25 Best of 3 Year Dating Gift Ideas for Your Loved One (2023)

25 Best of  3 Year Dating Gift Ideas for Your Loved One (2023)

When you’re in love, every milestone is a special one worth celebrating. Mark your day with a 3-year dating anniversary gift that’s unforgettable and fun! It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for unique gifts for your boyfriend or sentimental anniversary gifts for your girlfriend; we’ve got you. Our ideas are specially curated for the couple that is in it for the long run. It’s time to make your three-year dating anniversary an indicator of what’s to come!

1. 3 Years Anniversary Song Lyrics Canvas

3 Years Dating Anniversary Gifts:  Song Lyrics Canvas


It’s time to sing your hearts out with some perfect personalized gifts for him. Start with this piece and you’ll both hear the music play. It’s the ultimate recipe for a romance that won’t die down.

2. 3 Year Anniversary Custom Photo Collage Mug

3 Year Anniversary Dating Gifts Idea:  Custom Photo Collage Mug


3 years of dating and discovery deserve a sentimental present. Your partner will surely be looking forward to mornings with this mug in store. Get it and serve up the best coffee ever!

3. Personalized Leather Keychain

3 Year Dating Anniversary Present: Personalized Leather Keychain


Searching for some 3rd-year dating anniversary gift ideas? Treat your man to a keychain with a secret love message only he will understand. He’ll be so proud to hang his keys on it!

4. Third Anniversary Card

Third Dating Anniversary Card


If you can’t splurge this year, you might be looking for some cheap 3rd-anniversary gifts. This card, although inexpensive, packs a punch. It’s sweet, subtle, and meaningful at the same time!

5. “Call To Say I Love You” Couple Pillow Set

3rd year dating anniversary gift ideas: “Call To Say I Love You” Couple Pillow Set


Celebrate your 3rd year of dating with a pair of pillows that promise wonderful evenings together. The cute gift idea will surely capture your partner’s heart. This way, you’ll always be in sync.

6. 3 Year Anniversary Photo Collage Canvas Print

3 Year Anniversary Photo Collage Canvas Print


When it comes to third-year dating gift ideas, you can’t beat personalized items. Give your mile mark the recognition it deserves by hanging this piece on the wall of your favorite room.

7. Date Night Candle

 third year dating gift ideas: Date Night Candle


Create a romantic atmosphere wherever you are with a candle that emits the most refreshing scent. Life is about taking a moment to rediscover each other. Do it and you’ll fall in love all over again.

8. Swivel Bath Tray

essential 3 year dating anniversary gift: Swivel Bath Tray


Here’s an essential gift she will love with all her heart. There’s nothing better than coming home to a nice relaxing bath complete with candles and a drink on the side.

9. Whiskey Making Kit

three year dating anniversary gifts idea: Whiskey Making Kit


This kit is the perfect gift for those who love wine or whiskey. They’ll love spending a weekend just mixing things up and tasting their creations. Get this kit for someone with good taste.

10. To My Boyfriend Blanket

3rd year dating anniversary gift for him: To My Boyfriend Blanket


Get your boyfriend smiling from ear to ear as you express your feelings for him. He’ll enjoy reading the love message as you’re snuggling up together on a cool evening in front of the fire.

11. Blind Dates Scratch Off Challenges

romantic 3 year dating anniversary gift: Blind Dates Scratch Off Challenges


Wondering how to increase chemistry on an anniversary night? Take things to the next level with some challenges that will surely get temperatures rising. You’ll have fun learning about the other and strengthening your bond!

12. Revisit Your First Date

3rd year dating anniversary ideas: Revisit Your First Date

For your three-year dating anniversary, how about going back to where it all began? Imagine stepping foot into that coffee shop or busy subway station where the two of you first met. Reliving your first encounter or date will bring back the best memories and make you hungry for more. By reminiscing about the past, your relationship will only get better and stronger!

13. Leather Bracelet with Engraved Name

special 3rd year of dating anniversary gift just for him: Leather Bracelet with Engraved Name


When the right piece of jewelry comes along, your man will definitely go crazy for it. This customized bracelet will be made special, just for him and no one else.

14. Outdoor Wine Table

perfect 3 year gift for your dating: Outdoor Wine Table


A couple in love will learn that it’s the company that counts. Have wonderful afternoons at the park, beach, or even your backyard. This table is the perfect gift for your dating adventures!

15. Fossil Men’s Watch

Fossil Men's Watch


Is your guy all about utility and style? If so, he needs some useful jewelry to complete his collection. Get this watch for your boy and he’ll never be late for meetings or dates again!

16. Personalized All Heart Necklace

Personalized All Heart Necklace

$85.00 – $125.00

A necklace that ties your love together is a great choice for an anniversary. Personalize this piece and make it special, just for her. She’ll never want to take it off! Good thing it’s so versatile.

17. Engraved Leather Belt with Name

Engraved Leather Belt with Name


Are you racking your brain for an anniversary present that he won’t forget? Take it from us – this long-lasting belt will be in use way after your third year together. It’s time to tie him down!

18. Trying Something New

3 year dating ideas: Trying Something New

Break out your thinking cap – it’s time to plan a surprise for your partner! Show him or her that you’re all about trying new experiences and making awesome memories. Surely, it’s the best way to celebrate your love and look forward to the years ahead. Make things unforgettable by snapping loads of photos – you’ll have fun looking back at them down the road!

19. Personalized ‘Things I Love About You Jar

Personalized 'Things I Love About You' Jar


This isn’t your typical run-of-the-mill jar. You’ll use it to show your love with little pieces of paper filled with creativity. Sit down and get cracking – he’ll love reading how you feel!

20. Distance Means So Little Desktop Plaque


Being apart can be difficult, but this meaningful gift will solve some of the issues that come along. Offer this 3-year dating anniversary present to the one you can’t get enough of!

21. Men’s Poani Crossbody Bag

Men's Poani Crossbody Bag


Looking for awesome anniversary gifts for a boyfriend of 3 years? Get this casual bag for a guy who’s constantly on the go – he’ll love the style. What’s great is he won’t stuff things in your handbag any longer!

22. De-Stress Gift Set

De-Stress Gift Set


Help your better half relax after a long day at work with this thoughtful gift box. They’ll appreciate the three-year anniversary present as sweet dreams and calming evenings await. Say goodbye to headaches!

23. A Taste of Romance: Lava Cake Baking for Two

A Taste of Romance: Lava Cake Baking for Two


There’s no doubt that a dessert you bake together will taste better than any store-bought version. Switch on that oven and turn up the romance with this DIY cake. It’s a sweet gift for any occasion!

24. VR Game System: Meta Quest 2

VR Game System: Meta Quest 2


The best 3-year anniversary ideas for him always involve a night in with a fun video game. Pamper your man with the ultimate virtual reality experience and let him know what a fabulous girlfriend you are.

25. I Just Want To Hold Your Butt Funny Mug

I Just Want To Hold Your Butt Funny Mug


If you want to get something hilarious for your girl, look no further. She’ll love a 3rd dating anniversary gift that will get her smiling from morning to night. What’s life without some humor thrown in?

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It’s Time To Celebrate!

Now that you have your 3-year dating anniversary gift in the shopping cart, go and give your partner a kiss. Show your baby that you’re ready to turn this three-year anniversary into forever.



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