40+ Best 35th Anniversary Gift To Honor A Long Lasting Love (2021)

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  • July 28, 2021
40+ Best 35th Anniversary Gift To Honor A Long Lasting Love (2021)

After spending thirty-five years with your spouse, it stands to reason discovering the perfect 35th anniversary gift can be a bit of a struggle. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. More than three decades together is no small accomplishment. You want to be sure the present you select perfectly reflects the nature of your relationship. Consider these ideas and find the right fit.

What is Traditional 35th Anniversary Gift?

When you’re searching for the best possible presents for your significant other,  you may find that it is best to look at traditional gift options. As with every anniversary celebration, there are specific symbols and images connected to the rituals. When it comes to 35 years together, the traditional symbol connected with over a third of a decade is coral. This is because coral is said to take a long time to form, just as your marriage has come together over the years.

What is Modern 35th Anniversary Gift?

If the traditional symbol isn’t the right fit for you, then you can always look at a more modern option. Instead of coral, consider the modern symbol of jade. Said to symbolize everything from protection to strength, this is a gemstone that has often be referred to as “the stone of successful love.” Grab a gift made of jade to add an extra touch of meaning to the present for your spouse.

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35th Wedding Gift for Husband

When you have spent so many years with your hubby, it stands to reason your ideas are running low when the time comes to give a gift. Thankfully, you can easily find the right gift idea with a little bit of research.

custom plaque gifts for 35th anniversary

To My Husband Custom Photo Plaque

There are some gives that always will have a wonderful impact. If you want to make your husband smile, be sure to look at presents like this customized photo plaque featuring an array of your favorite pictures of your special man.

Song lyrics custom canvas make a great gift for 35th wedding anniversary

Heart-Shaped Song Lyrics

Since all couples have one or two favorite songs, one sentimental gift to get for an anniversary is a heart-shaped song lyrics item. This gift is sure to make him smiles as he thinks back on all for the good times you’ve had to the tune.

coral gift for husband

Coral shape coasters

Need a present that helps bring out the symbol of the celebration? If you need a coral gift, then these coasters are definitely an affordable and aesthetically pleasing way to celebrate your anniversary. Include some drinks for an added bonus.

funny thirty-fifth anniversary gift idea

Funny Coffee Cup

Anyone who starts the day with a cup of coffee could use a bit of a laugh to help them get going. If your husband needs some caffeine to get going, then this coffee mug is a great funny 35th anniversary gift.

jade gift for him

Jade Coral Green Cufflinks

Another thoughtful thirty-fifth anniversary presents worth your consideration that includes the symbols of the celebration is a pair of jade cufflinks. Perfect for any occasion, he will look spectacular in these fine accessories.

celebrate thirty fifth anniversary

The Most Perfect Man Custom Photo Canvas Print

If you want to show your husband how proud of him you are, then one spectacular present worth your consideration is a photo canvas print. Celebrating thirty-fifth years by customize the gift to your liking and see his eyes light up the moment he sees it.

sentimental gift 35 years anniversary

Hello – Will You – I Do – Standard Style – Map Canvas Print

Every love journey will look unique to the couple. Use this to your advantage with your present and find a sweet and sentimental gift in a map canvas print. Mark the 35 years milestone with the details of your own journey.

gift ideas for 35th anniversary for husband

Amazing Husband Shirt

You don’t need to go overboard to find the right present for your hubby. In fact, a gift like this amazing husband shirt can get your point across in a straightforward and silly way he will definitely appreciate.

jade gemstone money tree

Green Jade Gemstone Money Tree

A gift that shows the color of 35th anniversary and encourages good fortune is definitely one worth your consideration. This anniversary, grab your husband a present like a jade money tree and help him feel connected to his ability to earn some big bucks.

