30 Exciting and Unique 30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Him in 2023

  • BY Simon Smize
  • July 19, 2023
30 Exciting and Unique 30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Him in 2023

Searching for 30th birthday gifts for him? You’re in the right place. Turning 30 is a major milestone in any guy’s life. It’s only fair that you would want to celebrate the big 3-0 of your favorite man in style. Looking for something fun or sentimental? Perhaps silly and unforgettable? Our gift list has it all and so much more. Browse through it and find that perfect surprise for him!

Happy Birthday Custom Star Map Framed Print

1. Happy Birthday Custom Star Map Framed Print


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Not all wall art is created equal. Some pieces are more meaningful than others. This custom star map is definitely from the latter. Perfect for his 30th year under the sun, this framed print is a thoughtful way to celebrate his special milestone.

It Took Me 30 Years To Look This Good Mug

2. It Took Me 30 Years To Look This Good Mug


A great 30th birthday party calls for an even greater gift. If he loves to laugh and appreciates a good sense of humor, this mug is certainly it. Customize it with his photo and show him how much he means to you.

3. Custom Established Birth Year Photo Canvas Print


Your favorite man deserves nothing but the best. This custom photo print is an adorable, personalized birthday gift that is guaranteed to make him smile. Whether for his 30th, 60th, or even 10th anniversary, a custom present like this print is always a good idea.

creative 30th birthday gift ideas for him

4. Happy Birthday To You Blanket


What better way to give him your best wishes than with a warm and thoughtful gift? Add your favorite photo together to make the blanket extra special and cozy. This is certainly one of the most creative 30th birthday gift ideas for him!

Custom Oakhill Boxed Decanter with Glasses - surprise 30th birthday ideas for him

5. Custom Oakhill Boxed Decanter with Glasses


His 30th birthday is the right time to surprise him with a custom decanter set. It’s a personalized gift for husband that he can use on his birthday and virtually any other day. He can boast with it at parties, and it will always remind him of you!

Happy 30th Birthday Toilet Paper

6. Happy 30th Birthday Toilet Paper


Whether for your son, brother, boyfriend, uncle, or best friend — this toilet paper is the perfect gag gift. It will add a comedic effect to the birthday celebration. Plus, can you imagine his face when he first sees it? Priceless!

 Custom Bobblehead Figurine

7. Custom Bobblehead Figurine


When it comes to 30th birthday gifts for him, you’re probably looking for something special and unforgettable. This custom bobblehead figurine will steal the spotlight! He can keep it on his desk, and it will make him smile each time he looks at it.

Personalized 30th Birthday Socks

8. Personalized 30th Birthday Socks


When you’re out of ideas, funny socks are always a great choice. Imagine his surprise when he sees his personalized 30th birthday gift! He can wear them at his party, and they will be the perfect addition to his memorable day.

Personalized Docking Station - 30th birthday celebration ideas for him

9. Personalized Docking Station


Reaching his 30th anniversary, your best friend and the favorite guy is probably a busy man. The years of him tossing his keys aside and keeping things in chaos are behind him. Help him welcome his 30s in style with this personalized wooden docking station.

 Look at You Turning 30 Soy Candle

10. Look at You Turning 30 Soy Candle


For his 30th birthday, get him a candle to light up the years ahead. No, but seriously, this soy candle is both fun and adorable. Its message is sweet and quirky, and the candle itself is eco-friendly and vegan. The perfect combo!

Compact Swivel Cheese Board with Knives - what to buy a man for his birthday

11. Compact Swivel Cheese Board with Knives


If you’re looking for 30th birthday ideas for men who love cooking or hosting guests, this cheese board is a must. Any aspiring home chef would love it. It’s thoughtful, useful, and super original. Plus, he totally deserves it!

30th birthday for him

12. Mini Coffee Maker


Is your special man a coffee addict? Does he love making his coffee just about anywhere he goes? With a mini coffee maker, he can do it anywhere, anytime. Fast and freshly brewed, your partner, son, uncle, or best friend will absolutely love his morning coffee.

Level 30 Unlocked Shirt

13. Level 30 Unlocked Shirt


Is the birthday boy a gamer? Great! This ‘Lever 30 Unlocked’ shirt is just the thing for him. It’s quirky, cute, and handmade. Plus, you have so many colors to choose from. His game nights will be extra special with this gift.

14. Whiskey Birthday Glass


Help the birthday boy enjoy a unique toast in his honor with a customized whiskey glass. Engraved with precision, this glass is a sweet and thoughtful present they will cherish forever.

