3rd Anniversary: Traditional & Modern Leather Gifts For Him And Her

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3rd Anniversary: Traditional & Modern Leather Gifts For Him And Her

Are you wondering what is the best 3-year anniversary gift to get for the occasion? Then you have landed up on the right page for the ultimate leather anniversary gifts suggestions! And we cover both traditional and modern gifts that you can choose from.

Each passing anniversary you spend with your significant other is a cause for celebration.

Reaching another milestone means you have gone through the ups and downs of married life. And it clearly shows that you are still prepared to weather future storms together.

But why leather gifts for this anniversary, you may ask.

Your third wedding anniversary is considered the year when most couples become aware of how durable their relationships are. For this reason, the traditional symbol of the 3rd anniversary is leather. It’s that simple, right?

To help you discover the perfect leather anniversary gifts, take a look at these simple recommendations. Hopefully, by the end of the article, you can find the perfect present for your spouse.

Symbols of Leather Anniversary Presents

3 year anniversary - symbols, traditional and modern leather gifts - infographic

The traditional gifts for your 3-year anniversary tend to consist of leather. However, there are other symbols connected to this milestone. When you’re hunting for gifts for your anniversary year, you may want to broaden your search terms to include additional symbols connected with this celebration.

Sunflowers, for example, are the official flower of the third anniversary. Marriage in its third year is said to stand tall and strong like the sunflower, which always faces the sun. The flower also shows strength and warmth that is shown in loyalty and fidelity.

Additional symbols to consider for your gift include pearl, the colors white or jade, pearls, and glass or crystal items.

Celebration Ideas For Your Leather Anniversary

There are plenty of different options available to celebrate your leather anniversary with your significant other. If you already have children, then you may have many conflicts standing in the way of enjoying a night out with your partner. This means you might want to celebrate in small ways on the day of your anniversary. And then you can schedule a more exciting trip or a date night when you have more time.

Simple Plan For The 3-Year Anniversary

A great way to celebrate on the actual day of your 3rd anniversary is by waking up early and exchanging gifts. After that, go about the rest of your day as normal, then join together with your children for a nice meal.

Here’s a tip for the husband.

Both of you might already agree on no flowers (that could be spent on other things for your kid). But gentlemen, secretly send a bouquet of flowers to her office, include an anniversary card. She still secretly wishes to receive it and she will surely cherish this act. Trust me.

a bouquet of white flowers for 3rd anniversary

On the weekend, let your child spend the time with their grandparents. And you love birds can plan for a mini-vacation for this 3rd anniversary.

Or you can think of other ideas for your fancy date night to celebrate this milestone. For example:

  • Dine at your favorite restaurant or at a new one that you always want to try out.
  • Relax together with a couples spa retreat package.
  • Watch your favorite play or movie.

Card Ideas For Leather Anniversary Gifts

No matter what you plan on doing, you definitely need a card.

Whether traditional or modern, finding the right leather wedding anniversary gifts begins with a simple thing (which, however, can be challenging for some gentlemen). It is writing out a sweet and meaningful card that helps to capture your exact feelings about your significant other.

If you are struggling with what to write in an anniversary card, there are some easy ways to find the perfect message. Write from the heart and the right words will start flowing freely.

Traditional Leather Anniversary Gifts Ideas For Him And Her

Here are a handful of simple leather 3rd anniversary gifts for her and him to consider for your big day.

1/ Leather Notebook

a leather journal

Does your partner write a lot? Whether your significant other enjoys journaling or could use some help keeping important notes organized, a leather notebook may be the ideal gift.

Durable and practical, this traditional leather anniversary gift is sure to last for years and see plenty of us.

2/ Personalized Leather Keychain

a personalized leather keychain

Sometimes, smaller is better.

A personalized leather keychain might seem like a little gesture, but this lovely gift can be a wonderful way for your significant other to think about you whenever carrying keys.

3/ Leather Bags

a leather bag anniversary gift

Whether you opt for a messenger bag or crossbody bags, leather is definitely a perfect material for this type of anniversary gift. All you need to do is find a style your significant other will love and invest in a gift that will help your partner get through the day in a more organized fashion.

4/ Leather Jacket

a leather jacket as a 3 year anniversary gift

Is there any leather anniversary gift as classic as a leather jacket?

Perfect for men, women, or any couple and available in an array of styles, this gift is the perfect fit for anyone who is looking to up their cool factor and showcase a fashionable edge.

Modern 3rd Anniversary Gifts Ideas For The Couple

If you aren’t feeling the leather theme for anniversary gifts for your wife or husband, then you can opt for a more modern material with your gifts. Couples tend to celebrate the third anniversary with crystal presents instead of leather. So check out these alternatives to find a more appropriate gift.

1/ Crystal Wine Decanter

wine decanter

Who doesn’t enjoy offering wine to guests when they stop by for dinner? A crystal wine decanter is a 3rd wedding anniversary gift both you and your significant other will get the most out of.

Perfect for all occasions, a decanter adds a touch of class to your home.

2/ Crystal Jewelry

a leather jacket as a 3 year anniversary gift

Jewelry is always an interesting idea to consider for a leather anniversary gift. Women and men alike benefit from this type of present. So all you need to do is think about what accessories your significant other tends to wear the most. And find a crystal jewelry gift that matches his or her style.

3/ Map Canvas

hello will you i do map canvas

If you want to ditch the crystal and traditional leather altogether, you can opt for a modern anniversary present that works for all milestones.

This Hello – Will You – I Do Map Canvas gives you the chance to beautifully display three important dates: the first time you and your significant other met, the moment you got engaged, and the day you tied the knot. Customize the canvas to reflect your relationship and discover a gift that will look beautiful in your home for years to come.

4/ Crystal Cufflinks

crystal cufflinks - a modern 3 year anniversary gift

The crystal cufflinks can perfectly complement your spouse’ tux. Looking like diamonds, this accessory can make your man stand out and boost his confidence at work. And it suits the modern theme of a 3rd wedding anniversary gift!

Find the Perfect Gifts For Your Leather Anniversary

Whether you opt for leather or crystal, your anniversary gifts should reflect the unique relationship you’ve built with your partner. Explore your options with leather anniversary gifts and discover the perfect way to express your love.

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