Discover The 30+ Perfect 45th Anniversary Gift for Your Loved Ones

  • BY Joe Palinsky
  • August 3, 2021
Discover The 30+ Perfect 45th Anniversary Gift for Your Loved Ones

Thinking over your options is important when you’re seeking the right 45th anniversary gift.

Successfully navigating 45 years of marriage is a huge accomplishment and you want to really consider your options when you’re about to hit this important milestone in your own relationship. Celebrating the love, companionship and loyalty of nearly half a century is a big deal. Whether you’re buying for parents or for soulmates, many gifts highlight your time to live together.

What Is The 45th Anniversary Called?

The traditional name for the 45th anniversary is the Sapphire Anniversary. Sapphire is a remarkable gemstone, said to represent serenity, integrity, and faithfulness. As a symbol of loyalty and honorable actions, it is the perfect fit for capturing the spirit of almost half a century together.

What Is The Gift for 45th Wedding Anniversary?

Naturally, the traditional gift for the 45th anniversary is any present containing sapphire. The deep blue of the gem is said to be connected to the deep love a couple shares over the years. The theme of sapphire also helps bring about a sense of spiritual clarity and wellness. The gemstone symbol is more than just a pretty rock, it also represents intuition, strength, and resilience against any negative energy that comes your way.

Refer to this anniversary gift guide for each year for a more in-depth look at the symbols and how to use them in your gift. 

45th Wedding Anniversary Gift for Husband

Seeking the right present for the man in your life? These ideas are perfect for a 45th anniversary celebration. Take a look at your options and feel inspired to find the perfect fit for your husband.

romantic sapphire theme gift

1. Custom Star Map Canvas Print

If you are in need of a romantic gift for him, then a custom map canvas print might be the right fit. Though this doesn’t feature the anniversary gemstone specifically, it does contain images of stars sparkling just as sapphire does.

perfect 45th anniversary gift for him

2. Heirloom Pen – Sapphire Acrylic

After so many years together, a simple and elegant present is often the best way to express your love. An heirloom pen in sapphire acrylic is a timeless gift that acts as both a practical item that can be put to use and a sweet reminder of your marriage.

45 anniversary gift ideas

3. Sapphire Glass Military Outdoor Watches

Some presents are perfect for the special man in your life. If you need to find a fitting sapphire anniversary gift, then you can do wonders with a glass military outdoor watch. A truly timeless and thoughtful item that he is sure to love.

Established Pillow gift for anniversary milestone

4. Personalized Couple Established Pillow

When you’ve celebrated so many years together, it stands to reason you’ve run out of ideas for gifts. To celebrate important milestone moments and show them proper respect, a personalized couple pillow is the way to go. This simple and unique present is sure to make your partner feel appreciated.

45th Wedding Anniversary Sundial

5. 45th Wedding Anniversary Sundial

Discovering the most fitting sapphire gifts for your husband can take many different forms. If you want to surprise and delight your husband with a gift he won’t expect, you are definitely going to see success with a present like a 45th anniversary sundial. This gift is as unique as it is gorgeous.

Custom Photo Mug for 45th anniversary

6. Funny Name Definition Custom Photo Mug

If you’ve had to call his name over 4 decades, then you probably are tired of saying your husband’s name. Use this silly sentiment to your advantage with a funny name definition custom photo mug. You’ll both get a kick out of this simple and silly present for him.

Custom Photo Plaque gift ideas for 45th anniversary

7. To My Husband Custom Photo Plaque

Sometimes, the best way to express your love for the person you’ve spent your life with is by speaking directly from the heart. When you opt for a personalized anniversary gift like this stunning custom photo plaque, you can guarantee that the sentiments captured in the present are coming directly from your soul.

Funny 45th Year Anniversary Coffee Cup

8. Funny 45th Year Anniversary Coffee Cup

The more laughter in your life, the better. Though 45 years married tend to pile on the hardships and sorrows, you can always find solid ground once more by getting in some good laughs. The funny wedding anniversary gifts are a simple way to bring out smiles.

45th wedding anniversary color custom canvas print

9. It All Began Under This Sky Custom Framed Print

Creativity can definitely be a plus when it comes to finding an anniversary present that your partner will absolutely love. A custom framed print is a perfect idea because it gives you the flexibility of personalizing your present in a way that makes it truly special.

Sapphire Wedding Anniversary Pebble art

10. Sapphire Wedding Anniversary Pebble art

You can easily find a wonderful anniversary gift by thinking outside the box. For your sapphire anniversary, consider a present like pebble art, This is a true one-of-a-kind option when you’re looking to express your love in a colorful and artistic manner.

