2nd Anniversary Gifts: 55+ Creative Ideas for Him & Her

  • BY Editorial Staff
  • October 20, 2019
2nd Anniversary Gifts: 55+ Creative Ideas for Him & Her

2 years down already? Congratulations! But are you now again stuck for 2nd anniversary gifts for your wife or husband?

Worry no more. This article will list the best gifts for your upcoming anniversary, including both traditional and modern anniversary gifts. But if your partner does not fall into these gift categories, we also got you covered with other gift ideas to mark your 2nd year together.

With these 2nd anniversary gifts, they will be surprised at how thoughtful and dedicated you are in the journey of finding a present they’ll love. Also, be ready to see some tears and love when they open their gift!

First, here is some essential information on the 2nd wedding anniversary for those interested:

1. Why does cotton stand for 2nd year anniversary?

Let’s imagine. When an item is woven from cotton fibers, it is usually adaptable and strong. It sounds just like your relationship and marriage. Over time, both of you are more interconnected and flexible towards each other.

Therefore, it is cotton that symbolizes the 2-year anniversary, which makes traditional gifts for this occasion are of cotton. However, a modern approach is china or porcelain gifts.

2. Traditional Wedding Anniversary Colors: Red or Linen White.

If you are throwing a party, you can decorate following this color. So that your guests can know how red hot your relationship has been!

3. Second Anniversary Gemstone: Garnet

4. Second Anniversary Flower: Lily of The Valley.

Lily of the valley is a token of purity and happiness in your relationship. It also represents devotion and modesty which are essential for a fulfilling marriage.

Now let’s explore the best recommendations for cotton, china and other anniversary gifts for him and her this year. 

Cotton Anniversary Gifts For Her

There are a lot of gift options for your wife on your 2nd anniversary. Here are the top picks by our gift guru. Surprise your wife with these romantic cotton anniversary gifts. And luxury cotton presents for her are also available that let you treat her like a queen on this special day.

fresh linen candle - cotton gift for her

1. Scented Candles

Lulu Candles - Fresh Linen

Lulu Candles

Scented candles can deliver a sense of calmness, or “zen” to any place. For this 2nd anniversary, you can bring the cotton element into this kind of gift.

Cotton-scented candles are a practical gift that she can use anywhere, say the bedroom or her workplace. This can boost your wife’s mood and encourage the flow of her mind and creativity.

Besides, think of using the aromatic candles when you and your wife enjoy the relaxing bath together.

cotton anniversary gifts - couple bathrobes

2. Luxury Bathrobe

Couple's Terry Cloth Bathrobe

Luxor Linens
From $49.99

Treat your partner (and yourself too) to the gorgeous, fluffy custom couples bathrobes. After a long working day, there’s no better feeling than covering yourself with the robe then snuggling up to your partner. These cotton couple’s robes are perfect anniversary gifts for both him and her.

large dream catcher hanging on the wall


Dream Catcher


This dreamcatcher, which is made of cotton, makes a thoughtful anniversary present for your wife. The romantic item shows how much you care about her, even in their sleep. No more bad dreams and she will be sound asleep by your side.

cotton anniversary gift - hammock


Cotton Hammocks

Price: vary

Sometimes, your wife may wish to have a hammock in the backyard and garden. There she can blend in with nature and get away from everything. And what is better than a cotton hammock? With this creative and useful anniversary gift, your partner can rest peacefully on their day off.

egyptian cotton bedspread

5. Bedding

Egyptian Cotton Bedspread

Bloomsbury Market

Research shows that on average, we spend about 30 years or more in bed! And you love birds have spent more than 2 years together (including the dating time, of course). So it is a great opportunity to think about a cotton bedspread! Go extra and reward her and yourself a luxurious Egyptian cotton bedspread. This is among the best cotton anniversary gifts that you two can enjoy when snuggling or cuddling.

a bed with canopy - gift for 2nd wedding anniversary


Bed Canopy


A canopy can work both ways: as a makeover for your bedroom and an unusual yet romantic cotton anniversary gift! This can bring serenity together with romance to your space. With a canopy and a luxury bedspread, your bedroom will turn into a hotel room. And you two might not want to crawl out of it in the morning!

macrame plant hangers for 2 year anniversary


Hanging Macrame Planter Basket

$20.99 (Set of 4)

Say your wife is a flower or plant lover with a green thumb. Then this hanging macrame planter basket is a great cotton anniversary gift idea for her. The macrame plant hangers will spruce up the green space. And this gift can complement the bloomings and plants that your wife treasure.

state string art - cotton anniversary gift for any couples


State String Art


This piece of art is really unique, we must say. Made of string, a state string art symbolizes the state where you first met, proposed or tied the knot. The choice is yours.

