The 43+ Best 20th Anniversary Gifts For Husband, Wife, and Couples in 2022

  • BY Keegan Kraemer
  • January 1, 2022
The 43+ Best 20th Anniversary Gifts For Husband, Wife, and Couples in 2022

20 years together is a very long time and deserves a special celebration! Therefore, the 20th anniversary gifts must also be extra special. If you’re shopping 20th wedding anniversary gifts for friends, husband, wife or parents, here’s the ultimate gift guide you are looking for.

Another decade has passed since the 10-year anniversary, that is two full decades of love and devotion to one another! A relationship of that time takes endurance and determination. So you definitely have to go above and beyond for your true love.

Again, you have 2 main options when it comes to anniversary gifts for each year. Do you go with a traditional 20th anniversary gift of china which symbolizes elegance? Or do you opt for the modern 20th anniversary gifts of platinum showing your strong commitment to one another?

Let’s find out!

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Shop Trending 20th Anniversary Gifts

Heart-Shaped Bird Custom Song Lyrics Canvas
Heart-Shaped Bird Custom Song Lyrics Canvas
Personalized Song Lyrics Suede Pillow
Vinyl Record Spiral Song Lyrics Canvas Print
Vinyl Record Spiral Song Lyrics Canvas Print
Hello – Will You – I Do Map – Retro Style – Canvas Print
Hello – Will You – I Do Canvas

What is the symbol for 20 years of marriage?

Traditional: China

The traditional 20th anniversary gift is china. While many associate the gift of china with delicate dinner sets that only get used when guests come over, there are many gift ideas that don’t revolve around place settings.

 The gift of china is meant to represent the beauty and elegance of this long standing relationship that the two of you have built over the last two decades. Celebrate it with a special gift for your 20 year anniversary. 

Modern: Platinum

In search of a more modern 20th wedding anniversary gift? The modern anniversary gift of platinum is representative of your strong and long lasting relationship. 

Platinum, just like your relationships, needs to be durable to withstand the test of time. There are many options for platinum anniversary gifts that range from jewelry to platinum dipped roses.

20th Anniversary Gifts for Husband

Make your husband feel extra special on that big milestone anniversary of 20 years. These gifts range from classic to modern, to personalized and meaningful. Get him the perfect 20th-anniversary gift with these 17 great suggestions. 

20th Wedding Anniversary Art

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Looking for unique gift ideas so your hubby never forgets all of your wonderful memories? This custom canvas makes a special men’s 20th-anniversary gift from his wife or children. Personalize this print with any combination of sayings or words. 

20 Years And Still Counting Photo Collage Canvas Print

The “20 Years And Still Counting” Photo Collage Canvas Print is a perfect anniversary gift for husband

You can never go wrong with a personalized photo gift that represents their journey through 20 years of marriage.


Lovely Personalized 20th Anniversary Clock

Celebrate the 20-year anniversary milestone with this beautiful clock. Adorned with an image of an emerald, the 20th-anniversary gemstone, and personalized with the couple’s name and wedding date. This clock would make a beautiful addition to any happy home.

Matte Color Platinum Tie Bar

Tie bars or pins make great gifts for any man who has to wear a tie on a regular basis. This tie bar is a cheap 20-year anniversary gift that will certainly fit him and his amazing style.

Black and White Song Lyrics on Photo Canvas Print – Vertical

796 reviews

After 20-years, your husband should already know that you love him. Make sure he will never forget with this beautiful, custom canvas print. A truly meaningful anniversary milestone gift filled with wonderful memories together.

Personalized Infinity Symbol Canvas Print With Song Lyrics

If you are looking for a unique gift for your partner on 20 year anniversary, this Infinity Symbol Canvas Print with song lyrics is exactly what you should get them. It is a romantic gift for your wife or husband where the infinity sign works as a symbol of your marriage.

You can personalize this canvas print by customizing it with your wedding day as well as your names on it.

Personalized KeyChain

Any customized or personalized presents make for great 20th-anniversary gifts. Have the wedding anniversary date and the couple’s initials stamped on a coin from the same year. The use of a dime symbolizes the modern gift of platinum.

Platinum Plated Cufflinks With Monogram

Make sure your man looks dapper the next 20-years with these platinum cufflinks anniversary gifts for your husband. These cufflinks can be personalized with his initial for a beautiful modern gift. A perfect 20th-anniversary gift for attending weddings or events.

Platinum Diamond Champagne Glasses

There are many amazing platinum gifts for men to commemorate 20-years of marriage and happiness together. Gift him these fluted champagne glasses to celebrate your 20 years together. The perfect gift for toasting to another wonderful 20 years to come.

Funny Coffee Mug for Him

When you are married to the right person, each day you fall a little more in love with them. If you feel like it was just yesterday when you first said “I Do!”, then our Holy shit 20 years mug is an excellent wedding anniversary gift for your spouse. 

