2nd Anniversary Gift Ideas: 30 Best Cotton Gifts for Him, Her and Couples (2021)

  • BY Joe Palinsky
  • March 9, 2021
2nd Anniversary Gift Ideas: 30 Best Cotton Gifts for Him, Her and Couples (2021)

Another year has passed, and it’s time to find your partner a proper cotton 2nd anniversary gift!

For this anniversary year, the traditional theme for a gift is cotton. The material signifies the strengthening bonds of your marriage.

Besides, porcelain and fine china have become acceptable alternatives for cotton gifts.

No matter which path you choose, use this guide to find the perfect second anniversary presents that are all practical, thoughtful, and sentimental.

2nd Anniversary Gifts for Him

Searching for the ideal cotton anniversary gifts for him? Some hubbies can be tricky to buy for, but a little creativity can help you along your way.

These presents for husband run the gamut from useful to romantic, providing a plethora of enticing options that will appeal to even the ficklest of personalities.

Vinyl Record Spiral Song Lyrics Canvas Print As 2nd anniversary gift

1/ Vinyl Record With Spiral Song Lyrics Canvas Print


No other song can be more romantic and heartfelt than your first dance wedding song. If you want a romantic gift, incorporate the song into the item.

This canvas print takes the lyrics of your special song and displays them in a gorgeous way.

The most thoughtful and the best personalized anniversary gift for him this 2nd year!

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wedding vows on handmade cotton paper for second anniversary gift

2/ Wedding Vows On Handmade Cotton Paper


Though cotton might seem to offer some limitations with gifts, there are a bunch of phenomenal ways to go about the search. All you need to do is get a bit creative.

Take your wedding vows and have them printed on cotton paper. When he reads over the words that made your bond official, you can be sure it’ll bring him a tear of joy.

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it all began under this sky star map framed print

3/ Custom Star Map Canvas Print


Another unique present for him is this custom star map.

With this canvas print (made partly from cotton), show him how the stars romantically aligned at a special moment, like the day you tied the know 2 years ago.

Custom Peekaboo Tie 2nd anniversary gifts for husband

4/ Custom Peekaboo Tie


This peekaboo tie is a novelty gift idea that cuts cut right to the heart of the milestone without adding too much pomp.

If you’re looking for a perfect way to blend simplicity with sentimentality this is for you. Plus, he’ll have a nice new tie to wear.

Cotton Reel Cufflinks 2nd anniversary gift for husband

5/ Cotton Reel Cufflinks


A quality pair of cufflinks can be hard to beat. Though he probably has a pair from the wedding, a new set is a great present for an anniversary.

These cotton reel cufflinks provide a cool way to include the anniversary theme in the equation. The next time a special occasion rolls through, he can slip on these cufflinks and feel your love.

cotton tray - cotton themed anniversary gift

6/ Cotton Tray


You can easily find a great gift for a 2nd anniversary when you think outside the box. A practical cotton tray can be an awesome gift idea for him.

Not only is this present meaningful, it can also be put to good use. Best of all, it is made from organic cotton and has a fantastic and slick appearance.

 2 years down forever to go custom pillow with photo, name, and year

7/ “2 Years Down Forever To Go” Custom Pillow With Photo And Name


When it comes to cotton anniversary gifts, a soft, fluffy pillow perfectly fits the theme.

Personalize the pillow with a photo, your names and wedding day.

Depending on the photo you select when you customize it, you can make this present as sweet or humorous as you’d like.

a custom pillow with song lyrics 2nd cotton anniversary gifts for him her

8/ A Pillow With Your First Dance Song Lyrics


A personalized pillow with lyrics of your first dance song or the song you walked down the aisle to him will make him go to tears!

2nd Anniversary Cotton Card for Husband

9/ 2nd Anniversary Cotton Card


Are you looking for an alternative to the traditional card for an anniversary? You can actually incorporate the second-anniversary theme right into your card!

A card made from cotton is an absolutely clever way to make the main symbol of this anniversary the centerpiece.

All you have to do is write a personal message that will make him smile when he read it.

Couples Set of 2 Aprons - Personalised 2nd Wedding Anniversary Gift - Mr & Mrs

10/ Mr & Mrs Matching Aprons


A matching gift is another fun and unusual way to make the most of your anniversary. A cotton apron can suit this purpose, offering both of you a fun accessory that can be worn around the kitchen.

Some couples love cooking together. Use these “Mr. & Mrs.” aprons as a way of keeping things light and fun while whipping up a meal.

