The 40 Creative 40th Birthday Gift Ideas For Men Who Have Everything in 2024

The 40 Creative 40th Birthday Gift Ideas For Men Who Have Everything in 2024

Finding the perfect 40th birthday gift ideas for men doesn’t have to be difficult. Even for the guy who seems to have everything, our curated list of ideas will provide you with plenty of unique and meaningful gift ideas for him.

Turning 40 is a big deal for many men, a milestone birthday they won’t soon forget. Help them to celebrate the big 4-0 birthday with something truly special. Our list of the best gifts for men in their 40s is sure to have them celebrating their fourth decade in style. He’s only turning forty once, be sure to get creative with great gift ideas. 

Creative Birthday Gifts in 2024

40th birthday gifts for men: It All Began Under This Sky Custom Star Map Framed Print
40th birthday gifts for men: Happy Birthday To You The Best Is Yet To Come Custom Photo Blanket

1. “I’m 40 Plus Middle Finger” Coffee Mug

40th birthday gifts for men: “I’m 40 Plus Middle Finger” Coffee Mug


He uses every chance he gets to flip someone the bird. Good thing this mug will do it for him! This funny present is perfect for the dad who is turning 40 and embracing his age. Available in several styles and colors to suit his personality. 

2. The 40th Birthday Game

40th birthday gifts for men: The 40th Birthday Game


Test his knowledge and have fun with this awesome game for a birthday celebration. A game filled with fun and useless trivia that is sure to keep his mind sharp and the dad jokes freely flowing. A great game to play with friends and family.

3. Whiskey Decanter Set



If it is a great gift idea for a boyfriend that you are searching for, then look no further than this whiskey decanter set. Easily personalize this decanter with his first or last name for a luxury one-of-a-kind gift he’s sure to brag to the guys about. 

4. Stainless Steel Watch

40th birthday gifts for men: Stainless Steel Watch


A milestone watch deserves a milestone gift. A work of art he can wear all day, every day. Made from the highest quality materials. A stunning, silver watch at an affordable price that he’ll be eager to show off to all his friends and co-workers.  

5. Cyclist Cufflinks

40th birthday gifts for men: Cyclist Cufflinks


There is nowhere he’d rather be than cruising on his bike. Whether it’s a leisurely weekend ride or a race across the state, everyone knows he loves being a cyclist. These cufflinks make great accessories that say, love you father. A lovely gift for your husband on his birthday.

6. Charcoal Grill Offset Smoker

40th birthday gifts for men: Charcoal Grill Offset Smoker


For the grill lover in your family, this dual grill and smoker set is perfect for any family outing. Dad is sure to get a ton of use out of these practical 40th birthday gift ideas for men. He’ll be eager to try out many new grilling and smoking recipes.  

7. Leather Messenger Bags

40th birthday gifts for men: Leather Messenger Bags


Whether he’s running to the office each morning or just going to write at the local coffee shop, he’s going to love this leather messenger bag. A durable and great gift for your brother he’s sure to appreciate. This bag will easily fit all of his everyday essentials in style.

8. Vintage “40th Birthday” Mug

40th birthday gifts for men: Vintage “40th Birthday” Mug


Being 40 years old officially makes him a vintage model. Older men know the value of the experiences they’ve had in the last 40 years. This coffee mug will make a special gift for loved ones. Fun and practical gift ideas he’s sure to love. 

9. DIY Steel Pegboard Tool Rack

40th birthday gifts for men: DIY Steel Pegboard Tool Rack


His workspace is always a mess. Help him to keep things organized and easy to find with this pegboard tool rack. One of the most Lovely father’s 40th birthday gift ideas for men. He’ll be able to keep everything organized and easy to find easily. 

10. “40th Birthday” Gold Commemorative

40th birthday gifts for men: “40th Birthday” Gold Commemorative


If dad is a fan of collector’s coins, then he is going to love this gold commemorative coin for his 40th birthday. A fun and honorable way to remind him of his age. He will be able to keep this cute little gift in his wallet as a reminder. 

11. Father Art Custom Photo Collage Canvas Print



The Father Art Custom Photo Collage Canvas Print is one of the most sentimental and heartwarming 40th birthday gift ideas for men. This custom photo collage allows you to cherish the memories of the past 40 years. A perfect gift that will hold a special place in his heart and remind him of the love and joy shared throughout the years.