Gold-Tone Chronograph Watch

15. Gold-Tone Chronograph Watch


The list of 30th birthday gifts for him wouldn’t be complete without a watch. This Hugo Boss timepiece is stylish and luxurious — a wonderful way to celebrate the beginning of his 30s.

30 birthday gift ideas for husband

16. Personalized Leather Magnetic Money Clip


If you’re aiming for a more luxurious gift for his 30th birthday, this money clip is a great idea. It’s made from real leather, and you can customize it. Whether with his name or favorite team, your options are limitless. You can add a sweet message, too.

Personalized Baseball BBQ Tools & Cutting Board creative 30th birthday gifts for him

17. Personalized Baseball BBQ Tools & Cutting Board


Is he a BBQ enthusiast? Then he will certainly enjoy a new baseball set of BBQ tools. They come in a chic toolbox you can customize his name and the sports game that he loves. Pretty cool, right?

Basketball Beanbag Lounger 30th birthday gifts for him

18. Basketball Beanbag Lounger


Some 30th birthday ideas for men’s gifts are better than others. This plush and fun bean bag is the perfect addition to any man cave. It’s great for playing video games, relaxing, or just as an extra seat at parties.

Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses - 30 birthday handsome present ideas for him

19. Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses


The older you get, the cooler the sunglasses. These Ray-Bans are pure classic and will always come in handy. So, if you’re going for a cool yet practical gift, this one won’t disappoint.

20. Heart-Shaped Photo Collage Canvas Print


Seeking ideas for a gift from baby girls or boys to their father? How about a custom photo canvas print for his 30th birthday? It’s such a sweet gesture, and he will rush to hang it on his wall.

Bullet Pen & Personalized Gift Box - unique 30th birthday gifts

21. Bullet Pen & Personalized Gift Box


If you want to surprise your boyfriend or husband with something special on his 30th birthday, look no further. Handmade and crafted with precision, this gift box is amazing. The bullet pen inside is truly unique!

Newspaper Poster Sign 30th birthday gifts for him

22. Newspaper Poster Sign


The big 3-0 is a milestone in every man’s life. Celebrate his achievement with a personalized birthday sign. It will not only be an awesome gift, but it will also remind him of all the great things he has in his life. Not bad, eh?

Wireless Headphones - gifts for 30th birthday for him

23. Wireless Headphones


Is he a music buff? Does he spend a lot of time on his daily commute? How about you make this time 100 times better with these wireless Bose headphones? They are pure luxury in the world of noise-canceling headphones.

30th bday ideas for guys - Rapa Nui Eyeglasses Holder

24. Rapa Nui Eyeglasses Holder


If you want to introduce some type of novelty in his life, a chic eyeglasses holder is just the thing. It’s a sophisticated gift for a sophisticated man. Your husband, brother, son, or even co-worker will love it!

 Men's Birthstones Ring

25. Men’s Birthstones Ring


Who said jewelry is a female domain only? These personalized birthstone rings are both unique and beautiful. You can engrave them with their name on top and add a meaningful message on the inside.

Sauvage by Dior Eau de Parfum Spray - male 30th birthday gifts

26. Sauvage by Dior Eau de Parfum Spray


Ever considered getting him perfume for his birthday? This is one of Dior’s best sellers due to its fresh and sophisticated scent. If we had to recommend a perfume in our list of 30th birthday gifts for him, this would be it.

30th Birthday Decorations for Him

27. 30th Birthday Decorations for Him


Looking for 30th birthday themes for him? If you are, the party decorations you need are right here. This package has all the swirls, pom poms, and balloons necessary for a memorable party set up for the birthday boy!

30 small gifts for 30th birthday for him

28. Sock and Underwear Subscription Box


Socks and underwear aren’t just useful gifts. They can be an exciting present, too. Especially with a subscription box like the one by Stance. Choose the design, and the rest is all set.

29. Making The World A Better Place Since Mug


Whether for your brother or co-worker, a quirky mug is always a great option. Customize it with their photo and birth year, and your original 30th birthday gift will be complete!

what to do for boyfriends 30th birthday

30. Personalized Song Lyrics Suede Pillow


Not many things are more original and sweet than a personalized song lyrics pillow. It will be a memorable birthday gift to your husband or boyfriend. Whether it’s the song of your first dance or your favorite morning tune —  this pillow will be his new favorite thing.

This concludes our list of 30th birthday gifts for him. Whether you choose a more practical gift like the Ray-Ban sunglasses or want to surprise him with a custom decanter set, you won’t go wrong. The best 30th birthday gifts come from the heart.


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