45th Wedding Anniversary Gift for Wife

In need of a special present that the lovely lady in your life will love? When you’ve spent 45 years with each other, you may need some extra help finding the perfect fit. Consider these gifts for her and discover exactly what she wants.

sapphire wedding anniversary gifts

11. Sapphire Ring

When you’re hunting for the perfect sapphire gifts for her, you can easily find a winner by searching through your jewelry options. A sapphire ring is a straightforward and effective present that captures the spirit of the celebration perfectly.

forty fifth wedding anniversary gift

12. Sapphire Blue Rose

Sapphire might be the symbol of this celebration, but you can also go with the 45 year anniversary color. This sapphire blue rose is a perfect way of capturing the energy of the milestone without having to go the traditional route.

blue sapphire gifts for 45 year anniversary

13. Sapphire and White Topaz Women’s Pendant Necklace

A pendant necklace is a simple and understated way of expressing your love for your wife through your gift. Consider this gorgeous sapphire and white topaz women’s pendant necklace for an elegant present she will be captivated by immediately.

themes for 45th birthday party

14. Husband and Wife Canvas Print

A custom piece of art is a touching way to showcase exactly how you feel about your significant other. This canvas print will help you capture the energy of spending 45 years with a person who matters more than anything else to you.

anniversary gift for 45 years

15. To My Wife You Custom Canvas Print

Looking for a creative way to tell your wife how much she means to you? A customized canvas print gives you the ability to present your wife with a gift that she can hang on the wall and proudly display for all to see.

Irish Luxe Mohair Throw Blanket blue sapphire gifts

16. Irish Luxe Mohair Throw Blanket

Infusing the sapphire color in your present can happen in a number of different ways. If you want to think along more creative routes, an Irish luxe mohair throw blanket is definitely an option to consider. A perfect present for curling up on a cold night!

sapphire jewelry gift for wife

17. Sapphire and White Diamond Tennis Bracelet

For years, tennis bracelets were the pinnacle of elegance and luxury in the jewelry world. The item has seen a resurgence recently, meaning now is the right time to invest in an accessory that easily captures a delicate and effortless feeling. 

meaningful 45 year anniversary gift for couple

18. Couple Silhouette Song Lyric Canvas Print

In your 45 years together, you probably have heard a ton of songs with your spouse. To find a gift that holds personal significance, consider a present that proudly displays the lyrics of one of your absolute favorite tunes.

anniversary mug for couple

19. Custom Year And Name Mug

In many cases, finding the right gift for your wife can be a lot easier than you might imagine. Instead of going to extremes to land the right present, consider a memorable and simple option like a custom year and name mug.

modern 45th wedding anniversary gift

20. Peora Sterling Silver Earrings

You have lots of wonderful options to weigh out when it comes to discovering blue sapphire gifts. These sterling silver earrings are a great fit when you’re in search of jewelry that will fit the traditional symbol and help your wife feel appreciated.

45th Wedding Anniversary Gift For Parents

Commemorating 45 years together is a big deal. If your parents are about to hit this important milestone, you want to put thought behind the present you get. These options are sure to capture exactly how you feel.

45th anniversary gift ideas for parent

21. Mr And Mrs Custom Photo Collage Canvas Print

When two people live together for long enough, they tend to accrue a tone of photos. If you want to help your parents feel special on this anniversary, consider a photo collage canvas print that takes advantage of all the great pictures.

45th wedding anniversary couple gift ideas

22. Bear Family Retro Map Custom Canvas Print

Raising a family and surviving almost half a century of marriage is an incredible accomplishment. To help your parents feel the weight of their success, consider a retro map custom canvas print.

sapphire anniversary art

23. Sapphire Anniversary Art

Including the sapphire theme is a smart way to ensure your anniversary gift has the desired impact on your folks. This sapphire anniversary art is a clever alternative to a more traditional present.

45th wedding anniversary gift ideas for couples

24. 45Th Anniversary Custom Photo Collage Canvas Print

It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Help capture this sentiment perfectly with a gift that includes a variety of lovely pictures of your parents from over their 45 years together.

45th Anniversary Coffee Mug Set

25. 45th Anniversary Coffee Mug Set

A practical gift like a photo mug can also be a great fit when you’re searching for a present that is easy and effective for your parents. This 45th anniversary coffee mug set can be put to good use and has a great aesthetic overall.

ideas for 45th wedding anniversary

26. Custom Family Name Photo Letter Canvas Print

The name of your family carries a lot of meaning. If you’re searching for a great anniversary gift for your parents, consider a canvas print that elaborates on your name in a detailed and creative manner.

Personalized 45th Wedding Anniversary Picture Frame

27. Personalized 45th Wedding Anniversary Picture Frame

Few gifts are as classic and fitting as a picture frame. There is something fitting about giving and receiving this for special occasions. All you need to do is pick out your favorite picture of your parents and you’ve got a sentimental and thoughtful present that they can display anywhere in the house.

45th wedding anniversary symbol art

28. Blue wall art Personalized Keepsake

If you want a personalized keepsake that is sure to get your parents to feel loved during this milestone celebration, some blue wall art could be the way to go. This is a very clever way to go about using the sapphire theme to your advantage without falling into the same patterns as previous years.

45th Anniversary Party Decor Anniversary

29. 45th Anniversary Party Decor Anniversary

When celebrating 45 years, a party is definitely a great way to enjoy the experience. No party is complete without decorations, of course, so be sure to include some creative and fitting decor for the good times.

45 yr anniversary gift

30. Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure

For a truly unique present your parents are sure to find interesting, a sculpted hand-painted figure might fit the bill. This beats more traditional options in that it is something few people will expect and it can be a truly delightful surprise.


When the time comes to find a 45th anniversary gift that truly fits your needs, there are lots of fun and interesting options available to you. Take time to consider all of the different ideas presented in this guide and discover something perfect.



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