15 Year Anniversary: 33+ Gift Ideas That Your Partner Will Treasure

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  • October 15, 2020
15 Year Anniversary: 33+ Gift Ideas That Your Partner Will Treasure

Celebrating 15th wedding anniversary of wedded bliss is an important milestone for every couple. Each year is marked by a unique set of gifts that showcase the romance and dedication of a love for the ages. So when it comes to finding inspiration, starting with anniversary gifts by years is the most obvious choice.

The 15th anniversary is marked by crystal or timepieces, depending on traditional or modern lists. But for such special occasions, finding the perfect gifts relies on much more than the item itself. As a result, we have compiled a collection of personalized and thoughtful anniversary gift  for him and her that they will absolutely love.

What are traditional and modern gifts for the 15 year anniversary?

There are two different lists to choose from when it comes to following the gift-giving guide to anniversaries by year. Traditional gifts for the 15th wedding anniversary are illustrated through everything crystal. The stone symbolizes clarity and a clear understanding of one another achieved through the years together. It’s also a shining expression of love, using a material that both absorbs and reflects light onto the world. 

For a modern gift, a watch or other timepiece is ideal. Since so much happens over 15 years, nothing symbolizes your love quite like time. Giving your significant other something that showcases the many happy years you’ve spent together is the perfect way to show you care.

15th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Husband

Letting that special man in your life know how much you still love him has never been easier. With a score of 15th anniversary gifts for him, the hardest part is choosing only one.

15 year anniversary:Crystal 15 anniversary keepsake

1. Crystal 15 anniversary keepsake



A beautiful way to commemorate your time together is through this stunning, crystal paperweight. This gift breaks down the time leading up to your anniversary, right down to the seconds.  

crystal anniversary:Custom Engraved Glasses

2.Custom Engraved Glasses



Another idea that utilizes the crystal symbol is to purchase this set of personalized champagne flutes. Each glass is etched with the couple’s names and anniversary date.

crystal anniversary gifts:Custom Engrave Pint Beer Glass

3. Custom Engrave Pint Beer Glass



If champagne flutes aren’t your taste, then a different glass-themed anniversary gift is a pint glass. This cup is completely customizable and displays the initials, last name, and even the anniversary date of the couple. 

15th wedding anniversary:Personalized Calendar box frame Personalized Calendar box frame

4. Personalized Calendar box frame



When searching for a 15th anniversary gift for a him, one idea to consider is this adorable calendar. Complete with the couple’s name, the picture freezes the date of the wedding in time. It even adds a sweet little heart to remind even the most forgetful spouses about the next anniversary.

15 year anniversary gift for husband:Pocket Watch Engraved photo Anniversary

5. Pocket Watch Engraved photo Anniversary



For more modern 15 year anniversary gifts, this customizable pocket watch is both stunning and thoughtful. There is enough space on the watch for a photo on one side and text on the other. Though you have the choice of choosing one or the other or both.

15 year anniversary gift for him:Waterford Crystal Heritage Wine Bottle Coaster

6.Waterford Crystal Heritage Wine Bottle Coaster



Since crystal plays such a big role in any gift for 15th wedding anniversary, this coaster makes a lovely option. Use it to hold a fresh bottle of wine or to simply adorn your table for an elegant look.

15 year anniversary gift for him:Photo Holder Glass Mirror with Sparkling Crystal Boarder

7.Decorative Picture Frame



Nothing makes a better 15th  wedding anniversary keepsake than a photo of the happy couple. Whether from the past or present, the photo looks beautiful encased in this creative frame of crystal and glass stones.

Engraved Wood Watch for Husband

8.Engraved Wood Watch for Husband



Another modern anniversary gift is this customized watch made out of wood. Already a unique piece of craftsmanship, buyers can add an engraved picture to the back of the timepiece.

15th wedding anniversary gifts for him:Personalized Gift set with Flask For Him

9.Personalized Gift set with Flask For Him



One of the best gifts for 15th wedding anniversary for him and her, is to buy a gift set. A personalized set allows for personal touches, while also giving a wide variety of items for the recipient to enjoy.

15th anniversary gift ideas for him:Keychain




Sometimes the simplest presents make the best 15th anniversary gifts, too. This stainless steel keychain displays the many years spent together and also saves on space. It’s a great way to give someone something special without cluttering up their home with decor.

15 year anniversary ideas for him:Personalized Wedding Anniversary Gift Mug For Husband

11.Personalized Wedding Anniversary Gift Mug For Husband



For a more comedic twist on a 15 year gift, this mug is definitely one to add to the list. It mentions the years spent together, the many still to come, and even notes the recipient’s name. 

Art lighter Zippo Tiger

12.Art lighter Zippo Tiger



Straying away from the typical 15th wedding anniversary gift ideas, this lighter brings a unique blend of functional and creative. The perfect present for him, the recipient will love the intricate design of a tiger on the front

15th anniversary gift for husband:Geode Agate Bookends

13.Gem Polished Dyed Black Agate Bookend



One of the most breath-taking ideas for a 15 year marriage anniversary gift is a geode. A stunning example of crystal, this set of bookends acts as a useful prop and pretty decor.

