41+ Best 30th Anniversary Gift Ideas for the Love of Your Life

  • BY Emmanuel Egeonu
  • November 6, 2020
41+ Best 30th Anniversary Gift Ideas for the Love of Your Life

A 30 years of marriage is a huge milestone to celebrate with your spouse. Or maybe it is your parents celebrating their wedding anniversary. From traditional to modern 30th anniversary gifts, you can find something your husband, wife or special couple will absolutely love. Use this gift guide to find the perfect gift to remark this big milestone in the marriage’s life.

From trendy and modern gift ideas,  you will never run into a shortage of unique and amazing gift ideas. Be sure to surprise your husband or wife with a gift they will cherish as much as your marriage. 

What is Traditional 30th Anniversary Gift?


Traditionally each and every wedding anniversary coordinates with a specific material. For the 30th wedding anniversary the traditional material to gift is pearl, which represents timelessness and endurance. Just like how a pearl is made by sand being under intense pressure, anyone couple that has been married for 30 years have experienced their share of trials and pressure. 

Some of the most common thirtieth wedding anniversary pearl themed gifts include pearl necklaces, pearl watches, or vases with pearl accents. While pearl gifts might seem mostly feminine gift ideas, there are also many different pearl options for men that he will love.

What is Modern 30th Anniversary Gift?

Looking for a modern  gift for 30th anniversary? Here are meaningful 30 years anniversary symbols. The modern gift of diamond symbolizes strength, eternity, and enduring love. 

This special occasion can also be celebrated with a thirtieth wedding anniversary color. Green symbolizes balance and harmony between the heart and head. The flower for the 30th anniversary is the lily. Lily symbolizes purity of heart, honor, and devotion. These are all qualities of a strong, 30-year marriage.

For Him

After 30 wonderful years together it can be challenging to find the perfect gift for him. Here are 13 amazing Pearl anniversary gifts for him. You are sure to find something even for the man who has everything. 

Black and White Song Lyrics on Photo Canvas Print – Vertical

Black and White Song Lyrics on Photo Canvas Print – Vertical

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Do you have a spouse who loves music, or are you looking for a perfect couple gift? Well, search no more. This black and white song lyrics photo canvas print is just perfect for bringing back memories of your relationship.

30th Anniversary Custom Photo Collage Canvas Print

Custom Photo Collage Canvas Print

Create a beautiful collage photo canvas filled with wonderful memories for her and your family. Celebrate the pearl anniversary with this beautiful, custom photo canvas. The perfect gift to highlight your favorite memories together. 

30 Years Anniversary Custom Canvas Print

30 years Personalized Anniversary Print

Celebrate that special guy with a custom canvas print. 30 years is a long time, 946,080,000 seconds to be exact! Every man could use a little reminding of how many wonderful years he has been with his wife. 

Couple Silhouette Song Lyric Canvas Print

Couple Silhouette Song Lyric Canvas Print

Melt your partner’s heart with our customizable Couple Silhouette Song Lyric Canvas Print. Use the lyrics from any song you both love, add the date, your names, and it’s good to go! How romantic is that? Whether it‘s your bedroom, hallway, or the home office, it will look great anywhere!

Heart Shaped Song Lyrics Custom Canvas Print

Heart Shaped Song Lyrics Custom Canvas Print

If your man is the sentimental type, then he will love this wedding song wall art. Custom gifts are so much more meaningful. For the pearl anniversary, remind him of your first dance together as husband and wife.  

Personalized Anniversary Pushpin World Map

For the couple that loves to travel together, this personalized map print makes the perfect gift. Reminisce with your man about all the places you have traveled together over the last three decades with this beautiful print. 

Celebrating 30 Years of Marriage Photo Collage Canvas Print

Remind your husband of how lucky he is to have you with his beautiful personalized frame hold. A beautiful 30th anniversary gift for your husband that will remind him every day of your many wonderful years together.

Vintage Pearl Cufflinks

If your husband wears suits on a regular basis, he will certainly love these unique pearl gifts. These vintage inspired cufflinks come with a pearl inlay set on a stunning silver background. 


traditional 30th anniversary gift - luxury pen

Luxury Pearl Pen

For the classy man, this luxury mother of pearl pen makes a statement. With a custom engraved carbon fiber case, this stunning pen makes a wonderful traditional thirtieth wedding anniversary for him. 

Wedding Vows His-Her Photo Canvas Print

Custom Wedding Vows Photo Print

Help your parents celebrate their momentous pearl anniversary with this unique framed print. A meaningful gift for parents, you can include their original wedding photo as well as their wedding vows. 



Bracelet Pearl Dial Watch

Even the manliest man will love wearing this Mother of Pearl dial watch. Made from high quality materials and designed for the sporty man in mind. This watch will surely make a statement while out golfing or poolside. 

