21st Birthday Gift Ideas: 29 Breathtaking Presents for Your Coming-Of-Age Loved Ones

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  • September 27, 2021
21st Birthday Gift Ideas: 29 Breathtaking Presents for Your Coming-Of-Age Loved Ones

Help the significant person in your life celebrate their transition to adulthood with our 21st birthday gift ideas! This event is special for so many different reasons. All that comes with maturity, like the first drink, is now a part of their life. 

Because this is a moment of great importance for the one celebrating, we picked the best 21st birthday presents available. Check out these perfect birthday gift ideas to find the best presents for people with different tastes! 

Best 21st Birthday Gifts


birthday photos on custom mugs

Custom Photo Letter Birthday Mug


First on our list of gifts for a 21st birthday is this unique custom mug. Most folks use cups every day as part of the daily routine of drinking hot and cold beverages. Well, this mug adds meaning to this ordinary habit! How cool is that?   


Personalized 21st Birthday Wine Label

Personalized 21st Birthday Wine Label


Wish your favorite person the sweetest things in life with this glittery wine label! The 21st birthday is a lovely turning point for this young adult. The label will make toasts unforgettable and turn the wine bottle into a keepsake! Here’s to 21st birthday presents!   


Custom Star Map Framed Print  21st Birthday Gift Ideas

Happy Birthday Custom Star Map Framed Print


Only some people get to unlock the doors of our hearts and stay in there forever. Get this star map canvas print for your favorite person’s 21st birthday! What better occasion than this milestone to celebrate someone who means the world to you?   


 Letterbox Gift 21st Birthday Gift Ideas

21st Birthday Letterbox Gift


You and your BFF have many parties behind and ahead of you. Now that she’s turning 21, remind her of that! Your friendship will grow stronger with the years and you’ll always have fun! This gift will be the poster of your terrific girl adventures!   


Monogram Playing Cards 21st Birthday Gift Ideas

Monogram Playing Cards


Nothing beats fun 21st birthday gift ideas, and this game set is definitely one of those! Land it on the table at your buddy’s birthday, and help their celebration last until the break of dawn! Poker, blackjack, crazy eights – the choice is yours.   


birthday photos on custom blanket

Happy Birthday To You Custom Photo Blanket


When 21, you enjoy watching the latest movies and taking naps after long college classes, among other things. Our cozy blankie can be someone’s best friend when they need to rest! Personalized with photos, it will wrap them up in their sweetest memories!   


The Book of Everyone 21st Birthday Gift Ideas

The Book of Everyone


If you’re looking for unique 21st birthday gift ideas, we have one that really stands out. It’s a book, and guess who the main character is? Yes, it’s the book’s recipient! This lovely mini-biography will tell the story of their youth and the moments you’ve shared! 


Custom Established Birth Year – Birthday Photo Canvas Print
21st Birthday Gift Ideas

Custom Established Birth Year – Birthday Photo Canvas Print


Twenty-one-year-olds love spreading the news that they’re now 21, and they adore remembering the moment when they became adults. This photo canvas print can help them do both! Let them hang it in their room and humbly brag about how mature they now are!   


Aragonite Crystal Geode Coasters 21st Birthday Gift Ideas

Aragonite Crystal Geode Coasters


Family is important even to the 21-year-old craving for more independence and a life on their own. Help them stay close with mom and dad! These aragonite coasters will keep alive the tradition of drinking tea with family every Sunday. Cute 21st birthday gift ideas rock!   


Birthstone Wine Bottle Stopper 21st Birthday Gift Ideas

Birthstone Wine Bottle Stopper


A wine bottle stopper made of your pal’s birthstone – that’s a present that feels super personal! Not only does it look gorgeous, but it also resembles a disco ball! Get it for your bestie and help them throw little wine parties from time to time!   


Drinking Game  21st Birthday Gift Ideas

Drinking Game


A shot glass roulette is one of the funniest gifts for 21-year-old boys available. The thrill of waiting for the balls to land in the pockets, the tipsy aftermath of this – guys love it! Bring the Vegas spirit to someone who’ll appreciate it with this set!   


Amazon Gift Card

What pairs the convenience of shopping on Amazon with the freedom of buying the items you want? An Amazon gift card! Get one for the sis or bro who turned 21, and let them choose their present! After all, they know what they want the best! 


You’re My Person Custom Photo Mug 21st Birthday Gift Ideas

You’re My Person Custom Photo Mug


Encourage your BFF to start the day fresh with one of our cutest 21st birthday gifts for a best friend! The customizable mug can cheer everyone up! That’s the power of friendship – it lifts us up when we’re sad and doubles our happiness when we’re joyful!   

21st Birthday Gift Ideas For Him


21st Birthday Can Cooler Coozie Sleeves 21st Birthday Gift Ideas

21st Birthday Can Cooler Coozie Sleeves


Help your favorite birthday boy keep the drinks cool at his party or other occasions with these stylish can coolers! They are as gorgeous as they’re efficient! This guy might’ve waited forever to turn 21, but he won’t wait for his beer to recool ever again!   