Coral Wedding Anniversary Pebble Art

Coral Wedding Anniversary Pebble Art

Infusing the coral theme of the anniversary into your gift is easy with this pebble art. The coral acts as the primary material in this present, bringing together a vision that is as clever as it is thoughtful

35 year anniversary present

Every Love Story Is Beautiful But Ours Is My Favorite – Photo Canvas Print

The details of your love story will be different than every other romance out there. Highlight these special moments with a gift like this gorgeous canvas print and see your present hung prominently on the walls of your home.

hallmark 35th wedding anniversary gift

Couple Silhouette Song Lyric Canvas Print

Getting creative with your gift idea can be a wonderful way to make your spouse feel appreciated. A silhouette print of you and your spouse is a creative idea that’s sure to leave a lasting impression.

wine glass coral anniversary gift

35 Years Anniversary Wine Glass

To celebrate milestone moments in a truly special way, it can be helpful to take a look at gifts like a 35th anniversary wine glass set. Toast to your health and good times with this special wine glass set

Coral Wedding Anniversary Sundia

Coral Wedding Anniversary Sundial

Need coral gifts for men that are as unique and special as your husband? This sundial is an absolutely stunning way to make the most of your coral wedding anniversary while surprising and delighting your man.

35 years anniversary canvas print gift

It All Began Under This Sky Custom Star Map Framed Print

Destiny is said to be written in the stars. Find the right present for your milestone anniversary with a gift that captures this feeling in a gorgeous and artistic manner.

35th Wedding Anniversary Gift for Wife

Finding the ideal present for the special lady in your life can be a challenge. Whether you opt for a traditional present that includes the anniversary symbols or something more unique, these ideas will get the ball rolling.

gift for 35 years of marriage

To My Gorgeous Wife Custom Photo Canvas

There are likely dozens of pictures you adore of your wife. Put these pics to good use with a photo canvas that shows off just how stunning the special woman in your life is.

35 years anniversary for wife

You Are The Best Mom Ever Photo Collage Canvas Print

A big part of a couple’s 35 years together is creating a family. If you have children together, a lovely way to commemorate the occasion is with a present that calls to mind the blessings of the little ones.

jade gift idea for her

Jade Roller and Gua Sha Set

If you want to find the perfect jade gifts for her, be sure to consider current beauty accessories. Jade rollers have become a staple of personal care, and this gift set includes everything she’ll need to feel her best

modern 35th anniversary gift for her

Jade Earrings Gold

Jade is an ideal fit for jewelry. If you want to make your wife feel special, consider this perfect set of earrings in an emerald-green color. She’ll be sure to love the care and detail put into these accessories.

coral theme gift for wife

Compact Cardholder

For the woman-on-the-go, a compact cardholder in the color for 35th anniversary celebrations is perfect. The coral-themed colors and portable design will make presenting her business cards a regal affair.

Personalized Art for 35th Anniversary

Personalized Art for 35th Anniversary

For the woman who appreciates the artistic expressions of the soul, a personalized piece of art is a lovely option. This is the type of gift she will be able to get a lot out of for years to come.

canvas print meaningful anniversary gift

Custom One Heart Satellite Map Canvas Print

A personalized present for an anniversary is a great way to ensure your exact sentiments get across. This satellite map canvas print helps you express yourself in a truly detailed and visually appealing way.

gifts for 35th wedding anniversary for her

Heart-Shaped Custom Song Lyrics Blanket

If you are seeking a sentimental way to celebrate another year with your wife, then a blanket might be the right fit. Pick out your favorite song lyrics and you’ll have a gift you can curl up under together.

35th anniversary T shirt for wife

Best Wife T-Shirt

Sometimes, the best gift is the most simple. A quality shirt is a great example of this. If you want to make your wife smile, grab her a shirt that acts as a constant reminder of the deep love you share.