Hello – Will You – I Do – Standard Style – Map Canvas Print, Anniversary Gift

Hello – Will You – I Do – Standard Style – Map Canvas Print, 30th Anniversary Gift

Looking for a beautiful, personalized canvas print that you could give your father or husband? This custom framed print makes a lovely map piece in any loving home. Complete with Hello Will You I do location and date!

30th anniversary gifts - men tie

Mens Tie Tack, Mother of Pearl Tie Tack

Finding the perfect pearl gifts for him can be difficult. Elegant and stylish men’s pearl gift ideas a few and far between. Get him a traditional 30 gift with this Mother of Pearl tie tack. 

Whiskey Glass

The perfect addition to any man cave, these whisky glasses make a thoughtful gift. A unique gift for him that he will get a lot of use out of. Perfectly paired with his favorite bottle of whiskey.

30 year anniversary gift ideas - keyring

Personalized Penny KeyChain Keyring Anniversary

Make sure he never forgets your anniversary date again with this custom stamped penny keychain. Available in a variety of different styles, he will not only find this sentimental but also a useful gift. 

30th anniversary gifts - necktie

Diamond Necktie

Looking for a more modern gift idea? This blue diamond necktie is a practical gift for your stylish husband. Perfect for the businessman whose sense of style is always on point. 

30th anniversary gifts - diamond ring

Personalized Diamond Ring

While most would think that diamond rings are for women, this personalized diamond ring is one that any man would be proud to wear. Handmade with white gold and black diamonds, this men’s ring is simply stunning. 

For Her

You have spoiled her for the past 30 years, why stop now? These unique ideas will make her laugh, cry, and smile from ear to ear. Here are 14 anniversary gift ideas for her that she will cherish. 

Forever You’ll Stay In My Heart (30 Years) Photo Collage Canvas Print

Forever You’ll Stay In My Heart (30 Years) Photo Collage Canvas Print

Celebrate one of the most joyous occasions of your life with this Forever You’ll Stay In My Heart (30 Years) Photo Collage Canvas Print.

A 30th anniversary is an achievement like no other that certainly deserves some serious celebrations and recognition!

Family Tree Branch With Birds Canvas Print – Custom Family Names & Year

Family Tree Branch With Birds Canvas Print – Custom Family Names & Year

Our sweet “Family Tree Branch with Birds” canvas print is a terrific way to show your favorite couple some appreciation. Gift this beautiful wall art piece on an anniversary, holiday, or as a housewarming present. Customize this cute banner with the love birds’ name and wedding date to make it a lot more unique.

Custom Desktop Plaque

Do you need a 30th anniversary gift to commemorate your spouse? If so, our 30th wedding anniversary custom desktop plaque is the way to go. Family time together is great, and this calculating work of art sums up these moments of love.

Personalized Family Street Sign Canvas

Celebrate your 30 year marriage anniversary with this personalized street sign canvas. This cute family street sign will remind you that you‘ll always know where to find them! Customize this lovely decoration with the names of each member of your pack.

30 Years of Love Pearl Anniversary Photo Canvas

Framed Print

Give her the gift of 30 years of memories with this personalized canvas print. This framed print makes a beautiful present for your wife that she is sure to love and cherish for the next 30 years. 


30 Years Pearl Wedding Anniversary Custom Canvas Print

FRAMED 30th Anniversary Print

This framed, custom print is similar to some of the others on this list, only funnier. Just think for a minute the 1000’s of loads of laundry she has done for your family over the 30 years married. 

Dainty Wrap Necklace

Dainty Wrap Necklace with Tiny Initial

Celebrate your thirtieth wedding anniversary with a traditional gift of pearl. This simple pearl necklace is the perfect piece of jewelry. It can be worn alone or layered with other minimalist or larger pieces. 

Lily Ear Crawlers

While flowers quickly die, get her a flower for her 30th anniversary that will last forever. Lily flower earring.  The flower for the 30 years anniversary symbol which represents devotion and honor, much like your marriage. 

Pearl Wedding Anniversary Jewelry Bracelet

Pearl jewelry is a wonderful choice for a traditional gift for her on 30th anniversary day. This beautiful bracelet is made with freshwater pearls and finished with gold or silver leaves. Dainty and beautiful, she is sure to love it. 

30th anniversary gift - pearl pink blush

Pink Pearl Jewelry Necklace

Combine both modern and traditional gifts with this pink pearl jewelry set. This set comes with a beautiful necklace and pair of earrings. Perfect to wear to work or out for a date night. 

30 years wedding anniversary gift - 3 row white pearl necklace

3 Rows White Baroque Pearl Necklace Set

Does your wife prefer the larger statement pieces of jewelry? Then she is sure to adore this traditional 30-year marriage gift of a baroque pearl necklace. This pearl gift will make the perfect addition to any woman’s jewelry collection.

