2nd Anniversary Gift Ideas: The 30 Best Gifts to Give Your Significant Other in 2021

  • BY Joe Palinsky
  • September 9, 2021
2nd Anniversary Gift Ideas: The 30 Best Gifts to Give Your Significant Other in 2021

Second wedding anniversary is an important occasion for a couple. In this article, you will learn about the meaning of the symbol of this anniversary year. Then we’ll dive right into the best 2nd anniversary gift ideas that you can give your S.O. If you are a friend of the couple and want to get a small gift for them to congratulate them on making it through another year together, these gift ideas are also perfect.

What Is The 2nd Wedding Anniversary Gift?

Cotton is the symbol of the second wedding anniversary year. Cotton fibers, though soft to the touch, are flexible and strong. The material symbolizes the strengthening bonds of your marriage after 2 years. Now, both of you are more interconnected and flexible towards each other. Therefore the traditional 2nd anniversary gift is cotton.

Alternatively, modern 2-year anniversary gifts are china. The beauty and sophistication of the material are timeless and enduring. However, china material is also fragile, like your relationship that needs years of ups and downs to fully mature.

2nd Anniversary Gifts for Him

Some hubbies can be tricky to buy for, but a little creativity can help you along your way. These traditional and modern anniversary gifts for husband run the gamut from useful to romantic, providing a plethora of enticing options that will appeal to even the ficklest of personalities.

1/ “Two Years Together” Word Art Canvas Print

2 years anniversary word art custom canvas print gift


This personalized word art canvas print will be a hit since it perfectly captures your feelings and wishes for your partner. Just add your names and you’ve got an ideal gift.

2/ Wedding Vows Calligraphy Handmade Cotton Paper

wedding vows on handmade cotton paper for second anniversary gift


Get a bit creative. Take your wedding vows and have them printed on cotton paper. When he reads over the words that made your bond official, you can be sure it’ll bring him a tear of joy.

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3/ Song Lyrics and Photo Canvas Wall Art

song lyrics and photo canvas print 2nd anniversary gift


This canvas print is a sentimental gift for your spouse that will bring back memories from your wedding day. Recreate the moment when you held one another in your arms and danced the night away.

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4/ Cotton Tray

cotton tray - cotton themed anniversary gift


Think outside of the box. This tray can be a practical 2nd anniversary gift idea for him. Not only is this present meaningful, but it can also be put to good use. Best of all, it is made from organic cotton and has a fantastic and slick appearance.

5/ Mr. and Mrs. Matching Aprons

Couples Set of 2 Aprons - Personalised 2nd Wedding Anniversary Gift - Mr & Mrs


A matching gift is another fun and unusual way to make the most of your anniversary. A cotton apron can suit this purpose, offering both of you a fun accessory that can be worn around the kitchen. Use these aprons as a way of keeping things light and fun while whipping up a meal.

6/ “2 Years Down Forever To Go” Custom Pillow

 2 years down forever to go custom pillow with photo, name, and year


When it comes to cotton gifts, you can easily find some great options by considering the practical side of the material. A pillow takes the soft, fluffy nature of cotton and runs with it. And this custom photo pillow is a gift that will easily bring a smile to his face.

7/ Cotton Anniversary Card

2nd Anniversary Cotton Card for Husband


Are you looking for an alternative to the traditional card for this 2nd anniversary? You can actually incorporate the theme right into your card! A card made from cotton is an absolutely clever way to make the main symbol of this anniversary the centerpiece. All you have to do is write a personal message that will make him smile when he read it.

8/ Cotton Handkerchief

Cotton Anniversary Handkerchief for Husband 2nd anniversary


You don’t need to spend a fortune to find a gift for your second anniversary. Keep your gift small with an anniversary handkerchief. Whether he uses it or keeps it as a decorative piece, this is an affordable way to get the point across.

9/ Cotton Reel Cufflinks

Cotton Reel Cufflinks 2nd anniversary gift for husband


A quality pair of cufflinks can be hard to beat. Though he probably has a pair from the wedding, a new set is a great present for an anniversary. These cufflinks provide a cool way to include the traditional anniversary theme.

10/ Custom Peekaboo Tie

Custom Peekaboo Tie 2nd anniversary gifts for husband


This peekaboo tie is a novelty cotton gift idea for him that cuts cut right to the heart of the milestone without adding too much pomp. If you’re looking for a perfect way to blend simplicity with sentimentality this is for you. Plus, he’ll have a nice new tie to wear.

11/ “After 2 Years You Are Still The Best Husband” Photo Mug

After 2 years you're still the best husband keep that shit up photo mug 2nd anniversary gift


When you’re not sure what kind of present to get, a funny gift is worth consideration. And this funny photo mug is the way to go. With a message he’s sure to get a kick out of, this is a simple and affordable option. Plus, this is the modern gift approach to this anniversary year: china.

12/ Organic Spa Robe

Organic Spa Robe with monogram


Though he might not admit it, your husband loves pampering as much as you do. Help him feel a touch of luxury with a soft new robe for your anniversary. Made from organic cotton, this is a truly decadent way to show him your love. Whether he’s hanging around the house or just got out of the shower, he’ll love slipping this cozy robe on.

13/ Footprint Bath Mat

Cotton Footprint Bath Mat Cotton Anniversary Gift For Couple


Sweet and original gift for any couple. The design is screen printed directly into the toweling fabric in house, creating a ‘footprints in the sand’ effect. The bath mat will evoke memories of honeymoon or holiday’s past.