Or you want to show your handicraft skills? Here’s one detailed article on how to make your own DIY state string art.

With this State String Art, you can jazz up your living room. And in some parties or get together, your guests will surely awe when you explain the meaning of this artistic cotton anniversary gift!

cotton couples apron for couple


Couple's Cooking Apron Set


Many say that cooking together can contribute to a successful marriage. Don’t let your wife prepare the meals alone all year round. In this case, give her and equip yourself with a couple’s cooking apron set. Trust me, spending some time helping and learning to cook with your partner. And this small act can make them love you even dearer.

cotton kitchen towels for 2 year wedding anniversary


Kitchen Towel


If your wife is a neat person, we guess that she always tidy things up and make every corner of the house spotless. Let’s give a helping hand by giving her cotton kitchen towels as anniversary gifts in this 2nd year! Coming in various sizes and colors, she can frequently change and use them all year round.

couple pillow personalized pillow


Couples Pillow


Many couples love intimate get-togethers at their home, and maybe you are one of them too! If so, let your guests know you already passed 2 beautiful years of your marriage life. The couples pillow that states your marriage day can also remind you of the date you two officially became on. And these cotton anniversary pillow gifts are perfect as cushions on your sofa or couch.

Cotton Pad from Chanel

12. Cotton Pad

Le Coton Extra Soft Cotton


Pay attention to your woman’s beauty ritual and pamper her with the Le Coton Extra Soft Cotton. The cotton pad is made from delicate, hand-picked cotton that is ideal for removing makeup, toning or masking with lotion. And she will remember you by when using this in her daily skincare routine. This is one luxury cotton anniversary gift that will thrill her!

clean warm cotton perfume

13. Modern Cotton Anniversary Gifts For Her

Classic – Warm Cotton Perfume

Clean Reserve
$74 (30ml)

When thinking of luxury cotton anniversary gifts for her, don’t overlook perfume! And a fragrance with a warm cotton scent perfectly fits the occasion. If you love the fresh, comforting, just-laundered scent, you will love how the perfume lingers on your loved one. We are sure that you won’t stop sniffing her but just want to hold her in your arm.

Lily of The Valley by Yardley of London for Women - Cotton Gifts For Her

14. Eau De Toilette

Lily Of The Valley Eau De Toilette

Yardley Of London
From $23.99

If you want another perfume option for this cotton wedding anniversary, you can opt for Lily of the Valley fragrance. When she wears the perfume around you, the bloom’s distinctive scent might turn you on! So we suggest you consider carefully before making the decision on which scent is best for your partner.

porcelain lily ring holder for cotton anniversary

15. Ring Holder

Porcelain Lily Ring Holder

Kristin Robran

This is another idea for your cotton anniversary gifts this year. If your wife admires art, this Porcelain Lily Ring Holder can please her in no time! The elegant dish is a piece of art that comes with a spindle to hold the rings. It is also perfect for earrings and other small treasures of her.

Cotton Anniversary Gifts For Him

In this section, you can find some ideal cotton anniversary gifts for him, your loving husband who has been supported you from the very beginning. Be inspired and find something he’ll love on this special day to commemorate this milestone!

colorful cotton neckties for him on anniversary


Cotton Necktie

In case your husband wears a tie to work on a daily basis, on this special event, you can have a look at his clothing collection and buy him some new cotton neckties. If he is a funny guy and usually amuses everyone at work, you can confidently go for funny cotton ties. They will surely add up to his sense of humor! Here are some best ties brands in 2019 you can choose from.

fisherman gifts - koi carp tie

2. Tie For Fishing Lover Husband

Embroidered Navy Tie with Koi Carps


For that trendy man in your life who has a recreational fishing hobby, this hits the too cool fishing gifts bullseye. Made with high-quality material, it’s suitable for numerous occasions and one cotton anniversary gift your husband will love to use often.