After 2 years you're still the best husband keep that shit up photo mug 2nd anniversary gift

11/ After 2 Years You Are Still The Best Husband Photo Mug


Is he more of a funny hubbie? Get him this cute photo mug that says “You’re Still The Best Husband. Keep That Shit Up!”

He is sure to get a kick out of this funny message, making this photo mug a simple and affordable gift option for your 2nd anniversary.

Cotton Anniversary Handkerchief for Husband 2nd anniversary

12/ Cotton Anniversary Handkerchief


You don’t need to spend a fortune to find a gift for your second anniversary. In fact, making the cotton theme present in your gift can be quite simple.

Keep your gift small with a cotton anniversary handkerchief. Whether he uses it or keeps it as a decorative piece, this is an affordable way to get the point across.

Organic Spa Robe with monogram

13/ Organic Spa Robe


Though he might not admit it, your husband loves pampering as much as you do. Help him feel a touch of luxury with a soft new robe for your cotton-themed anniversary.

Made from organic cotton, this is a truly decadent way to show him your love. Add a monogram or name for a personal touch.

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2nd Anniversary Gifts for Her

No matter how you decide to go about finding the right anniversary gifts for your wife, pick something that’s personal in nature.

The best anniversary gifts for her are the ones that speak from the heart. Use these suggestions for her to find cotton presents she’ll adore.

hello will you i do map canvas print as 2nd anniversary gift

1/ Hello – Will You – I Do Map Canvas Print


Give your other half this Hello – Will You – I Do map canvas print as a unique gift to celebrate your 2nd anniversary. This custom canvas reminds of three important events in your relationship:

  • The first heart shows where and when you first met.
  • The second heart illustrates when you or your loved one popped the question.
  • Last but not least, the third heart gives a glimpse of the date you exchanged vows and said ‘I Do.’

a photo canvas print with song lyrics - romantic 2nd cotton anniversary gift for wife

2/ Photo Canvas Print with Song Lyrics


The wedding song you and your wife used for your first dance is definitely one important your relationship. Then why not incorporate the song into the gift?

This canvas print takes the lyrics to your song and displays them in a gorgeous way. A perfect fit for any husband in search of a romantic gift.

1 Corinthians 13 Cotton Tapestry Throw Blanket for second anniversary

3/ 1 Corinthians 13 Cotton Tapestry Throw Blanket


A beautiful saying has a way of cutting right to the heart of a relationship. For the religious couple, consider a throw blanket with a bible verse printed on it.

This message from 1 Corinthians is one that has been repeated throughout generations.
She is sure to appreciate this simple and meaningful present.

a custom star map cotton pillow with the quote under these stars our story began

4/ “Under These Stars Our Story Began” Pillow


If you are in love with the constellation map gift idea, then this custom pillow is a perfect alternative you must not skip.

Not only sentimental, this item is a lovely decor that your partner will always hold dear.

Applique Anniversary Tree cotton anniversary gift

5/ Applique Anniversary Tree


For the wife who has everything, you might find yourself struggling to find a gift that makes sense.

An applique anniversary tree is a present that definitely is one of a kind, and you can’t go wrong with this special item!

Tips: You can add a new leaf each year to symbolize the longevity and growth of your marriage. Celebrate each new anniversary year by adding on a new green leaf!

couple silhouette canvas print with song lyrics 2nd anniversary gift

6/ Couple Silhouette Canvas Print with Song Lyrics


Melt your partner’s heart with this customizable canvas print. Use the lyrics from any song you both love, add the date, your names, and it’s good to go! How romantic is that?

Cross Stitch Family Portrait Happy 2nd anniversary gift for her

7/ Cross Stitch Family Portrait


After tying the knot, many couples jump right into starting a family. If you want to find the right gift for your 2nd anniversary, then include the whole gang in the mix.

You can get creative with your present by giving her a cross stitch family portrait. This is a truly special way to showcase the happy faces of your fam.

Song Lyrics Throw Blanket

8/ Song Lyrics Throw Blanket


Another fun way to include your wedding song in your gift is with a throw blanket. This customized blanket makes for a sweet and romantic way to show her you care.

A blanket is one of the more practical gifts for her, providing a nice item to snuggle under on a chilly night. Simply pick your lyrics and you’re on your way.

Cotton Pearl Earrings Cotton Anniversary Gift for Wife

9/ Cotton Pearl Earrings


Need to incorporate the cotton theme into a jewelry gift? Get her these cotton pearl earrings!

A pair of earrings is a great gift in and of itself, but the addition of compressed cotton can make it more meaningful.