30th anniversary gifts - box spa gift

Medium size Bath & Beauty box

Pamper your wife with this bath and beauty box set. Filled with all of the best bath essentials, like handmade bath bomb, body oil, scented candle, and hand cut soap. Let her indulge for an evening and destress. 


World Map Photo Album Adventure Photo Album Personalized

Make sure you are able to record all of your travels in this world map adventure album. Made with beautiful engraved wood and filled with plenty of pages to include all of your favorite moments from your 30 years together. 

30th anniversary gifts - diamond ring

Diamond Ring

In search of a beautiful, modern  thirty year gift on your anniversary? This petite diamond ring is the perfect addition to an existing wedding ring set or can be worn on its own. 

For Parent

It is extra special when you can celebrate your parents’ 30 years of marriage with them. Make sure you remain their favorite child by gifting one of these amazing, custom gifts for their very special wedding anniversary. 

Happy 30th Anniversary Mom and Dad Desktop Plaque

Resides Custom Desktop Photo Plaque

Remind your parents of the wonderful home that they have created for you these past 30 years. This custom plaque is a meaningful 30th anniversary gift for parents. Don’t forget to add your favorite pictures! 

Pearl Canvas Print

Celebrate your 30th wedding anniversary with this Pearl Canvas Print. Set against a black background featuring a heart-shaped print lined with pearls, this makes the perfect present for your parent.

Let These Stars Bear Witness To The Love Spoken Between Our Hearts Custom Star Map Framed Print

Custom Star Map Framed Print

The “Let These Stars Bear Witness To The Love Spoken Between Our Hearts” custom star map framed print is beautiful. Customize this astronomy print to make an amazing anniversary gift for parents to thank them for all they‘ve done. Whether it’s their 50th-anniversary gift or 25-anniversary gift, take the chance to offer them one they‘ll treasure.

Family Tree Custom Photo Canvas

Celebrate your mom and dad’s 30th wedding anniversary with this custom family print. Whether funny or flattering, fill the print with your favorite family photos that they will cherish for years to come. 

30th gift ideas - personalized cutting board

Personalized Cutting Board

This personalized cutting board is the perfect gift for the wife who loves to cook. Available in a variety of woods and sizes, this cutting board is sure to become the prized centerpiece of any kitchen. 


custom mug - 30th anniversary gift

Custom Mug

Looking for a cute personalized gift that your parents are sure to get a lot of use out of? These custom coffee mugs are so adorable and make the perfect gift idea for mom and dad. 

Shell Art

Give your parents a beautiful, custom gift of an actual pearl. This authentic pearl is framed and personalized with the couple’s names and anniversary date. This is the perfect, traditional gift for the pearl anniversary. 


pearl gifts for 30th wedding anniversary - metal foundry sundial

The Metal Foundry 30th Pearl 2020 Wedding Anniversary Sundial

A sundial, just like 30 years of marriage, withstands the test of time. This beautiful metal foundry sundial makes a perfect gift for the pearl anniversary. Set on a white background with brushed brass, it makes a beautiful statement piece. 

Personalized Compact Swivel Cheese Board

Do your parents enjoy throwing swanky dinner parties? Then they will love this personalized swivel cheeseboard. This cheese board makes a wonderful kitchen gift to remark their big marriage’s milestone that all their friends will envy. 

30th anniversary gifts - wooden sign

Personalized Wooden Sign

Unsure what to get that special couple for their Pearl wedding anniversary? This solid wood sign makes a sentimental personalized gift. Celebrate that special day with these stunning gift for couples on this special day. 

30th anniversary gift for parents - parent tree of life

Tree of Life Print Wedding Anniversary

Looking for a 30 year wedding gifts for parents that they will love to show off? This tree of life print is not only beautifully stunning but also a meaningful, custom sign.

Personalized Poster

Give the gift of a fun, personalized poster that highlights their 30 years together. This poster, which looks like a newspaper, features historical events, oscar winners, popular films, and the cost of a few common items from 30 years ago. 

pearl gift ideas - flower vases

Pearlescent Vases

Not every pearl gift has to be an actual pearl. These pearlescent vases make a beautiful 30 year-married gift that will work well with any decor. Just like your parents celebrating their anniversary, each piece is unique. 

Final Thoughts

Finding the perfect 30th anniversary gift can be a lot of pressure. Do you go the traditional route or take a more modern spin on anniversary gifts for couples? With the variety of different symbols available for 30th wedding anniversary, pearl, diamond, lily, and the color green, there is no shortage of amazing options. Help that special couple, or your spouse, celebrate this huge marriage milestone with something they will love and cherish for years to come.  


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