25+ Best 3 Month Anniversary Gifts for Your Sweetheart (2024)

25+ Best 3 Month Anniversary Gifts for Your Sweetheart (2024)

Searching for the perfect 3-month anniversary gifts for your partner? Whether you are married newlyweds or just starting a new relationship, you’re sure to find something very special and thoughtful for your loved one.

From personalized and sentimental gifts to a romantic evening away, there’s something for everyone to enjoy on this list. Be sure to send them this list and drop a few hints as to what you would like them to get you for your 3-month anniversary.

1. 3 Month Down A Lifetime To Go Mug

3 Month Down A Lifetime To Go Mug


This mug will make the best 3 month anniversary gifts for your spouse. As newlyweds, you are still in that honeymoon stage and while the first three months have been amazing, you’ve still got a lifetime of memories to make.

2. Vinyl Record Spiral Song Lyrics Canvas Print

3 month anniversary: Vinyl Record Spiral Song Lyrics Canvas Print


After three months of being together, you have your song that defines your relationship. Commemorate that special song with this personalized canvas print. A thoughtful gift for her that she’ll cherish for years to come.

3. A Dozen Reasons I Love You Message Box

3 month gifts: A Dozen Reasons I Love You Message Box


Sometimes your significant other needs an extra reminder of how much you care about them and why they are so special to you. Be sure that you stay that couple that is always in love with this unforgettable gift idea.

4. Spotify Plaque Custom Led Lamp

happy 3 month anniversary: Spotify Plaque Custom Led Lamp


You’ve been adding to your couple’s playlist for the last three months, so why not commemorate that with this custom Spotify led lamp? An ideal gift for music lovers that will look great displayed in any home or apartment.

5. Couples Matching Cuff Bracelets

3 month present: Couples Matching Cuff Bracelets


If you aren’t quite ready to take the leap into a promise ring or wedding ring just yet, then opt for these adorable couple’s matching cuff bracelets. The two of you can share a unique gift that has sentimental meaning.

6. DIY Infused Vodka Kit

three months gifts: DIY Infused Vodka Kit


Giving your partner a gift that has to do with their hobby is always a good idea. This DIY infused vodka kit is a unique gift idea for a new boyfriend who’s interested in making his own beer or liquor.

7. Custom Typewritten Note Candle

three-month anniversary: Custom Typewritten Note Candle


Searching for a creative idea for your girlfriend of three months? Then why not get this beautiful candle with a  typewritten note on the front of it. A sentimental yet simple idea she is sure to appreciate.

8. Romantic Dinner

Romantic 3 Month Anniversary Dinner

When it comes to having a fresh relationship, you want to be sure that you are keeping things romantic. Whether you are searching for the perfect gift for him or her, your significant other is sure to appreciate the time and effort you put into a special day having a romantic dinner. You can even surprise your partner with their favorite snack or meal. They won’t have to worry about cooking or cleaning up with this awesome idea.

9. Fragrance Oil Gift Box

3-month Fragrance Oil Gift Box


Your wife or girlfriend of three months will certainly enjoy this essential oil and fragrance gift box set. You’ll be able to easily create a romantic or peaceful atmosphere with this thoughtful gift idea.

10. Personalized Wish Jar

Cute 3-month gift: Personalized Wish Jar


This meaningful gift will melt your spouse’s heart. A jar full of reasons you love them. A perfect gift for those that need words of affirmation for their love language and to know that you’re always thinking of them.

11. Love Is A Wonderful Thing Custom Blanket

Love Is A Wonderful Thing Custom Blanket


After three months of marriage, you should already have some great pictures from your wedding. Surprise your wife with this sentimental gift idea that she can wrap herself up in when she misses you

12. Weekend Getaway

Weekend Getaway

Rather than getting her a gift that she might not use, take her on a weekend getaway that she will never forget. Depending on what she likes to do, you could take her on a hiking trip, have a romantic picnic at a local park, go to a show or sporting event, or even play a sport together. These are all great ways to explore new things with one another. If you are planning an entire weekend, try out a few different things to do in the area and take it all in together.

13. Personalized Couple Puzzle Keychain

Personalized Couple Puzzle Keychain


Even though it’s only been three months, the two of you are inseparable. Like a puzzle piece, you complete one another. This keychain is an easy and inexpensive gift to let your partner know how much you care about them.

14. Love Coupon Book

Love Coupon Book


A love coupon book is a cheap and cute way to let someone know how much you care about them. From a weekend getaway to a big hug, they’ll be able to cash in their coupons anytime.

15. Sex Talk Conversation Deck

Sex Talk Conversation Deck


When you’re in a new relationship, trying to figure out what each other likes in bed can be awkward. This sex talk conversation deck is perfect for breaking the ice and will make a romantic and fun date night idea.

16. Record a Video Message

Record a Video Message

Being in a long distance relationship can be difficult. You don’t see each other as often as you would like and the times you do make it extra special. When it comes to anniversary ideas, you might need to get creative. Recording a video message is a simple yet romantic gift to give to your partner. When they miss you they can go back and watch the message that you sent.

17. “Love You More” Suede Pillow

“Love You More” Suede Pillow


This “love you more” pillow makes a simple last-minute dating anniversary gift for a girlfriend. Ideal for a long-distance relationship or one where you are already living together. No matter the decor, it will go perfectly in her home.

18. Love is All Around Stud Earring Set

Love is All Around Stud Earring Set


If you are looking for a simple jewelry gift for her, then these earrings are perfect. Each pair is heart or love themed and will go with just about any outfit. She’ll enjoy wearing them everyday.

19. Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger

Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger

$30.00 – $130.00

Trying to find a special present that you can easily share how much you love your partner? This spinning heart box is a unique gift for any relationship. Simply send messages to one another (so make sure to buy two!)

20. DIY Heart-Shaped Linzer Cookie Baking Kit

DIY Heart-Shaped Linzer Cookie Baking Kit


Making food for others is a way of showing your love for eachother. These cookies make a great DIY anniversary gift idea for your partner. They will be eating these up in no time!

21. Eternal Hope Necklace

Eternal Hope Necklace


While you might not be ready to pop the question, you already know that you want to be with her forever. She is your soulmate and the one that completes you. A truly sweet gift for girlfriends.

22. Iconic Motion Men’s Watch

Iconic Motion Men’s Watch


If you are looking for a 3rd month gift that is sure to blow his mind, then look no further than this amazingly thoughtful men’s watch. A statement timepiece that is sure to turn heads wherever he goes.

23. Wood Phone Docking Station

Wood Phone Docking Station


Are you sick of him tossing his stuff on the counter when he gets home? Then get him this wood phone docking station to hold all his goodies for him. He will always know where all of his accessories are.

24. Date Night Fondue Set

Date Night Fondue Set


There is something synonymous with fondue and romantic, candle lit dinners. This gift is perfect for creating a memorable dinner with sweet and savory tit bits to enjoy with one another. Don’t forget to snap a selfie or two.

25. I Am So Happy I Swiped Right Desktop Plaque

I Am So Happy I Swiped Right Desktop Plaque


If you met on a popular dating app, then this sentimental desktop plaque will make the ideal gift for him or her. Make it custom with your photo and each other’s names. A perfect gift in a new relationship.

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Find the perfect 3 month anniversary gift for your girlfriend, boyfriend, or spouse with our curated list of amazing ideas. Find custom and sentimental gifts that they will enjoy and cherish for many more months and years to come.



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