35+ Unique 25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts Ideas to Delight Your Spouse or Your Parents

  • BY Editorial Staff
  • December 15, 2020
35+ Unique 25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts Ideas to Delight Your Spouse or Your Parents

Price: $24.95

If you’re worried about what to gift a loved one on their 25th wedding anniversary, you’re not alone! This article compiles some of the most unique, thoughtful, and beautiful ideas for 25th wedding anniversary gifts that you could delight your partner or parents with. 

What is the 25th Wedding Anniversary?

All wedding anniversaries are unique and can turn out to be even better if you choose the perfect gift by using an anniversary guide. The 25th wedding anniversary is commonly regarded as the silver anniversary of a couple. The connection between 25 years of commitment and silver is assumed to have originated in Europe, where a typical husband would choose a silver garland as a 25th wedding anniversary gift for his wife. 

Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Symbols

Some prominent symbols for the 25th wedding anniversary are: 

Best Traditional and Modern Gift: Sterling Silver

Anniversary gifts have changed with time, but silver continues to be the quintessential 25th wedding anniversary symbol, even in modern times. This is because it symbolizes hope for the future, clarity of vision, and purity and faith.

Gemstone: Silver

Silver jewelry has brilliant radiation that illustrates your love for your partner. This metal reflects style and clarity in its distinct way. 

Color: Silver

Silver symbolizes ‘harmony’ – which is considered to be an essential component of maintaining and sustaining a marriage for a long time.

Floral Theme: Iris & Silver Rose

Iris is an elegant and sophisticated flower best suited for a 25th wedding anniversary gift because it represents hope and faith. Silver rose is another flower that effortlessly gives the message of love and compassion. 

Silver Anniversary Gifts for Him

Also known as the silver anniversary, your 25th celebration offers you an array of opportunities for gifts. If you need the perfect present for him and want to follow the traditional route, then be sure to take these silver themed gifts into consideration. 

25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts Custom Desktop Plaque

Custom Photo Desktop Plaque


A desktop plaque with a customized message and photos is the most adorable gift you can pick to display some of your happiest moments with your husband. 

Price: $24.95

Men Cufflinks

Personalized Cufflinks


Your husband can’t skip cufflinks when he’s dressing up formally. Remind him of how you two have spent years of love and devotion with personalized cufflinks that read out a special message or a significant date. 

Price: $60.71

25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for husband-Men Bracelet

Men's Utility Bracelet


If anything, your husband will love to have a utility bracelet that could help him in his daily indoor and outdoor chores. 

Price: $40.00

25th wedding anniversary gifts for husband - Tie Clip

Personalized Tie Clip


This is one of the most unique ideas on this list. Get your favorite phrase engraved on a tie clip that reminds your husband of your love for him at all times. 

Price: $53.34

silver watch

Silver Watch


Make sure he arrives on time for your 25th-anniversary dinner date with this silver watch.

Price: $94.10

25th anniversary - shaker

Cocktail Shaker


Spending 25 years with one person is cause for a drink! If you want to showcase the silver anniversary through your gift, this cocktail shaker is the way to go. Durable and stylish, put this item to good use as soon as it is opened and make some refreshments to celebrate another 25 years.  

Price: $29.97

25th wedding anniversary gifts - shave kit

Wet Shave Kit


When considering the right 25th wedding anniversary gifts for him, it can be useful to think about practical presents. If he tends to shave a lot, make his life easier with a quality wet shave kit. He’ll easily feel the difference the next time he dives into grooming. 

Price: $49.50 

Coffee Bean Grinder


Help him start the morning right with a coffee bean grinder. A man who enjoys a quality cup of joe will appreciate a grinder that helps him get the maximum flavor out of his favorite beans. This durable kitchen accessory will easily provide him with years of fresh and delicious java.

Price: $59.45

silver anniversary - silver guitar pick

Sterling Silver Guitar Pick


For the musician, there are plenty of presents to consider that incorporate his favorite hobbies. If the man of honor happens to be a fan of the guitar, a sterling silver pick is a present that can’t be beat. This simple gift incorporates the silver theme and also perfectly captures the passion he has for music.

