35+ Traditional and Modern 40th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him and Her

  • BY Editorial Staff
  • March 23, 2021
35+ Traditional and Modern 40th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him and Her

Do you know a couple about to celebrate their 40th anniversary?. Maybe it’s your parents, or it’s you and your husband or wife. Whatever the case, 40 years of marriage deserves a celebratory prize. You’ll need to find a 40th-anniversary gift that will leave your spouse breathless.

If you’re also wondering what is a ruby anniversary, you’re in the right place. Consider the colors for the 40th anniversary and surprise your better half. Ruby gifts that are beautiful and befitting of your fortieth anniversary. This article will help you find the best modern and traditional ruby anniversary treasures. Read on!

What Is the 40th Anniversary?

It’s crucial to appreciate the dedication that goes into marriage. Celebrating the 40-year milestone is an excellent way of showing your spouse how much you care. But what do you buy for a 40th wedding anniversary? First and foremost, you’ll want to follow the gift theme. 

The 40-year anniversary symbols are the Nasturtium flower, gladiola, and the ruby-red rose. Since red is the 40th-anniversary color, get your significant other a ruby gemstone to symbolize a solid and victorious marriage. Need more inspiration? This helpful anniversary guide will give you plenty of ideas.

40th Anniversary Gifts for Wife

Gift shopping is a task that most men would rather avoid. And, since ruby wedding gifts are relatively pricey, it’s essential to start searching well in advance. So, what are the best anniversary presents for your wife? Here are ten perfect ruby presents for her.

40th anniversary gift - black and white song canvas print

Black and White Song Lyrics on Photo Canvas Print – Vertical

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Do you know your wife’s favorite love song? What if you could print the lyrics on your wedding photo? Surprise her with a one-of-a-kind 40th wedding anniversary traditional gift. Don’t forget to include your lovely names and wedding date to add a personal touch!

cutting board

Cutting Board

Are you looking for gift ideas for your 40th wedding anniversary? If your wife can’t seem to stay away from the kitchen, surprise her with a practical gift. This wooden chopping board will give her more reason to smile. What’s better is you can personalize it with your names and select your preferred material.

traditional 40th anniversary gift - ruby presents

Ruby Necklace

What screams romance louder than any other piece of jewelry? A ruby necklace! Fortunately, this gorgeous gem comes in various shapes and sizes. It also doesn’t hurt that this modern ruby present has a fair price. Whether you pick a silver or gold chain, the ruby red color will surely stand out. 

"40 Glorious Years" Custom Anniversary Year Photo Collage Canvas

If you’ve been seeking suggestions for a 40th-anniversary traditional gift, try a photo collage canvas. It’s a simple yet meaningful present. This collage canvas is perfect for women who can’t go a day without gushing over family photos. Make sure to select your preferred design. Give your names and wedding anniversary date beforehand. 

Anniversary Banner

Sometimes your budget may not allow you to indulge in your heart’s desires. So, if finding ruby red gifts is proving problematic, this anniversary banner is a superb alternative. Once you purchase it, go ahead and download it. Now all you’ll have to do is print, and voilà! Your banner’s good to go!

Burlap Print with Frame

Burlap Print With Frame

Finding fortieth-anniversary presents is not difficult, as long as you know what your partner loves. Remind your wife of all of your milestones together. Dazzle her with this cute burlap print that enumerates them all! Don’t be surprised to find it hanging on one of your bedroom walls.

Ruby Earrings

Ruby Earrings

What is a ruby wedding anniversary without real gems? Most lovebirds believe that if you’re going to commemorate a particular day, you better do it right. That said, these beautiful ruby gifts are an ideal 40 years married symbol. Besides, their floral design will impress any modern woman. 

40th Anniversary Photo Collage Pillow

Who doesn’t appreciate a personalized gift? Better yet, a custom-made 40-year anniversary present. Collect some of your favorite couple’s photographs to create a beautiful collage pillow design. Include your anniversary date and names, and voilà. You’ll have a meaningful keepsake that breaks tradition.

ruby ring - 40th anniversary gift

Ruby Ring

Have you been looking for terrific ideas for your 40th wedding anniversary to no avail? Modern ruby jewelry is the perfect solution! Surrounded by a diamond halo, this deep red ruby gemstone will earn you a lifetime supply of hugs and kisses. 

