this humorous candle. He will be lighting this candle every chance he gets.

17/ Funny Cartoon Portrait

cartoon portrait for 6 month anniversary

Just like the show, your relationship is going strong and shows no signs of slowing down. Your boyfriend is sure to love this cool gift idea of turning you guys into these iconic cartoon characters. Pick from several locations and styles to make this a unique gift.

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18/ Six Months Down Forever To Go Mug

6 months down forever to go mug with custom name

While it might seem like the last six months have lasted a long time, you have a lifetime of love and happiness to go yet. On this mug, you can include your boyfriend’s name for a truly one-of-a-kind gift idea. The perfect way to let him know you’re committed.

19/ “All Because Two People Swiped Right” Desktop Plaque

all because two people swiped right desktop photo plaque

This plaque is a smart choice if you two met on Tinder, and your love blossomed thanks to the app! All you have to do is upload one photo, and add your names. Both designs of the plaque are perfect for any guy, including yours!

20/ Thanks For Swiping Right Anniversary Card

thanks for swiping right anniversary card for him

It’s not uncommon to have met on a dating app these days. This card is a cute way to let him know how much you appreciate that he swiped right. While it’s not a fancy card, just like your relationship, it’s the simple things that matter most.

21/ Wood String Art Picture Frame

love you most the end I win string art with custom photo

Looking for a romantic gift for your boyfriend? This photo frame includes a funny quote that all new couples say to one another. He will be able to hang this beautiful gift in his home or office. Your love will be reminded every day of how much you love him.

22/ Custom Star Map Pillow

custom pillow with star map and names

The night you met he was too busy looking into your beautiful eyes to remember what the sky looked like. Remind him of how special that night was to you with this unique “under the stars” pillow. He will think of you every time he snuggles up with this 6-month anniversary gift.

23/ Happy 6th Month Mug

6th month dating anniversary mug for boyfriend

Are you going to celebrate that 6 month anniversary by taking it to the next step…getting a pet together? Show him how perfect the last 6 months have been together with this cute mug. A great gift for a teenage boyfriend to let him know you are committed.

24/ Thanks For All The Orgasms Custom Initial Name Mug

thanks for all the orgasms mug - 6 month anniversary gift for boyfriend

If your relationship has been hot and heavy since the beginning, why not give him a pat on the back? Celebrate all those intimate moments with this funny, custom mug. Add your names and initials on the back of the mug for a personalized touch.

25/ 6th Month Together Candle Holder

six month anniversary candle holder

This gift is simple to customize but can deliver great sentiment. You just need to add a custom text, and the seller will cut the words into the wood of the candle holder. When you place it next to a wall in a dark room, the place will be filled with romantic light and the words will be displayed on the wall.

DIY 6-Month Anniversary Gifts for Him

Happy Half-A-Dozen Donut Box

half a dozen donut box - homemade 6 month anniversary gift for him

Donuts for an anniversary gift? Your guy will absolutely love this DIY gift of a half dozen donuts for a half-dozen anniversary. One donut to celebrate each month that you have shared with one another. He will love this so much, he just might share it with you.

6 Months of Memories DIY Card

6 months of memories DIY card for boyfriend

Each month the two of you have done something special to show your love. Commemorate those sentimental moments with this creative DIY gift for him. He’s sure to love each one of these special memories.

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With all of these amazing 6 month anniversary gifts for him, you’re sure to find something that he’ll love. Choose from humorous or romantic to fit his ideal type of gift. He’s sure to love it no matter what.




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