3rd Anniversary Gifts: 43 Leather & Crystal Ideas For Couples In 2020

  • BY Joe Palinsky
  • October 4, 2019
3rd Anniversary Gifts: 43 Leather & Crystal Ideas For Couples In 2020

Celebrating another year with your spouse can bring about a wonderful sense of accomplishment. As your 3rd anniversary rolls around, you’re likely looking for ways to show your husband or wife how much you care. Selecting the right 3rd anniversary gifts can be a process. Some people prefer to buy gifts that include crystal or leather, as these are the symbols associated with the traditional three-year anniversary gift. Take a moment to learn more about the meaning of this anniversary and discover an array of fantastic gift options for a relationship that is strong and flexible. 

What is the 3rd Anniversary Symbol?

The traditional symbol of the 3rd anniversary is leather. It is meant to symbolize the fact that your relationship has been weathered by time and is now strong and flexible. Crystal or glass is the modern symbol of this milestone, which suggests that your relationship is beautiful and still a bit fragile. Incorporating leather or crystal into your present can help add a deeper layer of meaning to your 3rd anniversary gifts. 

Symbols of Leather Anniversary Presents

3 year anniversary - symbols, traditional and modern leather gifts - infographic


3rd Anniversary Gifts for Him

Unlike other materials, leather has a number of practical uses. This means it can be found in all sorts of everyday items that make for great anniversary gifts for husband.From wallets to bracelets, these options for a traditional 3 year anniversary gift will definitely be put to good use by your hubby. Besides the leather items, you can choose crystal presents and other gifts that he will love.

3 year anniversary:Leather Slim Wallet

Leather Slim Wallet


Men don’t usually carry bags and will stuff everything they need into their wallets. If you’re searching for a leather-themed gift idea, a durable wallet made from quality material is sure to get some serious mileage.

Price: $8.99

Mens Messenger Bag


Whether you opt for a messenger bag or crossbody bags, leather is definitely a perfect material for this type of anniversary gift. All you need to do is find a style your significant other will love and invest in a gift that will help your partner get through the day in a more organized fashion.

Price: $49.99

Leather Jacket


Is there any leather anniversary gift as classic as a leather jacket?

Perfect for men and available in an array of styles, this gift is the perfect fit for anyone who is looking to up their cool factor and showcase a fashionable edge.

Price: $45.98+

Leather Keychain


Sometimes, smaller is better.

A personalized leather keychain might seem like a little gesture, but this lovely gift can be a wonderful way for your significant other to think about you whenever he carries this key.

Price: $24.99

third anniversary gift:Personalized Leather Valet Tray Box

Personalized Leather Valet Tray Box


Does your husband spend too much time trying to find his keys or watch in the morning? A valet tray box with a leather interior is a stylish way for him to stay organized at all times.

Price: $44.99

Men Leather Bracelet3 years wedding anniversary

3 years wedding anniversary


A leather bracelet in the right style can look appealing to any man. If your husband wears jewelry casually, then grab him a handcrafted bracelet to match his favorite outfit.

Price: $43.20+

3rd anniversary gifts for him:Wine Bag

Leather Wine Bag


Getting creative with the way you incorporate leather into your 3rd wedding anniversary gift for him can be a fun idea. A wine bag made from leather is a unique way to provide a gift he didn’t even know he needed.

Price: $299.00

Belt For Men

Leather Belt For Men


A belt is one of the most timeless gift ideas to consider for a man. A strong and reliable belt that is made from leather is an investment he can use on a daily basis to complete any outfit.

Price: $8.99

3rd wedding anniversary gift for him:Double Wine Case Holder

Double Wine Case Holder


For the man who enjoys wine, consider a double wine case holder. This is a great way to discover leather gifts for him that speaks to his interests and helps him take his appreciation of wine to the next level.

Price: Vary

3 year wedding anniversary ideas:Leather Luggage

Leather Luggage


Whether he travels for work or with you on vacation, a luggage set is something every modern man should own. Get him this for your anniversary and it is a great excuse to plan an excursion together. 

Price: $217.96

Leather Passport Cover Personalized

Leather Passport Cover Personalized


Another quality gift for the globetrotting man is a passport holder. A leather holder is a 3rd year anniversary gift for him that he will be able to get use out of whenever he plans on traveling internationally.

Price: $17.62+

anniversary 3 years:Engraved Wooden Box For Husband

Engraved Wooden Box For Husband


A quality pen is a gift that can be ideal for your 3rd anniversary. Whether he writes all the time or signs his name every now and again, he’s sure to love such an original gift idea.