12. “Dad Our Love For You” Canvas Print

40th birthday gifts for men: “Dad Our Love For You” Canvas Print


While you won’t be able to include all of the photos from the past 40 years, this custom photo collage will be a sentimental gift for sure. The best gift for the 40th birthday man is close to his heart. 

13. “40th Birthday” Memory Book

40th birthday gifts for men: "40th Birthday" Memory Book


Help him to take a stroll down memory lane with this custom birthday book. He’s sure to love this creative book filled with special memories. A special gift for the best man in your life. From tech to trends, it’s the ideal way to take a trip down memory lane. 

14. 40th Happy Birthday Prank Toilet Paper



Give the gift of laughter with the “40th Happy Birthday Prank Toilet Paper.” This hilarious and unique present is perfect for men celebrating their 40th birthday. It adds a touch of humor to the milestone occasion, making it a memorable and fun gift that will surely bring a smile to his face.

15. Grey Beverage Chilling Whiskey Stones



Elevate his drinking experience on his 40th birthday with our Grey Beverage Chilling Whiskey Stones. These stylish stones keep his favorite beverages perfectly chilled without watering them down. A sophisticated and practical gift for the discerning man who enjoys savoring his drinks. Cheers to a celebration filled with great memories and smooth sips!

16. Vintage 1983 Wine Glass


Indulge in the perfect blend of nostalgia and luxury with our Vintage 1983 Wine Glass. This stylish and sentimental gift allows him to savor his favorite beverage while reminiscing about the fabulous 80s era. Cheers to a man who has aged like fine wine and too many more memorable years ahead!

17. Antique Sundial Compass

40th birthday gifts for men: Antique Sundial Compass


For the man who appreciates fine gifts, this antique sundial is a creative gift he’s sure to love. A beautiful souvenir for any old man that will go well with his collection of antiques. This antique sundial will fit in perfectly with his other antique clocks and mailboxes. 

18. Classic Retro 1983 Shirt



Journey back to the remarkable year of 1983 with our Classic Retro 1983 Shirt. Relive the days when gas was $1.30 and pop culture was booming. Celebrate the special man in your life who was born in this iconic year with a cool and stylish gift that honors the nostalgic spirit of the 80s.

19. Personalized Can Holder


Coozies are cool and ice cold. Literally, these holders will keep your man’s beer cold and his hand sweat-free for hours. What makes it even better is that there are some great manly colors to choose from and several fun designs to make it unique. 

20. “40 Reasons We Love You” Poster

40th birthday gifts for men: “40 Reasons We Love You” Poster


You probably don’t let him know often enough how much he means to you. This “Reasons I Love You” poster will make him proud to be your one and only. Turning 40 is great, make sure he knows all the reasons why. 

21. Leather Wallet

40th birthday gifts for men: Leather Wallet


A man’s gift says a lot about him. This wallet is no exception. It says he’s stylish, organized, and loved! Easily include a monogram on the front of the wallet while including a special message on the inside for his eyes only. 

22. “Vintage 1982” Cotton Cap

40th birthday gifts for men: “Vintage 1982” Cotton Cap


If you can’t tell, there is a running theme with the “Vintage 1982” theme. This baseball cap makes a cool gift for a guy who wants to keep the sun out of his face. He will easily make a 40-year-old man great again with this trendy hat.

23. Whiskey Decanter Globe Set

40th birthday gifts for men: Whiskey Decanter Globe Set


This etched glass globe whiskey set will make a wonderful centerpiece to any man cave. He will certainly say that this is the best present he’s gotten in a long time. When searching for great ideas 40th birthday of a man, this tops our list. 

24. “Happy 40th Birthday” Poster

40th birthday gifts for men: “Happy 40th Birthday” Poster


Make your guy feel like a real celebrity with this personalized birthday poster that looks like an old-fashioned newspaper. He’ll recall popular songs and shows from his past with these wonderful personalized gift ideas. An ideal gift for anyone with 80’s nostalgia.

25. “Vintage 1982 Aged To Perfection” Keychain



If you’ve been on the lookout for a simple gift to give a man that was born in 1982, then look no further than this unique 40th birthday gift for him. An affordable gift you can have shipped right to him on his big day. 

