23 Adorable 5 Month Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him, for Her, and for Couples (2024)

23 Adorable 5 Month Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him, for Her, and for Couples (2024)

Finding the best 5 month anniversary gifts takes a bit of time. Since every milestone with your
partner is worth celebrating, you need to put effort into discovering sweet gifts for boyfriend.
Whether you need a present for a girlfriend or spouse, there are some amazing ideas worth
looking into. Review this guide and learn more about the many exciting options available to help
make the five month anniversary of your relationship truly memorable.

1. Our Love Was Written In The Stars Canvas Print

Our Love Was Written In The Stars Canvas Print

Few images are as romantic as a night sky filled with stars. Take this idea to heart with thoughtful 5-month presents like this personalized canvas print. A wonderful reminder that your love was written in the stars.

2. 5-Month Anniversary Mugs

5-Month Anniversary Mugs

Your anniversary gift does not need to be overly sweet or sentimental. In fact, some couples prefer simple gift ideas. This mug is sure to give your significant other a smile in no time.

3. Projection Photo Keychain

5 month anniversary gift: Projection Photo Keychain

Sometimes, the best anniversary presents are the most simple. If you’re searching for a sentimental way to celebrate five months together, consider a photo keychain. This custom gift is both inexpensive and perfectly captures the sweetness of budding romance

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4. Office School College Briefcase Satchel Bag

Office School College Briefcase Satchel Bag


Having a difficult time finding the perfect gift for your guy? Consider a practical idea like this briefcase satchel bag. He will definitely put this bag to good use the next time he has to head to the office or school.

5. Light me when you want a BJ Candle

BJ Candle

Some couples love to be silly and direct with each other. If you’re seeking a funny gift for your significant other, this candle is a wonderful fit. The cheeky message and wonderful scent will help to make for an ideal 5-month gift.

6. Personalized Bracelet Engraving Names

best gifts for 5 month anniversary: Personalized Bracelet Engraving Names

Jewelry is always an excellent choice when you need a gift for your partner. Celebrate your time as a couple by gifting a personalized bracelet featuring your name. A simple and straightforward way to showcase your love.

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7. Grill Master’s Gift Set

Grill Master's Gift Set


For the man who loves to cook outdoors, consider grabbing a grilling gift set. This special just-for-him gift is not only practical, it will easily make him feel like the king of his own backyard.

8. Guitar Strap

Guitar Strap

Does your partner love to play music? If so, consider a creative gift that takes his or her interests to heart. A simple guitar strap can easily make for both a wonderful and thoughtful 5-month anniversary gift.

9. Bicycle Repair Kit

Bicycle Repair Kit


If you and your partner love to hop on your bikes and ride around, you may want to consider essential cycling gear as an anniversary gift. A bicycle repair kit is an excellent choice for your next outdoor adventure.

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10. Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones

Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones

These days, many people work from home. If you want a thoughtful gift for your boyfriend, noise-canceling headphones are a great choice. He’ll truly appreciate how much this present helps him focus while he’s working around the house.

11. Song Lyric Couple Names Blanket

5 month anniversary gifts: Song Lyric Couple Names Blanket

There are many ways to go about finding the best 5 month anniversary present ideas. If you want something simple, consider a customized blanket featuring some of your favorite song lyrics. A great gift for snuggling on a chilly night!

12. Baseball Bingo Set of 2

Baseball Bingo Set of 2

When your man is a baseball fan, you can’t go wrong with a gift that incorporates his favorite pastime. This baseball bingo set is a clever way to include his passions in your present.

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13. Defender 4 Small Duffel Bag

Defender 4 Small Duffel Bag

You can never go wrong when you seek out a useful anniversary present for him. Whether he’s headed to the office, the gym, or out on a trip, a small duffel bag is a gift that he’ll put to good use.

14. JBL Flip Essential Bluetooth Speaker

JBL Flip Essential Bluetooth Speaker

In need of the best gift for music lover? Bluetooth speakers are a wonderful choice. This essential home item will help him flood the house with amazing tunes whenever he wants to get up and dance.

15. Wheat Beer Pint Glasses

5m beer glass

It isn’t always easy to know what will work for your 5th month together. If you’re short on ideas, a set of pint glasses is the way to go. A perfect gift for your next at-home date night.

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16. All We Need Is Love Custom Pillow

All We Need Is Love Custom Pillow - 5 month anniversary gifts

A custom pillow is a simple and sweet option to consider for your loved one. Personalize the item however you see fit and watch your partner’s eyes light up when you present the gift for the first time.

17. Infuse & Pour Alcohol Kit

Infuse & Pour Alcohol Kit - 5 month anniversary gifts

Want to discover a great gift for the wine lover in your life? An alcohol kit is an amazing idea. This present will make your significant other feel like a mixologist in no time. Plus, you can enjoy it together.

18. Realme Smart Watch

Realme Smart Watch - 5 month anniversary gifts

A watch is a classic gift option to consider when you’re celebrating an anniversary. When you’re short on ideas, opt for a present that is sure to satisfy no matter how picky your partner might be.

19. Our Adventure Book Photo Album Scrapbook

Our Adventure Book - 5 month anniversary gifts

Every modern love story comes complete with endless photos. A photo album full of memories is a great DIY gift when you’re short on time. This five months gift idea can be customized to fit the nature of your unique relationship.

20. You’re The Perfect Spooning Partner Custom Mug

best gift for 5 month anniversary: You’re The Perfect Spooning Partner Custom Mug

When you want a gift that is special for her, a custom photo mug is a great choice. Not only is this a cute idea, she’ll be able to use the present whenever she wants to drink something warm and comforting.

21. You Are My Sunshine Custom Photo Plaque

You Are My Sunshine Custom Photo Plaque - 5 month anniversary gifts

It is not always easy to find a meaningful gift for girlfriend. Thankfully, this custom photo plaque can help you achieve your goals. This personalized present will look great at home or on her office desk.

22. Take a Picnic

Take a Picnic - 5 month anniversary gifts

A present celebrating 5 months together is not always about what you buy. Sometimes, the best choice is finding a way to spend time with just the two of you. Consider going out for a romantic picnic together. Bring your favorite meals, find a lovely spot, and feel all the romance that comes with dating someone truly special.

23. Message in Bottle

Message in Bottle - 5 month anniversary gifts


A message in a bottle is a unique way to say “Happy 5 month anniversary.” Fill the bottle with quotes that have meaning to your relationship and deliver a romantic present that is sure to please.

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Final Words

Celebrating five months with your significant other is a big deal. If you want to commemorate the occasion, you need the right 5-month anniversary gifts. Use this list to feel inspired and find the perfect fit in no time.



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