Flawless 5-Year Anniversary Celebration & Gift Ideas

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Flawless 5-Year Anniversary Celebration & Gift Ideas

When you want the time to stop, it passes even faster. Time flies by when you are spending it with a loving partner. Years coalesce into a series of moments and one day you realize that your relationship is going to make it to a major milestone – your 5-year anniversary!

The 5-year wedding anniversary is a big deal and calls for some major celebration. But what should you do? Don’t worry, we’ve got you. Our guide includes the perfect blend of traditional and modern anniversary gifts.

What Is the 5th Anniversary Traditionally Called?

Traditionally, the 5th wedding anniversary is called the wood anniversary. You ask why? Well, no one knows exactly. To know more about them, visit our guide to anniversary gifts for every year.

How to Celebrate Your 5-Year Anniversary?

Here are some ways to make this event a celebration to remember. Also, if you want to have more ideas on celebrating your anniversary, check out our guide here.

A Staycation

If your schedules don’t allow you to plan an elaborate trip, you can opt for staying in your city/town and avail the entertainment and leisure options there.

The central idea is to make the most of the little time you have while being where you are. Arrange a staycation at a hotel or resort.

Cut yourself off from the regular hustle and bustle of the city to re-forge your love. 

A Picnic

If staying at a hotel is not your thing, how about taking your partner out to the beach or a safe forest. However, make sure it’s a private place.

Enjoy the morning on the shore, lie on a blanket or in a tent in the evening and watch the sun go down. If it’s cold, curl up in front of a roaring fire and stargaze till the sun rises.

Relive Your First Date

This won’t be just any date. Remember your first date? Pick the same place and relive that evening.

Go glam; take that sexy black dress you thought you won’t be wearing again, get your black suit dry cleaned, and call the nanny over for the kids (if you have any). 

Cook Dinner Together

If you are a couple that makes the most of the intimate night ahead of you, spend the night at home. Don’t let you partner slave alone in the kitchen instead join them and cook a simple yet special meal. 

Exchange Gifts

Apart from pictures, gift each other something that will give you both a flashback of your 5-year wedding anniversary.

Something that reminds you how imperfectly perfect it was and how you would not have preferred it any other way. Keep reading for some 5th wedding anniversary ideas.

5-Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

1. Wood – The Traditional Gift

For Him

Pen Set

monogram wooden pen set 5th anniversary gift idea

This monogrammed, wooden desktop pen set is the perfect addition to your husband’s work desk. It can be customized with a logo, graphic, or both of your initials.


custon wooden watch anniversary gift for men

If your partner loves watches, this wooden watch is a unique addition to his collection. Made from lux wood, this custom engraved wooden watch is handmade and water-resistant.

Tie Clips

custom wooden tie clip 5 year anniversary gift idea for men

These stunning, wooden tie clips are made from real wood veneer and stainless steel. You can get a message of your choice in a stylish font or your own handwriting engraved on these. 


personalized hammer gift for him

Get a 5-year anniversary quote, message or name engraved on this wooden hammer and give it to your husband. A hammer is a useful tool to have around the house and the message you engrave on it may make it a memorable one too. 

Bottle Opener

anniversary gift for him personalized bottle opener

These laser-engraved, multi-functional bottle openers are perfect for your husband’s bar. It also has a pop-out corkscrew and knife. 

For Her


5 year anniversary gift wooden clock

This made-to-order wooden wall clock has a low-level seen. It is made of solid, thick solid oak and has black spade-shaped clock hands.

Cutting Board

personalized wood cutting board anniversary gift idea for her

This wooden cutting board makes an unforgettable gift for your wife. Get a special message, both of your names, a logo or all of the suggested options laser engraved. 


wooden earrings gift for her

Gift these distinctive wooden earrings to your wife on your 5th wedding anniversary. Crafted from reclaimed Oregon black walnut wood, these earrings are handmade and finished with premium quality acrylic.

Rolling Pin

unique gift for her christmas rolling pin

Another interesting gift can be this rolling pin made from beech wood, laser-engraved, and coated and secured with natural flaxseed oil.

2. The Modern Gift – Silverware

5th anniversary silverware gift idea silver coffee set

Silverware is the modern gift idea for your 5th anniversary. Aside from other silver tableware, this elegant, silver-plated, mini coffee set is also a perfect silverware gift for your wife.

3. Flowers

5 year anniversary flower daisy bouquet

Your wife is going to love some fresh daisies on your fifth anniversary.

They symbolize loyal love and will surely brighten her day with their simple yet pretty looks.

After gifted, the flowers can sit nicely in a vase and be a lovely piece of decoration for your room.

4. Gemstone – Sapphire

For Him

5th anniversary sapphire bracelet gift idea for him

This men’s bracelet is made from Thai silver, natural raw stones of blue sapphire, and seed beads manufactured in the Czech Republic. 

For Her

5th anniversary sapphire necklace gift idea for her

This necklace is handmade and adorned with raw, genuine sapphire beads. You may pair it with a 14-k gold chain or a sterling silver one. 


5 year of husband and wife anniversary custom canvas print

You can also gift a custom canvas to your spouse. It is a beautiful way of saying how you cherish every minute spent with them. 

What to Write On Your Anniversary Card?

Anniversary cards will never go out of fashion. They are minimal yet thoughtful. Use them to say things your spouse in an old-school manner and bring a smile to their face. Here is the perfect guide to write anniversary wishes

Some 5-year anniversary quotes that you may include:

“The reason why our relationship is the best because it’s the combination of love, trust, and friendship and I can’t think to give it up. I promise, no matter what happens, I’ll always be with you. Happy 5th anniversary!”

“I can’t realize how time has flies and 5 years have passed since our love united! Happy wedding anniversary, my love! Thank you for giving me the best 5 years of my life. I hope that our love only grows deeper.”

“My dear life partner, you are the synonym of love, friendship, loyalty, respect and all the things that a true relationship need. During these 5 years, I have always found you by my side. Thank you so much for being my supporter, my protector and the reason for my happiness.”

(Source: Event Greetings)

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Here are some poems too.

Check out our collection of love poems here.

You are the best

You are the best thing that happened to me
Its only you that I can see
I am blessed to have you in my life
That was in my destiny
With five years of love,
And many more to see,
Happy 5th anniversary to you!

My best friend

The best friend I could ever ask 
You made it easy with all the task
You are my life do you know 
I did not ever show, 
But these five years were bliss 
So, let me wish you with a kiss
Happy 5th anniversary to you!

(Source: WishAFriend)

Have you planned the perfect 5-year anniversary in your mind? If yes, then what are you waiting for? Make sure that you are making the most of this occasion and get going now!

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