Ideas For The Best 50th Wedding Anniversary For Your Parents

  • BY Editorial Staff
  • August 5, 2019
Ideas For The Best 50th Wedding Anniversary For Your Parents

Are you looking for ultimate yet simple 50th wedding anniversary ideas for your parents? Then read on!

For any couples, every year of marriage is always treasured. But reaching 50 years is a huge milestone and deserves to be celebrated big time!

In many cases, children host anniversary parties for their parents when they reach the amazing 50-year mark. Or sometimes, the couple themselves!

But no matter who hosts, planning a big party is no small task, and coming up with 50th wedding anniversary ideas for parents is often a struggle. Do you need ultimate yet simple tips and hints to help you create a party to be proud of? Then read on!

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What Do You Call A 50th Wedding Anniversary?

This 50-year mark is known as a Golden wedding anniversary. The name Golden for this milestone comes from many, many years ago. As a result, a gold party theme is often used. And it used to be a tradition for a husband to gift his wife a golden garland, wreath, or necklace on this momentous occasion.

Gold wedding rings

Who Hosts A 50th Wedding Anniversary Party?

You might be wondering whose job it is to come up with the party ideas and host the event. Traditionally it is the couple’s children that would be responsible for searching 50th wedding anniversary ideas for their parents, planning and organizing the grand celebration. But in today’s world, this isn’t always the case. The job could fall onto friends, other family members or the couple themselves.

Regardless of the host, often thinking up ideas and planning such an event is a huge task. So it is worthwhile recruiting various close friends and family members to help the party run smoothly.

50th Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas: 10 Steps To Success

How to celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary?

Planning and hosting a large party such as a 50th wedding anniversary requires careful thought and preparation. There are a few steps to take to ensure the celebration goes well for your parents and their guests:

1. Save The Date

The very first thing you should do when planning a 50th wedding anniversary party is to set a date. Many couples try to pick a date that is close to the actual wedding anniversary, which can help bring back memories of the wedding day. However, if you want to make sure everyone can attend, consult close friends and family for a day that works best for everyone. Whenever you plan the party for, make sure to give everyone plenty of notice so that they can make travel and accommodation arrangements.

2. Decide Your Venue

Next, you will need to arrange a location to host the party in. When it comes to 50th wedding anniversaries for parents, there are loads of different venue options available to you. Think about the number of guests you want to invite, and then plan a venue that can easily accommodate everyone. This could be yours or a relative’s house, a private room in a restaurant or a hotel event space.

3. Send Out Invites

Once the date, location, and guest list are all confirmed, you need to send out invitations. Try to send invites a few months in advance to give guests plenty of notice and include as much information as you can. Include a prompt for guests to RSVP so that you know how many people to expect at the anniversary party.

4. Choose The Menu

Whether you’re planning a grand celebration with hundreds of guests or a more intimate affair, an occasion like this deserves the very best catering. Decide if you are having a sit-down meal or a buffet-style banquet.

Once you know the type of food you want, you can begin planning how to prepare it. You could hire caterers to manage the food on your behalf. Or if you have time and want to make the task more personal and fun, enlist the help of friends and family and make the meals yourselves.

50 anniversary party with champaign and food
Photo by Dave Lastovskiy on Unsplash

5. Plan The Decorations And Colour Scheme

You will need to plan and purchase all the required decorations well in advance. Pick a relevant color scheme before you go balloon shopping and keep it consistent throughout the party. You could choose the couple’s favorite color, the color of their favorite sports team, or the color scheme they had at their wedding all those years ago. Then you can include a bit of golden touch here and there. But for the golden 50th wedding anniversary, many simply choose gold!

6. Think About Gift Ideas For Your Parents’ 50th Wedding Anniversary

What do you give for a 50th wedding anniversary?

A Golden anniversary deserves something special, and gold jewelry and gifts is a common favorite. For something unique and sentimental opt for personalized anniversary canvas gifts or even something homemade. It should be something that the couple can display proudly and think of their achievements every time they see the gift.

Also, refer to our gift guide on the best 50th wedding anniversary gifts for your parents.

7. Tributes and Toasts

For a real personal touch at an anniversary party, plan for some toasts and tributes. Choose some close friends and family members to share a few special words about your parents and how wonderful their marriage has been over the 50 years.

8. Prepare Your Soundtrack

The music ideas for your 50th wedding anniversary party will depend on the vibe you are trying to create. Either make a personalized playlist of your parents’ favorite songs over the years or hire a musician for something really memorable.

9. Capture Those Precious Moments

Your parents will surely want to remember this special commemoration for years to come. Hence, you could hire a professional photographer for the day. Alternatively, set one family member the task of taking some lovely pictures for the photo album.

10. Don’t Stress, Enjoy The Day

No matter how many 50th wedding anniversary ideas for parents you come up with, and how carefully you plan the day, there will be little bumps along the way. So don’t sweat the small stuff! You already did a wonderful job throwing the celebration. It’s time to relax and enjoy the event with your parents and loved ones.



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