18 Perfect 30th Anniversary Gift Ideas For Him and Her

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18 Perfect 30th Anniversary Gift Ideas For Him and Her

Your 30th anniversary may not be “silvery” or “golden” but it’s certainly worth pearls. Yea, as you’ve probably guessed, “Pearly” is the official term for such an impressive feat and pearls are the traditional 30th-anniversary gift. 

With 30 years of friendship, intimacy, and love to celebrate this anniversary is one to ignore. Ensure that you show your partner that you’ve cherished all the years spent together with the amazing gift ideas we’ll reveal to you in this piece.

But before we dive into all the great gift ideas that’ll warm the heart of your partner let’s see all there is to this amazing milestone. 

What is the 30th Anniversary?

If you like to keep to the old school way, you’ll want to stick to the traditional 30th-anniversary gift theme, which is pearl. Gotten from oysters, pearls stand for the fact that your love has gone through many difficulties and has yielded treasures in return. 

With the pearl theme, your gift will certainly be out of the oyster, sorry box. 

What is the Symbol for 30 Years of Marriage? 


There are various symbols for your 30th wedding anniversary so let’s see each of them: 

Traditional Gift – Pearls: As we’ve already seen pearls represent the treasures 30 years of your relationship yielded. 

Modern Gift – Diamond:  Symbolizing enduring love, strength and eternity, diamonds reflect the clarity and wisdom of a 30-year union. 

With that said, there are other symbols such as: 

  • Flower: Lily 
  • Gemstone: Pearl 
  • Color: Green 

30th Wedding Anniversary Unique Gifts Ideas 

Here they are the 30th-anniversary gifts that your significant other or that perfect couple you know will cherish. 

Gift Ideas For Your Wife 

Diamond Ring

What better way to tell your wife who has stood by your side for over 30 years that you appreciate her companionship like a strong diamond ring. It’ll be a reminder of the strong bond you’ve shared all these years. 

30th anniversary gift-diamond ring

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Pearl Necklace

Every woman loves a dazzling necklace, more so one that symbolizes the beauty a marriage of over 3 decades can bring forth. This gift will tell your wife that you’ve loved every minute spent with her over the years. 

30th anniversary gift for her-pearl necklace

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Lily Ear Crawlers 

Lilies speak of honor, purity, and devotion and giving your spouse a lily ear crawler as a gift will place in her heart the memories of the devotion and dedication that has kept your marriage for such a long time. 


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Personalized Spa Box 

Personalized gifts always put that Midas touch to the depth of a gift. And this personalized spa box is no different, you’ll be able to show your significant other that they mean so much to you by the thought put in this specialized spa box. 

30th anniversary gift-spa box

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Anniversary Map Candle 

You’ll put your wife above cloud 9 with this one. Imagine a beautiful aromatic candle wrapped in a heart with a custom message and images that speak to the heart of your wife. That’s exactly what this is, scented memories. 

Anniversary Map Candle

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Cheese Board 

This is a great gift as your wife will most likely use it for a long time, and every time she brings out this board in the kitchen, she’ll be reminded of the thoughtfulness and heart behind it. You can include personal heartwarming messages or poems on it. 

Cheese Board

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Gift Ideas For Your Husband

Diamond Necktie 

If your husband loves the classy corporate look, this is an excellent gift. It’s a gift that will be used consistently and as such will keep you in the mind of your hubby, reminding them of the enduring power of your union. 

30 year anniversary gift for husband-Diamond Necktie

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Pearl Cufflinks or Tie Bar 

This gorgeous gift is what any man would love to have in his accessory collection. Dazzling and classy, pearl cufflinks or tie bar will not only enhance your man’s sharpness but show him that you value the treasures he’s brought into your life. 

Pearl Cufflinks

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Personalized Diamond Ring 

Diamond rings are beautiful but with the custom touch, you can pass across a love message engraved with diamonds that reveals the purity and strength of a 3-decade love. 

30 year anniversary gift for husband-Personalized Diamond Ring

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Men’s Black Diamond Bracelet 

Black diamonds are versatile gemstones as they give off an aura of glam while remaining subtle for daily use. This is a gift that your husband can use every day and this will write the thought of your gift in his heart for a long time. 

Diamond Bracelet

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Luxury Pearl Pen 

This is the perfect gift for your hard-working man; it’ll show him that you treasure all the efforts that he’s put into your union over the years. The luxury pearl pen is a classy one that he’ll certainly love. 

Luxury Pearl Pen

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Personalized Whiskey Barrel

This personalized whiskey barrel is a great way to put a custom touch to your 30th-anniversary gift. Every time your husband fills a cup of whiskey, there’ll be a deep, intimate message engraved on it that reminds him of your love. 

30th anniversary gift-Personalized Whiskey Barrel

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Gift Ideas For Your Parents 

Personalized Crystal Holiday Ornament 

Celebrating the 30th wedding anniversary of your parents with this personalized crystal holiday ornament will ignite a spark of joy to an already cherished day. Not only does the crystal sparkle but the special message will put a smile on their faces for a long time. 

Personalized Crystal Holiday Ornament

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Family Name Sign Canvas 

This family name sign canvas is a thoughtful way to show your parents you appreciate and love the family that their year union has produced. 

30th anniversary gift-Family Name Sign Canvas

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Custom Mug

A custom mug is a gift that your parents will use a lot and you can add their wedding images or a congratulatory message on it. 

30 year anniversary gift-Custom Mug

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Personalized Compact Swivel Cheese Board 

Swivel cheese boards make cutting easy in the kitchen and you can add a cute anniversary message on it. 

Personalized Compact Swivel Cheese Board

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Family Tree Custom Photo Canvas 

A 30th wedding anniversary is one that brings in a lot of memories and a family tree custom photo canvas can create moments reminiscing moments with your parents. 

30th anniversary gift-Family Tree Custom Photo Canvas

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Resides Custom Desktop Photo Plaque 

A picture says a 1000 words but a custom desktop photo plaque adds 1000 more as it reflects the heart behind the gift. 

30th anniversary gift-Resides Custom Desktop Photo Plaque

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30th Wedding Anniversary Special Wishes on Card 

Putting up a special wish on an anniversary card can be hard but it doesn’t have to be if you know the right way to craft it. Here’s an awesome guide to help you. 

With that said here are 4 anniversary quotes ideas you can include: 

  • “To my beautiful wife, thank you for sticking with me for 30 years. I wish to spend 20 more years with you and celebrate our golden jubilee. “
  • “Your companionship has been like as pure and strengthening like diamonds, happy 30 years anniversary dear.” 
  • “You are joined by the cord of love and I am the result of that love. Happy 30th marriage anniversary mom and dad.” 
  • “Our love and marriage have gone through ups and downs but like pearls, we’re the treasure of our events. Happy 30th-anniversary love. ” 

For extra spice, you can also include anniversary poems. Here are some examples: 

I asked God for a flower,

he gave me a bouquet

I asked God for a minute,

he gave me a day

I asked God for true love,

he gave me that too

I asked for an angel and

he gave me you.



I love my eyes

When you look into them.

I love my name

When you whisper it

And love my heart

When you love it.

I love my life,

Because you are a part of it.



Coming up with a 30th-anniversary gift shouldn’t be hard and by following this guide it won’t be. You’ll be able to show your spouse or parents how much they mean to you with the thoughtful gifts in this piece.

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