40 year anniversary flower

Bouquet of Nasturtium and/or Gladioli or Red Rose

If you’re looking for a simple yet beautiful gift for a 40th-anniversary party, give flowers a try. Your wife is sure to appreciate the thoughtful gesture. However, it’s crucial to remember the 40-year anniversary colors and symbolic buds before making the purchase. 

40th Anniversary Gifts for Husband

Are you looking for awesome anniversary gifts for him? You have come to the right place! Get him something unique yet practical, no matter your budget. After all, celebrating a 40-year anniversary is not something that every couple can achieve! 

Personalized Family Tree Canvas Print

Personalized Family Tree Canvas Print

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It’s been 40 years since the day your parents got married. It took 40 years of dedication, devotion, love, and laughter to build a home and family as beautiful as yours. On your parents’ Ruby Anniversary, gift them our gorgeous Personalized Family Tree Canvas Print.

money clip

Money Clip

No one likes a disorganized wallet. If your man can’t stand messy bills and cards, you should consider buying him a money clip. It’s one of the most practical ruby gifts for men. Be sure to select a red color to match your anniversary theme.

40th anniversary gift for couples men watch

Wood Watch

Is your man always early for events? Or maybe he often misses his flights because he has no sense of time. Whatever the case, this wood watch is sure to blow his mind. If you’ve been looking for incredible ruby wedding gift ideas for your husband, look no further than this timeless piece.

wine glass

Stemless Wine Glass

When you’ve been 40 years married, you understand that marriage isn’t easy. Consequently, this means you know your man inside out. If he enjoys red wine, then this stemless wine glass is ideal. Remember to include your names, and it’ll be the most incredible 40th wedding gift he could want!

Family Tree Photo Collage Custom Canvas Print

It’s common knowledge that mature couples love going through old family photos. But what wedding commemoration gift that your husband will prefer? Get him a personalized family-tree collage canvas print with your favorite images. This item is one of the most thoughtful gifts for the 40th anniversary anyone could ask for!

The Metal Foundry 40th Ruby

"The Metal Foundry" 40th Ruby

Is your husband a conservationist? Well, this sundial is the perfect ruby anniversary wedding present for him. Made from recycled solid brass, this gift agrees with the famous 40th wedding anniversary color – red! Don’t be surprised if your man proudly displays this anniversary sundial in his office.

smart garden

Smart Garden

If a 40th-anniversary ruby is beyond your budget limit, you can always get him a smart garden. This little gem pretty much sustains itself, so he won’t have to water it every day. Unsurprisingly, this is probably one of the fanciest ruby gifts for the 40th anniversary he could ever ask for! 

"On the Rocks" Set

Instead of buying your husband a traditional 40th wedding commemoration gift, get him this cool-looking “On the Rocks” set. It’s no surprise that his friends will want to drink and experience your man’s presents for the 40th anniversary. After all, it’s one of the most original ruby anniversary ideas you could get him.

40th Birthday Photo Collage

Photo Collage

Most people enjoy looking at family photographs during the holidays. How about getting your man this photo collage as his 40 yr anniversary present? You can use 40 pictures to make it more symbolic. Besides, what other symbol for the 40th wedding anniversary expresses love other than pretty pictures of you? 

Personalized Our 40-th Anniversary Quarantined 2021

Personalized Our 40th Anniversary Quarantined 2021

If there’s something that seasoned couples will remember is celebrating their 40-year anniversary in quarantine. If you’re wondering what to buy for the 40th anniversary, give this hilarious mug a try. Remember to add your names and wedding year. Your husband is bound to cackle every time he sips his tea!