Price: $59.32+



You don’t need to go overboard when you’re searching for the ideal traditional gift for him. Some of the best silver gifts for men are understated. This keychain infuses the silver theme of the 25th anniversary in a simple way that doesn’t draw too much attention to itself. 

Price: $27.20

Silver Anniversary Gifts for Her

If you are looking to follow the traditional path when it comes to 25th wedding anniversary gifts for her, there are some excellent items in the silver theme to explore. From classic anniversary gifts like jewelry to more unique modern options, check out these ideas and feel inspired to find her a gift she’ll adore.

Silver Necklace Set


There are countless ways to go about picking the perfect present for your wife for a silver anniversary. Jewelry is a traditional option that goes a long way when it comes to sentimentality. Help her feel appreciated with a gorgeous set of silver necklaces and celebrate the occasion with style.

Price: $14.69

25th wedding anniversary gifts for her-Iris Ring

Iris Ring


An iris ring is an explicit expression of your affection for your wife – you won’t even have to say a word and she’ll know how you feel. 

Price: $413.71

25 year anniversary gift - silver rose earrings

Silver Rose Gold Earrings


Beautiful piece of jewelry such as these gold earrings will take your wife’s breath away for sure! 

Price: $33.51

Silver candle

Black Silver Rain Cement Filled Jar Candle


If your wife is a fan of scented candles, this jar candle is the perfect option to opt for.

Price: $3.98

25th wedding anniversary gifts for her-Copper River Knife

Copper River Knife


It may not be the most romantic gift, but a copper river knife will surely be a perfect reminder of how you haven’t forgotten how to take care of all your wife’s needs. 

Price: $55.00


Personalized Pillow


A personalized pillow will make your wife shriek with joy! Choose to have something written that you want to remind her of every night she goes to bed.

Price: $47.04

best 25th anniversary gifts - sundial



A milestone anniversary like your 25th year together deserves a gift that is as unique as your relationship. If you want this gift to leave a real impression, consider a decorative sundial. Perfect for the garden, this is a truly special way to capture the importance of the silver anniversary. 

Price: $74.99

25th wedding anniversary gifts - silver rose

Personalized Silver Rose


Custom gifts are always a great way to find a present that holds personal significance. For your 25th year, make an impression with a personalized rose. Crafted from stainless steel, this is a unique and beautiful way to celebrate your love.

Price: $38.75

Vintage Flatware Set


When couples get married, they tend to receive flatware as a wedding gift. A unique way to celebrate your wife on your 25th wedding anniversary is with a new flatware set. A set featuring a vintage aesthetic will help invoke your own love story.

Price: $245.72

Silver Anniversary Gifts for Them

Helping a couple celebrate 25 years together is an honor. Whether you’re the children, grandchildren, or simply close friends, you want to make sure your gift has meaning. Consider these ideas and find some fantastic 25th wedding anniversary gifts for them.

personalized anniversary gifts: custom cutting board

Engraved Cutting Board


Do your parents love to spend time together in the kitchen? Get them a cutting board engraved with their names or initials to remind them of their beautiful bond every time they cook a meal. 

Price: $28.19

25th wedding anniversary gifts for parents-Home Custom Coffee Mug

Home Custom Photo Coffee Mug


If your parents are tea or coffee lover, don’t even think twice and get coffee mugs customized either with heartfelt messages or memorable pictures.

Price: $22.95

Silver Sculpture

Silver-Plated Sculpture


What’s better than a beautiful silver sculpture? Choose this if you want something to stay on your parents’ shelf for a lifetime just like their relationship. 

Price: $397+

25th wedding anniversary gifts for parents-Wedding Moon Set

Measure Spoon Set


If anything, your mother would love to have a measure spoon set. This will remind her of your affection towards her marital bond every day. 

Price: $75.00


Has it been a few years since the couple of honor had a nice photo taken of them? If you want to help them fill their photo albums, consider booking a photoshoot. A studio shoot with a professional is a luxury many couples will be thrilled to have.

