The Best 17th Anniversary Gift for Your Husband, Wife and Couple in 2022

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  • February 1, 2022
The Best 17th Anniversary Gift for Your Husband, Wife and Couple in 2022

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect 17th anniversary gift for your lover, companion, or favorite family couple, then look no more! You can celebrate 17 beautiful years of love and companionship by choosing from our list of ideas. Being seventeen years married to your spouse is a big deal and must be celebrated to the fullest.

What Is 17 Year Anniversary Gift?

Since a 17th wedding anniversary is not a significant anniversary, there’s no traditional 17 year anniversary gift in the UK or USA. With the thinking that every year comes with its own symbol that represents love, some folks instituted a modern theme for the occasion.

A modern 17th anniversary gift is furniture that represents security, familiarity, and comfort. It gives you an excellent opportunity to think about your home’s decor before picking out a gift for your loved one.

The symbolic flower of a 17th anniversary is a red carnation which symbolizes utmost love. At the same time, the gemstone is carnelian representing vitality and courage.

Refer to this anniversary gift guide for each year for a more in-depth look at the symbols and how to use them in your gift.

17th Anniversary Gift For Her

She has stuck by you through your worst and best times for the past 17 years. It’s time you show her your love and appreciation with a unique gift idea. Choose from our list!

Heart-Shaped Song Lyrics Custom Canvas Print

Heart-Shaped Song Lyrics Custom Canvas Print

In these 17 years together, it is impossible not to have your song. It could be your wedding song or the first song you danced to that still gets your heart beating fast. Gift her this customized heart-shaped song lyrics canvas!

perfect gift for 17 years of marriage

Hello – Will You – I Do Map Canvas Print

This canvas map print is the perfect gift for 17 years of marriage as it will remind her of the three most important events in her life. Take her down memory lane by gifting her this thoughtful and memorable present.

seventeenth wedding anniversary gift

Dressing Table With Mirror

Go with the modern seventeen-year anniversary theme and gift your special lady the dressing table of her dreams. Strong and stable like your marriage, this beautiful all-white furniture piece will soon become her favorite. Surprise her like never before!

anniversary gifts for 17 years

Sculptural Glass Ribbed Floor Lamp

If your better half has been talking about getting a lamp for the lounge area, it’s the perfect opportunity for you to get her one. This sculptural glass ribbed floor lamp will create the perfect soft lighting that your lounge needs.

17th wedding anniversary gift ideas for her

The Love Knot Necklace

No matter which anniversary or occasion it is, you can never go wrong with a piece of jewelry. This heartfelt love knot necklace will have your wife smiling from ear to ear. Symbolizing true love, this will be her favorite.

17th anniversary gifts for her

Garden Pot Hanger

Have you got yourself a plant lover? Has she made your home garden into the most beautiful area of the house? Spoil her by gifting her these garden pot hangers that will give her a chance to decorate and do what she does best.

17th anniversary traditional gift for wife

Ilana Upholstered Chair

Does she need a chair in your bedroom for relaxing or reading when she feels like it? Get her this comfortable Ilana upholstered chair that will prove to be an excellent addition to any room or décor area in the house.

top furniture gifts for her

Custom Photo Roller Blinds

This is the most unique furniture gift you can give her. Customized photo roller blinds will add so much meaning to your room blinds and are ideal for anywhere in your home especially if you or she have taken the photo.

17th anniversary gemstone gift

Carnelian Necklace

Inspired by the 17th anniversary gemstone, you can gift her this beautiful piece of jewelry. This carnelian crystal necklace gives courage, promotes positive life choices and symbolizes stability in a relationship – compliments best to your beautiful seventeen years of marriage.

Personalized Couple Established Pillow

Personalized Couple Established Pillow

A pillow is a gift every woman would love to get, especially from the one she loves the most. Surprise her by gifting her this adorable personalized couple pillow. It is sure to bring back all the good old memories.

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17th Anniversary Gift For Him

It’s never easy to choose an anniversary gift for your husband. We have compiled for you a list of out-of-the-box gift ideas that he will love!

17 year anniversary gift for him

Black and White Song Lyrics on Photo Canvas Print

For the music lover that your man is, he will fall in love with this beautiful black and white song lyrics photo canvas. Customize it with your wedding picture to remind her of all the magical years of togetherness.

anniversary gift ideas for husband

To My Husband Custom Photo Plaque

Brighten up his workspace with this adorable custom photo plaque that will always remind him of the wonderful years spent with you. It’s a great way to display your best moment together. A gift that he will cherish for years!

furniture anniversary gift for him

Globe Bar Cart Liquor Cabinet

This vintage globe bar chart is a unique liquor cabinet with a hidden mini-bar that can store a good amount of glasses and wine bottles. It is by far the most unique and eye-catching gift for your man.