Price: $32.99+

Unique Flask

Unique Flask


You never know when a flask might come in handy. From camping trips to days at the beach, a personalized flash is a fun and simple gift idea that he’ll definitely find helpful.

Price: $15.49

3 year wedding anniversary gift for him:Creative Leather Cufflink Box

Creative Leather Cufflink Box


Cufflinks are an essential part of a formal outfit for a man. Since cufflinks aren’t worn often, a leather box to store these accessories can be a worthwhile way to make him smile this anniversary

Price: $24.99

third anniversary gift ideas for him:Personalized Organizer Travel Accessory gift

Personalized Organizer Travel Accessory gift


Traveling a lot can come with plenty of headaches. If your husband is always throwing items in a bag before leaving on a trip, a travel accessory organizer is perfect. This is a way to make 3rd anniversary gifts for him practical and stylis

Price: $42.60+

third year anniversary gift for him:Personalized Leather Dopp Kit Bag

Personalized Leather Dopp Kit Bag


A toiletry bag made out of leather is a 3 years anniversary gift for him that you can also benefit from. When your bathroom counters are always cluttered with his products, this bag is ideal for a sensible storage solution.

Price: $59.99+

3 Years Anniversary Gift For Him

3 Years Anniversary Gift For Him


A personalized wallet insert is another lovely way to express your feelings about your spouse. Send a message of your devotion to this small and impactful gift idea.

Price: $15.89

unique 3rd anniversary gifts for him:3rd Wedding Anniversary Crystal Sculpture

3rd Wedding Anniversary Crystal Sculpture


If you want to incorporate crystal into the gift, this sculpture is a wonderful way to go. A truly unique and thoughtful way to tell your significant other how much you care about him.

Price: Vary

3rd Anniversary Gifts for Her

Whether you decide to go with leather or crystal, you’re bound to discover a world of exciting 3rd anniversary gifts for your wife when you set your mind to it. Explore these different ideas on how to show her how much you care and select a gift that speaks to her sensibilitie

3 year anniversary gift ideas for wife:Leather Leaf Earrings

Leather Leaf Earrings


Does your wife appreciate unique and clever accessories? If so, these beautiful earrings are leather gifts for your wife you should definitely keep on your radar.

Price: $8.00

3 year wedding anniversary gift:Personalized Travel Jewelry case

Personalized Travel Jewelry case


Does your wife have an extensive collection of jewelry that she likes to rotate through? A handcrafted jewelry organizer can help provide her with the perfect place to store all her favorite pieces.

Price: $56.00+

unique leather gifts for her:Leather Catchall Valet Tray

Leather Catchall Valet Tray


The organization isn’t easy for everyone. If your wife could use a little extra help when it comes to keeping her possessions ordered, consider a valet tray. A leather tray is a third anniversary gift for her that will look beautiful on her dresser.

Price: Vary

3rd wedding anniversary gift for her:Personalized Leather Bookmark

Personalized Leather Bookmark


The avid reader can always use another bookmark. For the wife who can’t get enough time reading, a leather bookmark is a lovely gift idea and a sweet gesture.

Price: $31.00

3rd year anniversary gifts for her:Engraved Leather Photo

Engraved Leather Photo


Your wedding photograph tells the story of a very special moment in your relationship. If you’re searching for the perfect leather wedding anniversary gift for her, incorporating your wedding photograph can be a sentimental and thoughtful idea. 

Price: $35.99+

leather gifts for wife:Large Brown Leather Handbag

Large Brown Leather Handbag


When you need 3rd anniversary gifts for your wife, never look past the power of a quality handbag. Made from gorgeous brown leather, this is a piece she’ll definitely love taking out for a spin.

Price: $175.00

Gift Set For Her

Gift Set For Her


One of the best 3 year anniversary gifts for a wife when you’re unsure of what to get is a box of surprises. Filled with an assortment of wonderful presents, this is a gift that is delightful as it is intriguing

Price: $44.95

3 year anniversary gift ideas for her:Leather engraved music sheet

Leather engraved music sheet


The musician in your life might appreciate a leather engraved music sheet. Ideal when you’re searching for unique leather gifts for her that incorporate her passions and hobbies. 

Price: $49.00

traditional 3rd anniversary gifts for her:Woman Wallet

Personalized women's wallet


Keeping cash and cards organized in a wallet can be a struggle for plenty of women. This stylish and personalized leather wallet will help her bring a sense of order to her belongings wherever she travels.

