The 40 Best 40th Birthday Gifts for Women That’ll Surprise Her in 2023

  • BY Joe Palinsky
  • July 20, 2023
The 40 Best 40th Birthday Gifts for Women That’ll Surprise Her in 2023

A 40th birthday is a very big milestone for many people. If you’re seeking out the right 40th birthday gift ideas for women, you want to put extra care and thought into the gift when this memorable moment comes. Whether you’re shopping for a wife, sister, female friend, coworker, daughter, or lady boss, you absolutely might need some assistance with your search. Take time to look over this guide and find a gift for any special woman in your life who is about to hit her 40th birthday.

The Best Birthday Gifts for A Women Turning 40

1/ Birthday Constellation Map Print

40th birthday constellation star map print for women

When finding a unique 40th birthday gift for women you care about, there are some beautiful options to weigh out. A birthday constellation map print is the type of present that provides you the unique chance to show her exactly how special she is to you.

2/ 40 Things We Love About You Custom Print

40 things we love about you print

When you’re looking for a way to make a special woman know how much she means to you, you absolutely want to think about a special gift like a customized print. Anyone will appreciate a present like a “40 Things We Love About You” print that offers endless encouragement.

3/ 40th Birthday Photo Collage Canvas

40th birthday photo collage canvas

This canvas print features a unique design that focuses on the birth year. Be creative and customize it with the best photos of her, her name, and her date of birth.

4/ Vintage 1982 Leather Bag

Vintage 1982 Leather Bag

Having a place to carry essentials like makeup can be important for most women. If you want a present that is sure to be a perfect fit, a vintage leather bag is a way to go. This stylish and classic 40th birthday gift for women option is guaranteed to make an impression.

5/ “Is You 40” Candle

funny 40th birthday candle

In many cases, a good laugh is the best possible present you can offer someone when she is about to hit a milestone birthday. If you want a cute and simple idea, be sure to think about a practical and funny present like a silly soy candle.

6/ Happy 40th Birthday Pearl Necklace

40th birthday pearl necklace gift

A jewelry gift is never a bad idea when you’re on the hunt for a 40th birthday gift for women that is sure to make someone feel special. This pearl necklace offers you the chance to include a sweet birthday message, meaning you can be sure that the gift will be worn with love right away.

7/ Awesome Since 1982 T-shirt

awesome since 1982 birthday t shirt for women

A great way to get a custom gift for someone you care about is by making sure that it is personalized to fit the person. Including the actual year and month of the birth of your sister, girlfriend, or bestie can make this a gift that is worn with pride.

8/ 39 Plus Middle Finger Mug

i am 39 plus middle finger mug - funny 40th birthday gift for women

Plenty of people want to think about milestone birthdays with a sense of humor. If you want to make sure that the person finds the present you offer funny, consider a cute gag gift. A present like this mug is sure to bring out the laughs in no time!

9/ Personalized Birthday Book

Personalized Birthday Book

Another perfect way to grab a gift that she is sure to adore is by looking at your options with birthday books. A book that displays the date of birth of the special woman alongside some unique and funny facts is a great way to grab a winning gift.

10/ Personalized Best Friend 40th Birthday Print

Personalized Best Friend 40th Birthday Print

What do you get for a bestie who has been there for you through thick and thin? When you’re not sure what gift to grab, a personalized best friend 40th birthday print is the way to go. This is a 40th birthday gift for woman that she is sure to love from the moment she sees it.

11/ “Maybe You’re Not 40, Maybe Math Is Wrong” Funny Birthday Card

a funny 40th birthday card for women

A cute way to make someone smile on her birthday is by trying to bring out a laugh or two with your present. When it comes to 40 years old, there are plenty of fears and concerns a woman might have. Your silly birthday card is a way to make her feel less stressed

12/ 40 Reasons We Love You Birthday Gift Guest Book

40 reasons we love you print

A sentimental way to go about picking a winning birthday gift is one that includes as many messages of love as possible. A guest book makes for an ideal fit for this purpose, providing you with the chance to make her feel seen and appreciated

13/ Photo Collage Sign

Photo Collage Sign

While one photo can make for a lovely centerpiece to a gift, you’ll find that an array of pictures makes an even more robust present. This photo collage sign is the kind of gift that allows you to truly show how much a special woman in your life means to you.