This funny mug is perfect for couples whose married lives have been filled with fun, laughter, excitement, adventures and endless love and care.

It All Began Under This Sky Custom Star Map Print

This personalized star map framed poster “It All Began Under This Sky” is a 20 year best present for your husband.

This star map print may be customized in a range of colors to match practically any home and decor. Give your husband this gift of the sky to remember that wonderful night.

Personalized China Plate

If you prefer to stick to the traditional gifts of china for 20th-anniversary gifts, this plate is a beautiful choice. Any husband would appreciate the fine craftsmanship of this delicate plate on this once in a lifetime anniversary milestone.

Men’s Platinum Ring

Perhaps your husband’s wedding band is a bit worn after 20-years of wear and tear. This stunning platinum wedding band is a thoughtful 20th-anniversary gift for him. Simple men’s jewelry are always winning gifts to give your special guy.

Platinum Men’s Watch

Go above and beyond for 20-years of marriage with this elegant Rolex watch. A cool gift that all of his buddies will be jealous of and make you the best wife in town. A stunning modern gift he’ll love wearing.

Personalized Enamel Teapot

For the happy couple who loves to enjoy a quiet morning together, this enamel teapot makes a traditional gift. Just as their 20-year-old marriage, this teapot will withstand the test of time. Complete with custom engraving of the couple’s names.

Beer Gift Set

Celebrate your husband of 20-years with this cool beer gift set. A thoughtful gift for the guy who has to have just the right glass to hold his brews. Custom engrave with this name, initial, and your wedding date.

Handmade Vintage Cufflinks

20th-anniversary gifts for your husband should be cool and useful. These vintage cufflinks are a one of a kind gift that he will love to wear to events. Customized with dimes from your wedding year, he’ll love showing them off.

20-Year Anniversary Letter Art Canvas

Our 20-Year Anniversary Letter Art Canvas Print is a great addition to your home and helps you celebrate your long marriage. It is a unique gift for your husband.

The decoration shows the beauty of 20 years by your favorite person. You have had 240 months of hugs, 1044 weeks of laughter, 7305 days of patience, and 175316 hours of love. And so many more memories to come!

Personalized 20th China Wedding Anniversary Large Sundial

Want to give your husband unique 20th-anniversary gifts? This sundial makes a sturdy gift that will look great at the couple’s home. While not made from china, it does display the words “china wedding anniversary” on the dial.

20 Years Anniversary Custom Photo Canvas Print

20 years ago, you said “I do!” to the love of your life. 20 years ago, you promised that you would be by his side for richer and for poorer. 

Our 20 Years Anniversary Custom Photo Canvas Print is a beautiful 20th Anniversary Gift for Husband. It perfectly captures the thousands of memories that you have made and the millions of smiles you have shared as a loving couple.

20th Anniversary Gifts for Wife

From the amazing china to platinum gifts, we’ve got the best 20th wedding anniversary gift for wife. This includes the silver ring, necklace, personalized plate, coffee mug for your better half. Gift away!

Forever Rose

While roses are a lovely gesture, they quickly wither and die. A forever rose will last, just as your marriage has, even longer. Celebrate this special anniversary milestone with a gift that is as beautiful as she is.

Platinum Ring

Every woman will appreciate the gift of a beautiful ring. This platinum solitaire ring can be worn alone or with her existing wedding band. A perfect modern gift to celebrate 20-years of marriage to the man of her dreams.

20 Year Anniversary Custom Desktop Plaque

Liven up your love nest with a 20 Year Anniversary Custom Desktop Plaque. Celebrate your biggest relationship achievement to date with this timeless treasure that displays your love. It‘s a great gift to wish your wife a happy anniversary!

Platinum-Plated Sterling Silver Fancy Shape Solitaire Pendant Necklace

Simple and elegant jewelry always make the perfect anniversary gift. Surprise her with the modern gift of a platinum solitaire necklace; the perfect accompaniment to a solitaire ring. Keep it classy and classic with these 20th-anniversary gifts of jewelry.

Platinum diamond earrings

Complete the set of platinum gifts for her with these solitaire diamond earrings. These classic diamond earrings can be worn everyday or for a night out. All of her girlfriends will be raving over the beauty of these stunning earrings.

Platinum-Dipped Rose Leather Case

Go with modern 20th-anniversary gifts with this platinum dipped rose. These roses are uniquely crafted pieces of art, and just like her, one of a kind. Encased in a stunning leather case to keep her precious gift safe for years.

Personalized Wedding Anniversary Gift Mug For Wife

Humor is the best kept secret to a healthy 20-years of marriage! This mug makes a funny anniversary present for a wife who loves to laugh. Oh yeah, and a perfect gift from the cheap husband who loves her.

White Broken China Jewelry Heart Earrings

The traditional gift of china doesn’t just have to be plates and tea cups. These broken china jewelry heart earrings are just as stunning as the china they came from. Even when things aren’t perfect, they can still be beautiful.