3. Funny Socks For Men

You're My Cup Of Tea - Polteageist Socks


But don’t just buy any socks! For this cotton anniversary, think of funny socks for your husband (that you can also wear). These socks can secretly lighten up his mood every day. And on vacations, wearing these funny socks can show your man’s funny side.

disney couples t-shirt for anniversary

4. Couple's T-shirt

Disney Couples T-Shirt


We know this is quite old-school. But sometimes couples t-shirts can show off how proud you are of your achievements. You’ve been through the ups and downs, right? Then the t-shirts can beautifully boast your 2nd year in your marriage.

office chair back cushion-lumbar support pillow

5. Lumbar Support Pillows

Back Cushion

From $17

This is one best traditional 2-year anniversary gift for your husband who is a hardworking and dedicated office worker. He always needs to feel relaxed whenever he sits down on his office chair – and whenever he does so, he’ll remember you and how thoughtful you are.

mens valentines day boxers

6. Personalized Boxer Briefs For Him

Funny Boxer Briefs


When it comes to cotton gifts for men, you instantly think of men underwear. But if you want to make the gift extra special and quirky, what’s a better way than having your face plastered all over them? This gag gift will have your husband laugh out loud!

Men's Travel Toiletry Organizer Bag For Him


Toiletry Bag​


If your husband loves traveling or is usually on business trips, this dopp kit or toiletry bag for men has enough room for all his grooming essentials and is stylish. A useful gift that he will never leave without. And our editor’s pick is this one from Toupons. Simple yet spacious for your husband’s items whenever he is on the go.

warm ginger candle for him

8. A Manly Candle

Warm Ginger Candle

Wax Buffalo

This Warm Ginger candle smells of frosty afternoons in the warm winter sun. It’s as manly as a scent can get and is the perfect 2-year gift to help your wonderful man lay back and relax. And this candle will set a romantic mood in the house that triggers your affection and emotions on this wedding anniversary.

9. Slippers

Men's Anti-Slip House Slippers

From $16.99

Any man will appreciate this gift. These anti-slip house slippers, made of woolen fabric, are soft and deliver great comfort to your husband’s feet. A home essential after a long day at work.

personalized beer gifts for him - beer cooler bag

10. For Beer Lover Husband

Personalized Beer Cooler Bag


If you and your husband go to a lot of sporting events or music festivals, a personalized cooler can be a huge asset. The customized bag will let everyone know who the item belongs to, thanks to the initials or names of your husband on the cooler bag.

Embroidered handkerchief for him


Embroidered Handkerchief For Him


This personalized handkerchief makes a beautiful keepsake for your husband this anniversary. You can customize the handkerchief with your name and wedding day. Or you have your own message or saying embroidered on it.

kindle from amazon

12. Gift For eBook Readers

Kindle Paperwhite


The bibliophile husband can never resist a Kindle. It’s one perfect 2-year anniversary gift that replaces traditional printed books and that he can conveniently carry around.

If your spouse already has a tablet for reading, you can gift him the Kindle Unlimited subscription. This subscription grants him unlimited access to over 1 million titles, audiobooks and current editions of popular magazines.

Adventuring Together Cotton Map with Custom Pins Cotton Anniversary Gift for Him

13. Cotton Map

Adventuring Together - Cotton Map with Custom Pins


This is one special cotton anniversary gift that you and your husband will create and use together! The cotton map includes 10 pins that mark special milestones in your marriage such as “First Trip”, “We’re Parents!”, “Fur Baby”, or “Adventure”. And the anniversary present also says your desire for adventuring through life with your husband for the years to come.

Cotton Tray with Vows or Song-2nd Anniversary Gift For Him

14. Custom Cotton Tray

Cotton Tray with Vows or Song


This cotton tray is customizable with vows, lyrics or a message for the man of your life. We are sure with this creative cotton gift, your husband will love putting his small belongings, such as watch or keychain on it.

DIY Cotton Anniversary Gifts

There are many beautiful choices when gifting cotton for a second-anniversary gift. Cotton gifts of traditional second-anniversary gift ideas are not limited to sheet sets and bathrobes. It’s time to think outside the box when it comes to second-anniversary gift ideas.

photo blanket - perfect gift ideas for couples


DIY Photo Blanket

A blanket is a versatile item. You can use it in bed or on your sofa. For the cotton theme, a woven throw blanket can be a great idea. But instead of a normal one, a personalized blanket with your photo is one that no one can overlook. And both of you can benefit from this gift too! Snuggle under the anniversary blanket and enjoy the favorite movie together.

DIY Cotton Gift Basket


DIY Cotton Gift Basket

Go all out with this DIY cotton gift basket. Packed full of practical, useful, and fun cotton themed gifts perfect for marriage anniversary gifts. It is easily customizable for a husband, wife, or personalized for a couple.