25th anniversary gifts for couples - canvas print

Sound Wave Art Canvas Print


Unique art can be a wonderful way to help a couple celebrate their silver anniversary. A customized canvas print featuring sound waves is a truly fantastic option to consider. This gift is as one-of-a-kind as the love the couple shares.

Price: $73.19+

Engraved Silver Frame


It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. If you’re friends with the couple of honor, consider a personalized engraved silver frame. Include a photo of you with the couple and celebrate the many years you’ve known each other.

Price: $23.00

glass candle holders

Glass Candle Holder


Finding the perfect gift for a couple doesn’t need to be a complicated endeavor. In fact, you can say a lot with less. A glass candle holder is an elegant and practical gift idea that will look beautiful in the home of the happy couple. 

Price: $17.72

25th wedding anniversary gifts - wooden family sign

Wooden Family Sign



For the children of the couple, a great gift to consider is a wooden family name sign. Show the importance of the family’s legacy with this meaningful, hand-crafted item. The sign will look great outdoors in a garden or prominently displayed inside a home.

Price: $43.02+

surprise party

Surprise Party

Looking for the perfect way to help a mother and father celebrate 25 years of marriage? Throw a party! A surprise party is an excellent way for children to help their parents make the most of this milestone occasion in their lives.

plan a trip

Plan a Trip

Make sure your husband knows that you are down for getting romantic with these date night bucket list prompts. Don’t ever leave him guessing about how to surprise you. From stargazing to museum visits, never have a boring date again. 

DIY 25 Year Anniversary Gifts

Sometimes, the gift that makes the biggest impression is one that was handmade. If you’re feeling crafty, consider these DIY 25th wedding anniversary gifts. With a little time and some ingenuity, you can put together a present that will surely be remembered. 

25th wedding anniversary gifts - silver box

Silver Anniversary Box


After 25 years together, you likely have purchased plenty of presents for your husband or wife. Instead of going the usual route, consider making a silver anniversary box. This simple and beautiful present will definitely make for a delightful surprise. 

diy album book

25th Anniversary Album


Kids on a tight budget might want to celebrate their parents’ 25 years of marriage in an inexpensive way. An anniversary photo album is a great way to achieve this. Print a bunch of photos from over the years, put them in an album, and watch the happy tears flow.

Price: $14.95

silver wedding anniversary - spoon display

DIY Spooning Display


Incorporating the silver theme of 25 years anniversary can be tricky. If you want to have fun with your DIY gift, consider a DIY spooning display. This present is original and fun and can be made without much of a fuss.

love journals

Handmade Love Journals


Every love story is unique. To give a homemade gift that makes an impression on the happy couple, consider a love journal. Whether used to write about the past or plan for the future, this is a sweet gesture that will be remembered. 

diy chopping boards

DIY Wooden Chopping Board


A DIY wooden chopping board is as simple as it is clever. Simply select a design that will look great in the kitchen, pick out the right wood, and get started. Ideal for a wife, mother, husband, or anyone who enjoys spending time making a meal with love.

25th Wedding Anniversary Quotes on Card

A card is meaningless without a heartfelt wish. When writing the best 25th wedding anniversary card don’t forget to include anniversary quotes that truthfully communicate your genuine feelings. The following are some quotes you could consider mentioning on the card.

For Couples: “There are happy couples out there. But there are only a few that define true love and loyalty like you do.”

For Parents: “Thanks for being close to each other and giving me such a wonderful home to be a part of. You’ve shown us that true love can work miracles. I wish you all the best and lots of love on this special occasion.”

For Husband: “Even though we’ve spent so many years together, it still feels as if we got married yesterday because my love for you is still fresh like the day I met you!”

For Wife: “It’s the beauty of your soul that kept us together all these years. You have blessed my life with so many things that I don’t know how to say thank you! I love you!”

Being with a romantic partner for 25 years is an impressive feat. When a silver anniversary rolls around, you absolutely want to make the most of this milestone event. Putting time and energy into finding the perfect 25th wedding anniversary gifts is the right way to get started. Whether you book a trip, make a present from scratch, or scour the internet for the right silver-themed present, there are many fantastic ways to celebrate this occasion. 



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