14/ 40 And Fabulous Wine Tumbler Gift Set

Just because someone has turned 40, doesn’t mean her life is over. In fact, plenty of people feel like they are just getting started by the time they reach this age. If you’re looking for a perfect present that is also thoughtful, this wine tumbler gift set is the best way to go.

15/ The Birthday Tribune Poster

a personalized 40th birthday poster

Sensible decor is a gift that always proves to be a hit for big birthdays. People love to know about what happened on the day they were born. If you want to bring this idea to life with your gift, the Birthday Tribute poster is a touching way to go.

16/ “Took Me 40 Years To Look This Good” Custom Mug

took me 40 years to look this good coffee mug with photo

Sometimes, a personalized gift is the best way to go when you want to find a present that makes a mark. A mug is a fun idea because it allows you the chance to turn a normal item like a cup into a humorous and special present.

17/ Spa Gift Box

Spa Gift Box for 40th Birthday Women

In many cases, a good way to tell someone how much you love her is by offering a present that allows for a bit of personal care. One option to consider is a luxurious treat like a spa gift box. This includes everything she might need to stay pampered.

18/ Forty The Other F Word Wine Label

Forty The Other F Word Wine Label

There are many different ways to take a milestone like a 40th birthday and turn it into a funny affair. This wine label is the type of simple and silly gift that you can place on a wine bottle and watch as your friend bursts into a fit of laughter.

19/ The One Where She Turns 40 Wine Glass

The One Where she Turns 40 Wine Glass

To make the birthday girl feel special on her big day, it can be a good idea to think about her interests. If she’s a fan of cute things that remind her of her favorite shows and memories, then this wine glass is truly the present for her.

20/ Making The World A Better Place Since 1982 Mug

Making The World A Better Place Since 1982 Mug

As mentioned, few gifts are delivered in such a sensible way as a mug. If you’re hoping to make the birthday girl feel appreciated and give her a few laughs along the way, this is the kind of gift that you should look into.

21/ Custom Poster With Photo

Custom Poster With Photo

When you’re looking to get a gift that fits the criteria of being both sweet and simple, you can go a long way by looking at options like a custom poster. Whether you’re trying to find a fit for a sister, best friend, daughter, coworker, wife or mom, this idea works.

22/ On This Day A Queen Was Born Photo Mug

A 40th birthday coffee mug gift for her with the word on this day queen was born

All women deserve to be treated like queens. If you want to bring out this quality in your gift, then consider a mug. This beautiful mug reminds her that she’s the boss whenever she goes for a sip of her favorite drink.

23/ “Holy Shit You Are 40” Toilet Paper Gift

"Holy Shit You Are 40" Toilet Paper Gift

You don’t need to spend a huge fortune to get a gift that makes an impression. In fact, one of the best ways to go about your present is by looking at novelty presents. This toilet paper gift is one she will be able to use.

24/ Aged to Perfection Tumbler

Aged to Perfection Tumbler

Just like a fine wine gets better with age, so do some people reach their full potential as they get older. Help invigorate the spirits of the birthday girl with a present like a tumbler that features a special message that is sure to make her feel ready for the future.

25/ How The Birthday Girl Tells Time Wooden Wine Glass Holder

how the birthday girl tells time wine glass holder - 40th birthday gift for women

A woman who appreciates a good glass of wine now and again is someone who will love a present that makes the experience more fun. This wooden wine glass holder serves a very practical purpose while also being a delightful present overall.

26/Heart-Shaped Collage Canvas Print

40th birthday gift for her - heart photo collage canvas

The symbol of the heart is one that is meant to capture love and the unique nature of romance. If you want to give her a creative present, then you absolutely want to look at an option like a heart-shaped collage featuring a variety of the best photos and memories of you two.