2nd Anniversary Gifts for Her

No matter how you decide to go about finding the right gifts for your wife for this 2nd wedding anniversary, be sure to pick something that’s personal in nature. The best anniversary gifts for her are the ones that speak from the heart. Use these suggestions for her to find the best traditional and modern presents she’ll adore.

1/ Long Story Short Canvas Print

long story short 2nd anniversary canvas print


This print is just plain adorable. It‘s a funny and sweet piece that tugs at the heartstrings. Celebrate the cotton year of your marriage by asking her: “Have you cottoned on to how much I love you?”

2/ Your Love Story Map Canvas Print

hello will you i do map canvas print as 2nd anniversary gift


Give your other half this Hello – Will You – I Do map canvas print as a unique gift to celebrate your 2nd anniversary and as a reminder of three milestones in your relationship.

3/ Wedding Photo Canvas Print with Song Lyrics

a black and white photo canvas print with song lyrics: 2nd anniversary gift for her


Your wedding song or first dance song is extremely meaningful in your relationship. If you want to be romantic with your gift, incorporate the song into it. This custom canvas print displays the lyrics in a gorgeous way, making it a thoughtful anniversary gift for your wife .

4/ Cross-Stitch Family Portrait

Cross Stitch Family Portrait Happy 2nd anniversary gift for her


You can get creative with your 2nd anniversary present by giving her a cross-stitch family portrait that includes the whole happy family. This is a truly special way to showcase the happy faces of your fam.

5/ Cotton Pearl Earrings

Cotton Pearl Earrings Cotton Anniversary Gift for Wife


A pair of earrings is a great and classic gift for your wife, but the addition of compressed cotton can make it more meaningful, especially for the occasion. These earrings are both simple and stylish. Impress your wife with your taste by gifting her this lovely jewelry.

6/ Garnet Earrings

Garnet Gold Tree Of Life Earrings 2nd anniversary gift for her


You might also get her a piece of jewelry that incorporates the official 2nd wedding anniversary gemstone, which is garnet. This is also a way to tell your wife you take note of smalls details of the occasion when scouring for a nice anniversary gift for her. Effortless, luxury and stylish, she’ll adore the garnet earrings from the start.

7/ Wooden Heart Photo Canvas Print

a wooden heart canvas print


The wooden blocks are filled with memories of the special day, and they are arranged in a heart shape around your favorite wedding photo in the center. This print is the most creative gift on our list of 2nd anniversary gifts this year!

8/ Marriage Prayer Desktop Plaque

a desktop photo plaque with a marriage prayer


Featuring an inspiring quote about marriage, this plaque is a symbol of love and appreciation that you give each other. It is also the type of piece that could match any decor in any home.

9/ Cotton Tapestry Throw Blanket

1 Corinthians 13 Cotton Tapestry Throw Blanket for second anniversary


For the religious couple, consider a throw blanket with a bible verse printed on it. This message about marriage is one that has been repeated throughout generations. They are sure to appreciate this simple and meaningful present.

10/ “Happy 2nd Anniversary – The Cotton Year” Pillow

happy second anniversary the cotton year pillow


The pillow features a simple but cute design to celebrate two years of marriage. It would be a great cotton gift for someone who is always looking for ways to decorate their home space.

11/ Applique Anniversary Tree

Applique Anniversary Tree cotton anniversary gift


For the wife who has everything, you might find yourself struggling to find a gift for this 2nd anniversary. An applique anniversary tree is a present that definitely is one of a kind, and you can’t go wrong with this special item!

Tips: You can add a new leaf each year to symbolize the longevity and growth of your marriage. Celebrate each new anniversary year by adding on a new green leaf!

12/ Custom Ceramic Mug

a ceramic mug with photo and spiral song lyrics - 2nd anniversary gift for wife


Give this ceramic mug as a modern second anniversary gift idea. Remind them of the night when you danced to your wedding song’s slow rhythm and immerse yourself in love. They’ll hum to this special song every time they enjoy the morning coffee.

13/ A Custom Throw Blanket

Song Lyrics Throw Blanket


Another fun way to include your wedding song in the gift is with a throw blanket. This customized blanket makes for a sweet and romantic way to show you care. Give them a nice and practical item to snuggle under on a chilly night.

14/ Personalized Pillow

Personalized Pillow With Couple's Names and Wedding Day


A personalized cotton pillow can be a sweet way to go. This gift is inexpensive and thoughtful all in one. Customize the item with the couple’s names and the date of wedding. A stylish way to tug at the heart with your gift.

15/ “2 Years Together” Canvas Print

2 years together custom canvas gift for couples


There are all kinds of clever ways you can go about getting the perfect 2nd wedding anniversary gift. If you want the gift to be cute and clever, consider a print that elaborates on all the time you’ve spent together: 2 years, 24 months, 104 weeks, 730 days, 17,520 hours and 1,051,200 minutes!

16/ “Rules For A Happy Marriage” Tea Towel

Rules For A Happy Marriage Tea Towel 2nd anniversary gift cotton present


Get your wife, husband, or a couple this sweet tea towel gift. The towel displays some cute and helpful rules for a happy marriage. Plus, it includes the cotton theme with ease.

17/ Couple’s Initials Throw Blanket

Couple's Initials Throw Blanket


If a pillow isn’t the right fit for them, go for a personalized blanket. The blanket features the initials of the couple in a prominent and decorative way. This is not only a sweet gift, but also practical. It can be put to good use when the couple needs to stay toasty.


Though grabbing a 2nd anniversary gift might not feel as significant as other anniversaries, every milestone matters. Whether you include the traditional cotton anniversary theme, go for the modern porcelain approach, or explore a different route entirely, be sure to be thoughtful and it will always be a great fit.




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