These earrings are both simple and stylish. Impress your wife with your taste by gifting her this lovely jewelry.

Linen Love Note - Alternative Card for Second Anniversary

10/ Linen Love Note


Another fun way of incorporating cotton into your gift is with linen. A linen love note captures exactly how you feel about your beautiful wife.

The sweetest gifts are usually the most simple. With this love note, you can cut right to the heart without spending a small fortune.

Steal My Heart Not My Blankets - Photo Collage Throw Blanket Anniversary Gift

11/ Steal My Heart Not My Blankets – Photo Collage Throw Blanket


Looking for a gift that takes a common grievance of marriage and frames it in a clever way? A blanket with a humorous message is definitely one that any husband with a sense of humor will love.

Most couples fight over the covers at night. This blanket sums up the problem, though you’ll still likely battle for control of it when tossing and turning in bed.

How It All Began Personalized Pillow Cotton anniversary

12/ How It All Began Personalized Pillow


This personalized “It All Began With…” pillow is a quirky gift for your 2nd anniversary.

Where did your love story begin? Each line can be customized, was it a dance, a kiss or something else?

Garnet Gold Tree Of Life Earrings 2nd anniversary gift for her

13/ Garnet Gold Tree Of Life Earrings


You might also find it useful to incorporate the official 2nd wedding anniversary gemstone into the gift, which is garnet.

This is also a way to tell your wife you take note of smalls details of the occasion when scouring for a nice anniversary gift for her.

Effortless, luxury and stylish, she’ll adore the garnet earrings from the start.

2 Years Together Personalized Ornament Anniversary Gift for Her

14/ 2 Years Together Personalized Ornament


Some gifts are both simple and sensible. An ornament can make for a lovely present because it is a sentimental item that can be taken out once a year.

When the holidays roll around, having this ornament on the tree will remind you of the time you’ve shared. Plus, you can start a tradition of getting an ornament for each anniversary.

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2nd Anniversary Gifts for Couples

If a happy couple is celebrating their second wedding anniversary, you can give them a small gift to celebrate with them in spirit.

Here’s a list of cotton two-year anniversary gifts for them that all parents, in-laws, siblings, and friends can buy.

Personalized Pillow With Couple's Names and Wedding Day

1/ Personalized Pillow With Couple’s Names and Wedding Day


Since you likely want to include cotton in the gift you grab for the couple, a personalized pillow can be a sweet way to go. This gift is inexpensive and thoughtful all in one.

Customize the pillow with the couple’s names and the date of their wedding. This will make a stylish way to tug at the heart with your gift.

Couple's Initials Throw Blanket

2/ Couple’s Initials Throw Blanket


If a pillow isn’t the right fit for your present, give these two newlyweds a personalized blanket. This is not only a sweet gift, but also practical.

The blanket features the initials of the couple in a prominent and decorative way. Plus, it can be put to good use when the couple needs to stay toasty.

marriage recipe canvas print with custom name and wedding day

3/ Marriage Recipe Canvas Print


Parents know a thing or two about marriage. If you want to impart some wisdom with your gift to your child and their partner, consider a custom print.

A marriage recipe canvas print can be a lovely present to consider for your child. What’s more, it serves as a perfect housewarming present for those investing in a home.

His beauty and her beast couple pillows cotton anniversary gifts for them

4/ Her Beast and His Beauty Couple Pillows


A gift that both members of the couple can use together is a present that is definitely worth considering.

Including the cotton theme in a perfect way, these matching pillows are a wonderful gift idea. They look and feel great, making them a practical gift as well.

Cotton Footprint Bath Mat Cotton Anniversary Gift For Couple

5/ Cotton Footprint Bath Mat


Looking to include cotton in your gift in a creative way? Go for a present that anyone can get some good use out of.

A new bath mat is something all couples can use now and again. Grab a mat and you’ll be checking multiple boxes on your list!

Rules For A Happy Marriage Tea Towel 2nd anniversary gift cotton present

6/ Rules For A Happy Marriage Tea Towel


Some presents are a good fit because they cut right to the heart. Such is the case with a sweet and simple present like a tea towel.

This gift displays some cute and helpful rules for a happy marriage. Plus, it includes the cotton theme with ease.

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Though a 2nd anniversary might not feel as significant as other anniversary years, every milestone matters.

You can include the cotton theme in the 2nd anniversary gift, go for the modern porcelain approach, or explore a different route entirely.

Whichever route you take, just be sure to be thoughtful and it will always be a great fit for your significant other.




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