35th anniversary gift suggestions

To My Wife Custom Photo Plaque

A photo can often capture sentiments that words cannot do justice. For a truly lovely wedding anniversary present, consider a photo plaque that features some of your favorite moments as a couple. This gift expresses everything you want to say after thirty-five years together.

cheers to 35 years together

Cheers Love Knot Necklace

There are many unique gift options for you to consider for your wife. Special jewelry, for example, is always a winner. A love knot necklace is a clever way to make her feel special on this coral wedding occasion.

gift your spouse for your 35th wedding anniversary

Funny Anniversary Mug

In search of an inexpensive 35th anniversary gift? A wife who likes to laugh will definitely appreciate a funny mug as a gift. Fill it with her favorite drink for some bonus points.

modern coral gifts

Berdine Ring

Those looking for modern coral gifts may want to consider jewelry like this stunning Berdine ring. Infuse the symbol of this celebration into your present in a manner that is as stunning as it is creative.

Eden Ring In Apple Green Jade

Eden Ring In Apple Green Jade

Jade truly is an appropriate symbol for the celebration of 35 years together. Help bring this image to the surface with an Eden ring in apple green jade that highlights the beauty of this classic gemstone.

coral gift ideas for wife

Coral Fruit Bowl

There are all sorts of clever ways to ensure your present features a coral design. A fruit bowl made of coral can act as a gift that fits the theme and as a delightful way to surprise your partner.

35th Anniversary Gift for Parents

If you want to help your parents celebrate 35 years as a couple, then the right gift can make a world of difference. Review these options to discover a present that perfectly fits the sensibilities of your parents.

parents 35th wedding anniversary gift ideas

Mr And Mrs Custom Photo Collage Canvas Print

Sometimes, a simple gift is the right fit when it comes to making your parents feel loved. Consider a canvas print and see how easy it is to personalize this to meet the unique specifications of your parents.

35th wedding anniversary gift ideas for parents

Bear Family Retro Map Custom Canvas Print

After 35 years of marriage, your parents probably have every gift imaginable. Thankfully, there are still options to consider. This bear family retro map custom canvas print is a rustic and vintage gift that is sure to delight the folks.

anniversary gift for 35 years of marriage

Custom picture frames

It stands to reason your parents have a lot of photos that haven’t seen the light of day in years. Take advantage of these treasured keepsakes by including them in your unique gift of custom picture frames.

Happy 35th Anniversary Mom And Dad Custom Photo Canvas Print

Happy 35th Anniversary Mom And Dad Custom Photo Canvas Print

Instead of using a single photo in your present, consider gift ideas for 35th anniversary celebrations that include a plethora of pics. This custom collage canvas is an opportunity to highlight all the best moments from the couple’s love story.

Couple 35th Anniversary Shirts

Couple 35th Anniversary Shirts

One interesting way people have fun in a relationship is with matching clothing. Whether to be funny or as a way of looking uniform, use this to your advantage in your gift. Couple anniversary shirts are ideal for silly parents.

Custom Family Name Photo Letter Canvas Print

Using the family name as a centerpiece of your gift is a great way to give it an emotional edge. This custom family name photo letter canvas print gives you a chance to create some truly personal art with your present.

coral wedding gift for parent

Mom Dad Custom Photo Canvas Print

A customized photo canvas print is a wonderful way to show your parents how much you care. Use your favorite pictures of them as a couple and see how their faces light up as they walk down memory lane.

35th anniversary gift guide for parents

Hugs and Kisses Puzzle

Do you need a present that is truly unique for parents with creative personalities? This puzzle is a sentimental and sweet way for you to show your folks exactly how much their relationship means to your family.

35th anniversary gift for grandparents

We Love You Papa & Nana Custom Photo Pillow

If your parents have become grandparents in their 35 years together, you want to use this to your advantage in your gift. A pillow highlighting their new roles as papa and nana can be a wonderful way to deliver something special.

parents 35th wedding anniversary gift ideas

Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure

For parents who have everything, get creative with your gift. A hand-painted sculpture can be a present that definitely has an impact. This is a beautiful piece that is sure to look perfect on the mantle at home or a desk in the office.

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Final Thoughts

When the time comes to find the right 35th anniversary gift, be sure to look at the array of options in front of you. With the variety of different gifts from the sweet to the practical, a little research is all it takes for your success, there is no shortage of amazing options. Help that special couple, or your spouse, celebrate this huge marriage milestone with something they will love and cherish for years to come.



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