A Personalized 20th Wedding Anniversary Wish

Share your 20-years of marriage with this cute bracelet. These adorable bracelets make great 20th-anniversary gifts for both your spouse or anniversary party guests. Don’t forget to make a special wish when tying the bracelet on.

20th China Wedding Anniversary Scented Soya Wax Candle

Looking for cute 20th-anniversary gifts that will make your wife happy? These scented candles, although not made from china, are labeled for the china anniversary. This wonderfully scented soy candle can also be paired with a reed diffuser.

Twenty Year Anniversary Wine Glass

Is your wife a wine drinker rather than a coffee gal? Make sure she knows how wonderful she has been over the last 20-years with this wine glass. Pair with a bottle or her favorite wine for extra bonus points.

Wedding - Personalized Pot

Keep your love blooming with this cute personalized planter. A thoughtful and traditional gift to add to her garden and use for years to come. Available in three different sizes and customized with the couple’s name and anniversary date.

Personalized Plate

Celebrate 20-years together with this adorable, personalized wedding plate. While it is not made from actual china, it does have that traditional 20th-wedding anniversary feel to it. Able to be customized to look just like the happy bride and groom.

Funny Wedding Anniversary Gifts iPhone Case & Cover

Want to create your own funny anniversary milestone gift? This iPhone case is perfect for making a gift all your own that she will love and laugh about. Also a wonderful gift to help protect her precious phone from scratches.

20th Anniversary Gift Shirt

Looking for a unique 20-year anniversary gift for your wife? Whether she is an avid gamer or you are, she will certainly get a laugh out of this shirt. But only time will tell what comes after level 20!


Custom Engraved Wedding Gift for Wife Photo Frame

Give her a sentimental gift with this beautiful engraved wedding photo plaque. Either place a photo in it from your wedding or a new photo of the two of you. No matter what, she is sure to love it.  


Handmade Heart Necklace

Give her the best gift yet with this stunning Swarovski crystal necklace. A beautiful piece of jewelry that will sparkle just as bright as she does. A meaningful gift to help celebrate your memorable 20-years of marriage and happiness together.

Handmade Preserved Flower Rose

Just like your love, this rose will never wither. This stunning handmade preserved flower will keep it’s beauty and elegance forever, just like your lovely wife. Available in four different colors, pink, which means “you’re still the only one.”

Personalized Wooden Keepsake Heart

Looking for a beautiful, personalized gift that she will be proud to display? This custom wooden heart uniquely celebrates the china anniversary with a special poem. Complete the gift with the couple’s names and wedding date.

20th Anniversary Gifts for Parents

Besides traditional and modern gifts of 20 anniversary, you can choose others from our 20-year anniversary gift collection to surprise your parent or favorite couples.

Spiral Song Lyrics Mug with Photo

Gift your husband something cute and unusual with this spiral song lyrics  mug. A sentimental gift that will certainly make him happy for years to come. Include a picture of you and him  together with a meaningful song  for a 20th-anniversary gift

20th Anniversary Photo Collage with Letter Art Canvas Print

It is an extremely meaningful anniversary gift for your parents. You can personalize your names, photographs, a custom message, and your wedding year on the 20th Anniversary Photo Collage Canvas PrintHow wonderful it is to keep them as a unique memento of your beloved one.

20th Anniversary Mug

It can be difficult to find the perfect 20th-anniversary present for your parents. For couples that have been together as long as they have, what is something special that they will love? Funny mugs that tell the harsh truth!

Funny Wedding Gifts - Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right

Find the perfect 20 years married gift with this funny beer and wine glass pair. A cute gift for parents who always argue over who is actually right. But as any married couple knows, she’s (usually) always right.

Unique Wedding Gift for couple Bracelets

The parents are always the king and queen of the castle, show them with this unique bracelet set. A cute 20th-anniversary gift for a mom and dad from their kids. Available in a wide variety of styles to suit individuals.

Willow Tree Promise

Your parents made the promise to have and to hold, through sickness and in health. Show them your appreciation for keeping that promise with this traditional “promise” sculpture. Hand painted and a cute addition to any home.

Personalized Picture Frame

Help your parents celebrate their 20-years of marriage with this unique picture frame. Beautifully engraved with their names and a sentimental saying, they are sure to cherish this gift for years to come.

Personalized 20th Anniversary Card

Looking for that perfect card to give with your perfect gift? This adorable anniversary card makes a great addition to any 20th-anniversary gift for your parents. Available in a variety of colors and personalized with their last name.

Whether you are purchasing for your spouse or parents, there are many wonderful 20th-anniversary gifts to choose from. From modern gifts of china to traditional gifts of platinum, there is no shortage of stunning presents available. Spoil your wife, treasure your husband, and honor your parents with this list of impressive anniversary milestone gifts.



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