40th Anniversary Gifts for Parents

Contrary to popular belief, gift shopping can be fun and exciting. However, you’ll need to be extra careful when coming up with 40th-anniversary presents for your parents. If they have different styles and tastes, you can use the 40th-anniversary colors or neutral hues. Have a look at the following ideas.

Happy 40th Anniversary Mom and Dad Desktop Plaque - 40th anniversary gift

Happy 40th Anniversary Mom and Dad Desktop Plaque

Are mom and dad hitting 40 years of marriage this year? How about making the occasion special by coming up with ruby wedding anniversary ideas for your parents? Surprise them with a beautiful collage canvas revealing memorable photos they’ve taken over the years. Don’t forget to include their names! 

Custom Star Map Framed Print -

Custom Star Map Framed Print

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“What is the 40th-anniversary party present going to look like?” If you’ve been pondering over this question, you have come to the right place. One of the best ideas for the 40th anniversary is getting mom and dad a personalized framed map print. Remember to include their names and wedding dates.

40th wedding anniversary gift for couples personalized sheet music art

Personalized Sheet Music Art

Do your parents love listening to music? Are they talented musicians? If the answer to these questions is “yes,” get them this music sheet art for their ruby anniversary. They can hang these 40th-anniversary presents on their bedroom or living room walls. It’ll be their most prideful home décor piece.

"Family Like Branches on a Tree" Photo Collage Canvas Print

No matter how far you travel, your roots will always peg back to your family. This photo collage canvas print is an excellent substitute for the typical ruby gift ideas for the 40th anniversary. Thankfully, it is customizable, meaning you can use any photographs you wish.

The Personalized Anniversary Journal

The Personalized Anniversary Journal

Do your parents love to journal? Or maybe they never miss an opportunity to document their adventures together? Either way, this personalized anniversary journal one of the most fabulous gift ideas for the 40th anniversary. Any time they’re feeling down, this book will give them 40 reasons to smile.

Photo Family Tree Personalized Throw Blanket - 40th anniversary gift

Photo Family Tree Personalized Throw Blanket

The current pandemic has resulted in most people staying home. If your mom and dad have been enjoying quarantine with good movies, they’ll love this cute commemoration gift. Besides, what other hilarious ruby gifts for parents’ 40th anniversary are more befitting than this personalized throw blanket?

Keepsake Large Clock

Keepsake Large Clock

The current pandemic has resulted in most people staying home. If your mom and dad have been enjoying quarantine with good movies, they’ll love this cute commemoration gift. Besides, what other hilarious ruby gifts for parents’ 40th anniversary are more befitting than this personalized throw blanket?

DIY Giant Number Photo Collage - 40th anniversary gift

DIY Giant Number Photo Collage

What gift for a 40th wedding anniversary is better than a DIY photo collage? Simply print numerous mini-sized photos of your family, and stick them on well-cut cardboard papers. Once complete, this project will save you money as well as give your parents immense joy.

Happy 40th Anniversary Gift Idea

"Happy 40th Anniversary" Gift Box

Another worthwhile 40 years of marriage gift is this homemade anniversary surprise box. Unlike the typical 40th wedding anniversary ideas for parents, this DIY project is more personal. Buy exciting items in colors for the 40th anniversary, wrap them beautifully, and voilà!

The Personalized Anniversary Journal

Anniversary Storybook

Are your parents just about to celebrate their ruby anniversary? Instead of going with the typical gifts, focus on DIY 40th wedding anniversary presents for parents. Get them an anniversary book to recount their love story. They’ll also enjoy writing notes under each anniversary photograph.

40 th wedding anniversary gift - family tree

Family Tree Frame

Have you always wanted a photo family tree? Well, this item will answer your prayers! Surprise your parents with one of the most creative ruby gifts for parents – a family tree frame. Although it may seem obvious, you’ll need your family’s help to search for ten memorable photographs.

After going through this extensive list of spouses’ and parents’ 40th wedding anniversary presents, you’re all set. You must be excited to start shopping! Fortunately, you don’t have to stray from your budget. All you need is a willing heart to find the most desirable ruby red gifts for your loved ones. Don’t forget to include a “happy anniversary” card!



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