Brass Ring Hanging Planter


Brass Ring Hanging Planter

Looking to DIY cotton anniversary gifts for her? These brass ring plant holders make a beautiful statement piece in any large or small space. Easy enough to build even for those without crafty skills and only requiring a few materials.

China Anniversary Gifts

If you want to go the traditional route of gifting china, china anniversary gifts for him can be hard to find. However, there are many great options if you are looking for china anniversary gifts for your wife. 

2nd anniversary traditional gifts:Handmade French Petal Bowls


Handmade French Petal Bowls


These beautiful French petal bowls are perfect for holding knick-knacks as well as her favorite ice cream. While they are delicate, they are also dishwasher and microwave safe, making them perfect for use both inside and outside of the kitchen. 

2nd wedding anniversary gift ideas for her:Pottery Anniversary Gifts


Pottery Anniversary Gifts


While gifting traditional china can be pretty outdated, these beautiful pieces of jewelry take old china and turn it into something new. A simple yet elegant piece of jewelry where each piece is one of a kind, just like her! 

traditional second anniversary gift:Aqua Blue Porcelain Earring


Aqua Blue Porcelain Earring


While not made from actual china, these beautiful porcelain earrings make a wonderful china 2nd-anniversary gift for your wife. These unique and one of a kind earrings are sure to make all of her girlfriends jealous

Tea Light Holder


Tea Light Holder


While many people think of traditional china gifts as teacups and flower plates, there are numerous modern options. This porcelain tea light holder is a modern and minimalistic gift any wife is sure to love.

traditional two year anniversary gift:Colorful Porcelain Planter Light Gray Stripes


Colorful Porcelain Planter Light Gray Stripes


These planters are so cute and clutter-free. They make the perfect little addition to a desk, dresser, or office space. Simple and light-colored, these planters will match any decor

2 Year Anniversary Gifts For Him

When it comes to 2-year anniversary gifts, people often think too traditional. The unique gift ideas listed below are not boring old cotton sheets and china teacups that you would normally think of for 2nd-anniversary gift ideas

cotton anniversary gift for him - photo desktop plaque

1.Photo Desktop Plaque

I Love You For All That You Are - Photo Plaque


This is one unique present for your husband on this 2nd anniversary. The personalized desktop plaque comes with a touching message of love. It is a heartfelt quote from Ernest Hemingway: “I love you for all that you are, all that you have been, all that you’re yet to be.” With this photo gift, your hubby can keep loving memories closed right on his desk at home or office.

two year anniversary gifts for him:Go Fetch Magnetic Bottle Opener


Go Fetch Magnetic Bottle Opener


Not all bottle openers are created equal. If your hubby doesn’t already have one he keeps in his pocket, consider getting him this usefully adorable magnetic bottle opener.It will surely a great gift for your husband who loves beer.

two year anniversary gift for him:Fix it Ki


Fix it Kit


The perfect gift for the Mr. Fix it on the go. This portable collection of tools has just about everything he would need for a quick fix. It even has a mini hammer and comes in a vegan-friendly leather

ideas for 2 year anniversary:Engraved ZIPPO Lighter


Engraved ZIPPO Lighter


This engraved Zippo lighter is perfect for the husband who loves high-quality cigars. Personalize it with his name, favorite team logo, or image of your beautiful face. Not to mention, he can also use it for cool party tricks!

2nd year anniversary gift ideas:Date Night Bucket List


Date Night Bucket List


Make sure your husband knows that you are down for getting romantic with these date night bucket list prompts. Don’t ever leave him guessing about how to surprise you. From stargazing to museum visits, never have a boring date again. 

Husband Gift Set


Husband Gift Set


Just coming up on your 2 year anniversary and don’t know what to get the love of your life? How about a unique, manly gift set? Fully stocked with the best masculine scents, like bourbon and tobacco. 

2 year anniversary ideas: Personalised Watch


Personalized Watch


Looking for the perfect, meaningful anniversary gift for your husband? This personalized watch is not only useful but elegant. Made from the highest quality materials, this watch is simple and stunning. Personalize with a special message that he will love.  

2 years of wearing the pants anniversary mugs

8. Funny Mugs

Two Years Of Wearing The Pants Mug For Him


Does your husband always enjoy his morning coffee and tea? Then these Wearing The Pants mugs will spice up your early morning chatting. Strikingly, you can customize the coffee mugs with your photos, say a beautiful and loving moment of the family. Funny and witty, the couple mugs can show how perfectly you complement each other.