26. Premium Bamboo Cheese Board Set

40th birthday gifts for men: Premium Bamboo Cheese Board Set


For the guy who’s always the host of the party, he will love this cheese board. While you might be wondering what to get a man for his 40th birthday that already seems to have everything. This gift is great for a cheese lover or avid party host. 

27. Beard Growth Kit

40th birthday gifts for men: Beard Growth Kit


Even though it’s not very long, he takes pride in his beard. This oil, wax, and comb kit is a must-have for men who are blessed with facial hair. A great present for a dad or husband on their 40th.

28. “Daddy I Got You This To Cuddle” Pillow

40th birthday gifts for men: “Daddy I Got You This To Cuddle” Pillow


Whether he has to travel for business or pleasure, there are times when he isn’t home and misses snuggles from his little one. This pillow makes a great gift for dad for those times he’s not able to be around. A sentimental gift for the 40th birthday man. 

29. “Mr. Coffee” Machine

40th birthday gifts for men: "Mr. Coffee" Machine


Americano, lattes, and cappuccinos, he will be able to make it all in this Mr. Coffee espresso machine. with a programmable design, he will always have the perfect drink at the right time. A perfect gift to start a day and say happy 40th birthday to your man. 

30. Bad News, You’re 40 Funny Card


If you’re a man ready to turn 40, give that buddy a hard time. He’s officially a golden oldie. He’ll get all that in this hilarious handmade card and the envelope.  

31. Comfort Walking Shoe

40th birthday gifts for men: Comfort Walking Shoe


He knows now at 40 that exercise is more important than ever before. These comfortable walking shoes are perfect for those brisk morning walks with the dog or those after-dinner strolls with the love of his life. A gift he’s sure to get a lot of use out of. 

32. T-Shirt

40th birthday gifts for men: T-Shirt


For many men, when they turn 40 it’s all about comfort, not about fashion. This Carhart t-shirt will not only keep him cool when he’s on the job, but it’s also durable. Even his co-workers will be telling him how good-looking he is at his age. 

33. Gold Plated Mechanical Pocket Watch

40th birthday gifts for men: Gold Plated Mechanical Pocket Watch


A pocket watch is not only a work of art, but it’s also a well-oiled machine. While this gold-plated watch might not be a true antique, it will still be just as special to him. The shiny gold is eye-catching and is sure to be a conversation piece. 

34. Personalized Beer Growler

40th birthday gifts for men: Personalized Beer Growler


He’s been brewing his ales and stouts for some time. While he might have all the fancy brewing equipment, he never has a good way to share his goods with other beer-lover friends. Whether it’s a gift for dad or another man in your life, he’ll love it.

35. Smart Mug

40th birthday gifts for men: Smart Mug


Doesn’t it always seem like he needs to reheat his coffee? This awesome gift will keep his coffee at the perfect drinking temperature until he finishes it. This smart mug is the original design so that he can control the temperature directly from his smartphone. 

36. Stainless Steel and Glass Smoking Box


If the man you shopping for seems to have everything a man cave could ever need, then get him this unusual bar gift. This unique gift for your man will be something he’ll want to show off at every party. 

37. Custom Leather Keyring


If the budget is tight but you want to get him something sentimental, then this keychain is perfect. This custom leather keyring makes a special gift from a child to their father on his 40th, milestone birthday. A simple yet meaningful gift. 

38. Swiss Army Pocket Knife


Any man will tell you that you can never have enough multi-purpose tools. This Swiss army tool is a classic and has everything a guy could ask for. A useful gift and a top pick for our best gifts for men turning 40.

39. Necktie


When he puts on a suit and tie he wants to look as great as he feels. This necktie is for the guy who loves to stay on top of his style. A fashionable gift that he will show off every chance he gets. The best gift for men. 

40. Daddy You Are The World Photo Canvas Print


Celebrate his special day with the “Daddy You Are The World” Photo Canvas Print. This thoughtful and creative birthday gift for him captures the love between a father and his family. Hang it up as a heartwarming reminder of the bond you share. Whether you can be there in person or not, this framed canvas will surely touch his heart.


Celebrate a 40’s Birthday

These are the top forty, 40th birthday gift ideas for men. From practical to creative, he’s sure to appreciate them all. Gift ideas even for the guy who has everything. 



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