27/ 1982 Half Penny Coin Bangle Bracelet

1982 Half Penny Coin Bangle Bracelet

When you want a simple present that also has an edge of style about it, a bracelet can be the way to go. This 1982 half-penny coin bangle bracelet offers a very unique and special type of accessory that she definitely will appreciate.

28/ Happy Birthday Gift Basket for Her

Happy Birthday Gift Basket for Her

A gift basket is a classic way to give someone a present when you aren’t sure what to get. Whether you want something practical, sentimental, funny, or pragmatic, then you can be sure that this gift basket is the kind of present that any woman will be sure to love.

29/ Commemorative Plate

Commemorative Plate

A milestone birthday is the kind of event that demands a present that is more than a trinket. You need to find a great keepsake that embodies the celebration fully. A commemorative plate is the classic kind of gift that can help you achieve this goal.

30/ 40 Years Ago Back In 1982 Newspaper Sign

40 years ago back in 1982 newspaper poster sign

This vintage newspaper-style sign is the perfect decoration or gift for any woman celebrating her 40 years in 2022. It contains American facts from 1982. Just print out and frame!

31/ 40th Birthday Glitter Crown

40th Birthday Glitter Crown

Crown the birthday queen her stunning glitter crown before the party and she’ll shine bright all night long. This gift will make her proud of her new decade milestone and be gorgeous.

32/ 40th Birthday Party Cupcake Topper Set

40th Birthday Party Cupcake Topper Set: 40th birthday ideas for her

This Topper Set will be more sparkly just for a minted 40-year-old who will appreciate a bit of party decor that dazzles as much as she does. Available in ten different foil or glitter colors, each of them will shine at last. 

33/ Indian Clay Hair Conditioner

Indian Clay Hair Conditioner

Keep her forties with this pink stuff from being frizzy with a moisturizing hair mask that’ll treat her routine right. Only contains argan oil and rose clay that adds a ton of moisture to her hair and makes it look stunning.

34/ Personalized Mini Succulent

Personalized Mini Succulent: 40th birthday woman

Plants give purpose but can’t live long as an animal might. She’ll love caring for this mini succulent, and love it even more because it’ll be her mini-me.

35/ Carry On Cocktail Kit

Carry On Cocktail Kit

Make her flying experience first class with this cocktail kit. Inside this little tin, she’ll find all the classy cocktails and the gear to mix them with, all she needs is the liquor and the glass. 

36/ Bath Tray

40th Birthday Gifts for Women Bath Tray

She’ll feel like she’s living the luxurious life with a tray that can take her from bathtime to breakfast time with a quickie. This dual tray elevates any experience, wet or dry, and has plenty of room for wine, or a full meal. 

37/ 40 Novelty Wine Glass

40 Novelty Wine Glass

Forget those simple crystal wine glasses, forty is all about being fabulous! This handpainted and bedazzled glass is as fab as they come.  Let’s cheer up forty times with this magnificent glass. 

38/ Eucalyptus Shower Bunch

Eucalyptus Shower Bunch

She’ll become a shower routine person with a little help from a steam-activated bunch of greenery in her shower. This eucalyptus bunch will make her shower smell amazing by filling it with the rejuvenating and natural scent of eucalyptus.

39/ Established In 1982 Collage Canvas Print

Established In 1982 Collage Canvas Print

A canvas print is a great option because it allows you full control over how it is customized. When someone you care about is approaching a big birthday, she will definitely love a gift that showcases exactly how much she means to you.

40/ 40 Years Custom Print

40 years milestone 40th birthday canvas print gift for women

You can always feel confident that your gift is a winner when you put some thought behind it. If you’re on the search for thoughtful and meaningful gifts, this custom print is the way to go. She’s sure to feel the thought behind the gift when it captures the nature of your relationship.


There are several exciting ways for you to go about the process of finding the best 40th birthday gift ideas for women. As long as you consider all of your options, you will have no trouble making this milestone event as special as it should be.

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