Aperol Spritz Gift Set  21st Birthday Gift Ideas

Aperol Spritz Gift Set


Make someone’s day with a unique present that has Italian roots! With the Aperol Spritz gift set, your gift will stand out, and your friend will become more cultured! The set is one of the most exciting gifts for guys turning 21! Here’s to experiencing new cultures!   


Custom Booze Vessels 21st Birthday Gift Ideas

Custom Booze Vessels


Looking for 21st birthday gift ideas for your brother? These booze vessels are great for guys who’d like to finally try the mysterious taste of alcohol! Get one for your bro who’s about to turn 21! He’ll enjoy his new favorite drink in a personalized vessel!   


Creative Thinking Journal 21st Birthday Gift Ideas

Creative Thinking Journal


Are you a cool parent in search of 21st birthday gift ideas for your son? You need to check out this personal-growth-oriented journal then! It sure is an out-of-the-box present, but it can be of much help to your child during his coming-of-age.    


Urban Map Glass 21st Birthday Gift Ideas

Urban Map Glass


The paths we take today will lead us to the ones we walk tomorrow. This rocks glass will help your beloved buddy always remember the roads of that one place that shaped him! Good 21st birthday gift ideas for guys keep meaningful memories fresh!   


Baseball Photo Collage Canvas Print
21st Birthday Gift Ideas

Baseball Photo Collage Canvas Print


When you fall for a baseball player, you also love his huge passion for this challenging sport. Once he turns 21, celebrate his baseball achievements with this photo canvas! It will inspire him to be a better player!   





Class is more about personality and less about wealth. Someone classy would love The Macallan, because it’s not the drink’s price but its tradition that makes it elite. If you’re looking for luxury 21st birthday gifts, this one really hits the spot!   


No.27 Camden x Thy Barber 21st Birthday Gift Ideas

No.27 Camden x Thy Barber


Looking manly never goes out of style. Your sweetheart may not need a trip to the barber to spice up his looks, but he’ll appreciate this watch! You know it goes well with your beloved birthday guy’s newest shirt! We love non-alcoholic 21st birthday gift ideas! 

21st Birthday Gift Ideas For Her


21st Birthday Gift Necklace

21st Birthday Gift Necklace


Here’s one of the most meaningful 21st birthday gift ideas for girlfriend, your dream girl. She follows her heart no matter what, and that’s how she knows that she’s going in the right direction. This necklace will remind her of that in times of uncertainty!   


Empowered Women Poster 21st Birthday Gift Ideas

Empowered Women Poster


Years ago, you used to kiss your baby girl’s little arms, and now she’s growing into a young woman. Tell her she is great and capable of facing life’s challenges! This poster is among the most empowering 21st birthday gifts for a daughter entering adulthood.   


Ultimate Birthday Gift Set 21st Birthday Gift Ideas

Ultimate Birthday Gift Set


Self-care is the ultimate way to celebrate yourself, and these bath treats will give the precious 21-year-old hours of it! The set nurtures the body and relaxes the mind. It’s perfect for turning everyday showers into the favorite “me time” of every birthday girl or boy!   


Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses 21st Birthday Gift Ideas

Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses


Many people find the mysticism surrounding Himalayan salt enthralling and enjoy buying items made of it. But one thing is for sure – those items look gorgeous! Wish the birthday girl many special adventures with these beautiful shot glasses, and help her enjoy the best tequilas ever!    


Rainbow Mug 21st Birthday Gift Ideas

Rainbow Mug


At 21, succeeding in life is a process of trial and error, and a little encouragement is always welcome. Help a loved young lady believe in herself a bit more with this fantastic mug! Gift ideas for a 21st birthday can be so inspiring!   


Succulent Tea Lights 21st Birthday Gift Ideas

Succulent Tea Lights


Interested in unique 21st birthday gifts for her? Prepare yourself for a cuteness overload with these tiny cactus-themed candles! If your girl has peculiar interests and personality, this is a present that will match her quirkiness! The candles are also great for cacti lovers!   


Birthday Party Candle 21st Birthday Gift Ideas

Birthday Party Candle


Scents are magical. They have the power of bringing back the loveliest memories, making us feel like we’re reliving those moments again. Get this candle for your bestie! Its sweet notes will take her back in time like only simple 21st birthday gift ideas for girls can!   


Quiet Courage Necklace 21st Birthday Gift Ideas

Quiet Courage Necklace


Most of us wish for so many things, and that’s a marvelous reflection of our passion for life. For a true 21-year-old queen, the sky is the limit. This balance-bringing necklace is one of the most useful and creative 21st birthday gift ideas for Her Majesty! 

The “Happy Birthday” Song Is Jollier With the Right Gift 

We hope that you liked our 21st birthday presents as much as we did! You can always go back and check them out again! Make sure you’re getting the birthday queen or king a gift that matches their refined taste! Happy shopping!



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