Heritage Billiards Cavalier Dart Board Cabinet anniversary gift for husband

Heritage Billiards Cavalier Dart Board Cabinet

This heritage billiards cavalier dartboard cabinet on-theme furniture gift symbolizes your rock-solid relationship over the last seventeen years together. It is the perfect finishing touch to your husband’s game room. The elegant and traditional design is sure to make him fall in love.

17th wedding anniversary modern gifts

Personalized Bourbon Barrel Flight with Glasses

Give your sweetheart the gift of his dreams! Made from a reclaimed bourbon barrel, it contains four stylish Glencairn glasses. You can customize it by adding in his name, the location you met him and the year of your choice.

gift ideas for 17th wedding anniversary

Black Metal Crisscross Sconces

These black metal crisscross sconces will add detailing to any wall in your home making it come alive and good to look at. Surprise your husband by decorating your room with these. He is bound to love the complete look.

17th anniversary gift ideas for husband

Modway Jive Mid-Back Office Chair

This modern theme-based Modway jive mid-back office chair is essential! If your better half is working from home and has made his entire setup, this chair will provide natural support and will be the perfect addition for him.

 Writing Desk in Brown gift husband

Crossroads 2 Writing Desk in Brown

Following the modern theme of the 17th anniversary, this Crossroads writing desk is a useful addition to his workspace. Ideal for all types of writing and office work, this will be one of the best gifts you can give him.

best gift for 17th wedding anniversary

Round Football Bean Bag in Matte Brown/White

Who doesn’t love a bean bag! This is the best furniture anniversary gift out there. Your husband will be absolutely overjoyed. Comfortable and perfect for his late night video games and movie nights, around football bean bag is great.

It All Began Under This Sky Framed Print 17th anniversary gift ideas

It All Began Under This Sky Framed Print

This is a beautiful decor piece for your home. It revivals your romantic night when you begin this long-lasting relationship. An ideal gift for your man that he will love.

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17 Year Anniversary Gift For Couple

Is your favorite couple’s 17th anniversary approaching? Our list of 17th anniversary gifts will make it easy for you to choose what to give them.

best gift for 17th wedding anniversary

“And So Together They Built a Life They Loved” Canvas Family Sign

This canvas family sign will have your favorite couple looking back upon the seventeen beautiful years they spent in togetherness. Growing and adjusting through all the challenges life had to offer, they’ve now settled with a life they truly love. It’s one of the perfect anniversary gifts for friends.

17 Year Anniversary Gift, 17th Anniversary, Personalized Gift, Countdown Tree With Roots

Countdown Tree With Roots

One of the most thoughtful and beautiful art pieces, this countdown tree with roots shows years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds of the seventeen years spent together. It is an outstanding piece of gift for the couple you love.

17 yr anniversary gifts

Hanging Rope Windowpane Collage Frame

A memorable gift that will remind your favorite couple of you each time they look at it. This hanging rope windowpane collage frame is perfect for any room of the house. Its gorgeous personalized display will make them fall in love.

17th year wedding anniversary gift for couple

Personalized Wooden Wall Clock for Couple

What better gift to give the couple of the hour than a wooden wall clock? It is perfect to keep a track of all the time that’s being spent together. You can get it customized with their names and wedding date.

17th year anniversary gift ideas

Better Every Year Tree Ring Art

Such a sweet idea of a gift! This better every year tree ring art will highlight the couple’s accomplishments together in life. A constant reminder of how far they’ve come and a hope for many more years to come by.

Mr And Mrs Custom Name Suede Pillow

Mr And Mrs Custom Name Suede Pillow

Keep the flame alive and gift this sweet seventeen year anniversary couple a Mr. and Mrs. suede pillow. Customize it to how you think the couple would like it. Reignite the spark and be amongst those who give the most romantic gifts.

17 Years anniversary We Made a Family Sculpture Figurines

17 Years We Made a Family Sculpture Figurines

This is the perfect celebration item to present to your favorite couple of all time. 17 years we made a family sculpture figurines are super adorable and will most certainly be the best gift out of all the one’s they receive that day.

anniversary gift of furniture

Nikko Faux Leather 2-Seater Loveseat

A stunning and durable 17th wedding anniversary gift of furniture for your beloved couple. Compelling elements of simplicity, style and utmost comfort, this is soon to become everyone’s favorite at their home.

decor home gift

Peace Vase

A stunning decoration piece with bold colors that is sure to light up any room of the house. It is one of the most unique gifts for your favorite couple. Fill it up with dried foraged flowers for a complete look.

Mr And Mrs Custom Couple Mug 17th anniversary gift for couple

Mr And Mrs Custom Couple Mug

A couple of mugs are the perfect addition to their kitchen. They will enjoy a cup of coffee every morning together. The thoughtful Mr and Mrs piece to gift your darling couple on their 17th anniversary.


We hope you will choose the best 17th anniversary gift from our extensive list of gift ideas. It will help you find the right gift for your wife, husband, or couple to celebrate your 17 years of marriage. Happy gifting!



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