2 Year Anniversary Gifts For Her

What do you get for the cotton anniversary? Don’t bore your wife with traditional cotton and china gifts for your second anniversary. Spice things up and appeal to her sweet tooth with these unique 2 year anniversary gifts she will love.  

HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer - Tech Gifts For Women

1. Portable Photo Printer

HP Sprocket


Many of us prefer hard copies of pictures to soft copies, and your wife could be one of them! That’s why you’d want to buy this portable photo printer as a special tech gift for your wife this second year anniversary. It is an ideal present to help your wife keep memorable moments in her life.

2nd anniversary gifts for her:Hand Stamped Date Necklace


Hand Stamped Date Necklace


Remind her of that special day, when you first met, your first date, or your wedding anniversary. This beautiful hand-stamped necklace will impress and leave her speechless. Add a personalized note in the box for a romantic touch.

second wedding anniversary gift ideas:Chocolate Covered Oreos


Chocolate Covered Oreos


Appeal to her sweet tooth with these fancy chocolate covered Oreos. You can even personalize them with her favorite type of chocolate. She will be sure to appreciate a little extra sweetness from her special man

Tin Anniversary Gift


Tin Anniversary Gift


Does your wife appreciate beautiful artwork? Then she will love this romantic tree art piece with a real metal background. Complete with a colorful tree and thoughtful poem, she is sure to cherish it forever. 

2nd anniversary gift ideas for her:Leather toiletry bag


Leather Toiletry Bag


This custom, leather toiletry bag makes a great gift for the wife that loves to travel. A unique and practical second-anniversary gift idea that will last for years to come. Large enough to store all her essentials without lacking style.  

second anniversary gifts for her:Customized Photo Mug

6.Customized Mug

Dear My Wife Anniversary Gift Custom Photo Mug


Whether coffee, tea, or wine, this custom mug makes the perfect 2nd-anniversary gift. Add your favorite photo of the two of you and a hilarious saying about how much you love and appreciate her. 

2 Year Anniversary Gifts For Them

Have friends got ready to celebrate their 2nd anniversary? Don’t want to give them boring cotton towels or china they will never use? Choose wisely with these 2nd wedding anniversary gifts for a couple that they will really love

couples spa treatment on anniversary


Couples Spa Package

Do you notice a sign of fatigue in your buddies? Then a couples spa package is a cool cotton anniversary gift for them. It is one best and also a romantic way to relax together on this occasion. After the spa retreat, they two can rejuvenate their bodies and be ready for the days ahead.

anniversary date idea - luxury vacation


A Trip To A Resort To Celebrate

Instead of exchanging gifts on this cotton anniversary, we have one humble suggestion for you. Why don’t you agree with small gifts and treat yourself to a luxury vacation instead? Both of you can arrange a romantic getaway at a luxury hotel or even a resort, and this can be a 3rd honeymoon for you! This idea is best for couples who like to travel.

wedding gift idea for second marriage: Personalised Photo Canvas Gift

3.Personalized Canvas

Two Years Together 2nd Anniversary Custom Photo Canvas Gift


Two years can go by in a flash. Help them celebrate their two-year milestone with this custom photo print. Remind them of how many more years they have to create precious memories together

Personalized Hearts Four-Across Game


Personalized Hearts Four-Across Game


This personalized four-across game is not only a fun game but makes a beautiful statement piece in a home. Encourage your favorite couple to do some fun bonding time with one another through old-fashioned game nights and playing four-across.

Recycled Record Bookends


Recycled Record Bookends


Is there a couple on your list about to celebrate their second anniversary?  Do they also happen to have a rocking book collection? Appeal to the nostalgic bibliophiles on your gift list with these groovy bookends made from real records. 

photo canvas prints with wedding vows on it

6. Personalized Canvas Print

Wedding Vows Canvas Print

From $39.95

A custom gift can clearly show your dedication in preparing for the occasion. And we truly think that personalized canvas prints can do the job as one creative cotton anniversary gift this year. There are many designs and canvas sizes to choose from. Among them, a custom photo canvas with romantic wedding vows will bring tears to your partner’s eyes.

You shouldn’t stress about finding the perfect 2nd-anniversary gifts for your significant other or friend couples. The above list provides plenty of ideas whether you are looking for something simple, romantic, practical, or useful.



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