Price: $51.00+

Leather Flowers On Stems

Leather Flowers On Stems


Searching for a truly unique way to show your wife how much she means to you? Leather flowers on stems are 3 year anniversary gifts for her that creatively incorporate the anniversary symbol.

Price: $3.20+

3rd wedding anniversary gifts for herAnniversary Mug

Anniversary Mug


You don’t necessarily need to involve glass in the traditional way for your gift. A ceramic mug gets the same point across and can be customized for the specifics of your anniversary

Price: $14.99

3rd anniversary gifts for her:Personal Care Tool

Personal Care Tool


Personal care routines can be involved. If you want practical leather gift ideas for her, consider this set of personal care tools contained in a gorgeous leather case. 

Price: $16.99

Anniversary Wine Glass


For the wife who has a great sense of humor, consider a silly gift. This wine glass is a funny way of telling your way how much you love her.

Price: $16.99

3rd anniversary gift ideas:Personalized Photo Plaque

Personalized Photo Plaque


A photo plaque featuring a few of your favorite pictures together is a touching way to make your wife smile. Customize the plaque and provide her with a beautiful reminder of your love that she can display at home or work.

Price: $24.95

Handmade Preserved Rose Flower

Handmade Preserved Rose Flower


For the woman who has everything, a handmade preserved rose might be worth exploring for your 3rd anniversary gift. This gift is wonderful for anyone who is a fan of nature and romance.

Price: $22.47

3 year wedding anniversary gift for her:Best Wife Ever Wine Glass

Best Wife Ever Wine Glass


A glass of wine is a great way to unwind after a long and stressful day. Help your wife appreciate her wine time with a personalized glass she can use whenever she wishes.

Price: $16.97

3 year wedding anniversary gifts for her:Handmade Scrapbook Photo Album

Handmade Scrapbook Photo Album


The last three years of your relationship have probably been memorable and exciting. A scrapbook featuring some of your favorite moments can be a truly special gift for her.

Price: $5.67

3rd anniversary leather gifts for her:Crystals Birthstone Jewelry

Crystals Birthstone Jewelry


To incorporate crystal glass anniversary gifts for her into your plan, consider birthstone jewelry. Personal and stylish, this is a simple way to include the 3rd anniversary symbol in your present. 

Price: $39.99

Glass Vase For Flowers

Glass Vase For Flowers


While flowers might be a classic gift, you need a place to display them! A glass vase filled with her favorite floral arrangement can be a much better option than a traditional bouquet.

Price: $44.77

DIY 3rd Anniversary Gifts

A gift made with your own two hands can be worth far more than something you buy for the sake of having a present. If you want to get a bit creative with your gift, a DIY option is a wonderful way to go. These ideas will help get your wheels turning for your own DIY 3rd anniversary gifts.

3rd wedding anniversary:DIY Leather Luggage Tags

DIY Leather Luggage Tags

For the couple who travels together, DIY leather luggage tags are a perfect fit. These unique tags will journey with you and your partner as you explore the world.

3 year anniversary gifts:Leather Laptop Case

Leather Laptop Case

Think you need to spend a lot of money to give your spouse a quality laptop case? Think again! You can easily create a lovely DIY leather case in no time at all as a gift. Plus, you can have fun making a decorative case your spouse will find attractive.

Cute Leather Stud Necklace

Cute Leather Stud Necklace

A necklace made by hand can be much more exciting than something you found at the store. Create this cute leather stud necklace for your spouse and it is sure to be a hit. Customize the necklace to your partner’s style for an added bonus.

Creative Cord Roll

Creative Cord Roll

Is your home filled with tangles of cords from various devices and appliances? A DIY cord roll is a creative gift idea that solves a problem in the household in an incredibly effective way. This is a gift that will make both of your lives a lot easier and less cluttered.

DIY Rustic Wooden Tray with Leather Handles

DIY Rustic Wooden Tray with Leather Handles

A wooden serving tray has a variety of everyday uses. Make your own rustic wooden tray featuring leather handles and your partner will love it. Follow the simple DIY steps and see how to make this amazing gift yourself.

There are many ways to go about finding the right 3rd anniversary gifts. Whether you decide to include the symbols of leather and crystal or go a different route entirely, the main goal is to deliver something meaningful. Explore your options and you’re bound to find a fit that works for your significant other.



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