14. Wall Clock



A lovely timepiece that both parties can enjoy is this wood wall clock. The clock comes with a heartwarming phrase to celebrate the love and magic of the anniversary. It also allows you to add names and dates to the face of the clock. 

Crystal Heart 15 Anniversary Gift

15.Crystal Heart 15 Anniversary Gift



Another impressive gift for an anniversary is this crystal heart. The decorative piece comes with four different poetic verses and sayings. It also comes in a variety of sizes ranging from 5” to 7.5” in length.

Engraved Grill Set

16.Engraved Grill Set



For the grillmaster in your life, this wood set includes everything from a spatula to tongs to skewers. It’s also completely customizable, letting you add names, initials, or dates to the exterior

Personalized T shirt for Husband

17.Personalized T shirt for Husband



If your husband loves gaming, then add this creative shirt to your list of 15th anniversary gifts. A game controller stands as the centerpiece for the shirt with the words “Level 15 Complete” to show 15 years of marriage.

15th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Wife

When selecting crystal anniversary gifts for her, adding any of these incredible ideas to your list is a must! These amazing gifts add a personal touch and beauty to any home.

15 year anniversary gift for wife:15th Wedding Anniversary Maple Wood Wall Cross Gift

Maple Wall Cross



One gift idea for your 15th anniversary is this wood cross for hanging on walls. This decorative piece honors the 15 years of love shared and reminds the recipient of how much they’re cherished.

15th wedding anniversary gift for her:Traditional 15th Anniversary Flower Rose

2.Traditional 15th Anniversary Flower Rose



Roses have always stood as an uncontested symbol for love. While real roses wither over time, this metal incarnation withstands the test of time. It even comes with a little plaque that reminds your wife that your love is everlasting.

15th anniversary gift:Personalized Collage Canvas Print

3.Personalized Collage Canvas Print



A wonderful way to display the many moments you’ve cherished leading up to your anniversary is through this personalized collage. The canvas uses a stone background and allows you to add photos inside the 15th year numbers.

crystal anniversary gifts for her:Curved Glass Photo Print,

4.Curved Glass Photo Print



If your husband loves gaming, then add this creative shirt to your list of 15th  anniversary gifts. A game controller stands as the centerpiece for the shirt with the words “Level 15 Complete” to show 15 years of marriage.

15 year anniversary gift for wife:Rose Gold Crystal Picture Frame

5.Rose Gold Crystal Picture Frame Bouquet Charm



One crystal anniversary gift she will cherish forever is this gorgeous photo frame. The frame doubles as a locket and holds up to two pictures at a time. It’s tied off with a pretty satin ribbon

crystal anniversary gifts for her:Crystal Pineapple Vase

6.Crystal Pineapple Vase



Pineapples signify hospitality, which is already a great present for any home. Add in the fact that this vase is made of crystal, and it is the perfect 15th wedding anniversary gift.

15th year anniversary present:Crystal Sterling Silver Earrings for Women Anniversary Gift

7.Earrings Made with Swarovski Crystal



Earrings are always a safe choice when it comes to gifts. These crystal earrings are no different. They come in a wide array of colors including aquamarine and rainbow.

15 year anniversary gifts for her:Personalized Crystal Letter Charm

8.Personalized Crystal Letter Charm



Another wonderful 15 year anniversary gift for your wife is a personalized necklace. Each charm is set with tiny crystal gems, spelling out your wife’s name in sparkling beauty.

Round Crystal Jewelry Box

9.Round Crystal Jewelry Box



For an option that aligns with the traditional 15th anniversary gift is this crystal jewelry box. In addition to its reflective exterior, it comes in both a circular or square shape.

15th anniversary gifts for her:Unique Bottle Light For Wife

10.Unique Bottle Light For Wife



One of the best ways to celebrate the light of your life is with this glowing wine bottle. Similar to other 15th anniversary gifts, the fixture allows for a personal message, names, and color selection. 

Cocktail Glass Engraved with Your Custom Text

11.Cocktail Glass Engraved with Your Custom Text



Sticking with the 15th anniversary glass theme, buying her a cocktail glass with a personal message is another fun idea. You can use up to three lines of text on the glass, in your option of six different fonts.

15th anniversary gift ideas for her:Glass Handmade Lamp

12.Glass Handmade Lamp



Celebrating your 15 year anniversary is easy with this uniquely-shaped lighting fixture. This illuminating marriage gift uses multiple planes of glass to create a truly stunning masterpiece in the industrial style.

Personalized Clock for Wife

13.Personalized Clock for Wife



Sticking to the modern theme, this wooden wall clock is a great way to add a personal touch to an essential gift. It comes in sizes ranging from 7 inches to 18 inches in diameter and includes the couples’ names.

Personalized Crystal Bracelet Set

14.Personalized Crystal Bracelet Set



Since jewelry is a common participant in the crystal-themed anniversary, one option is this layered bracelet set. The perfect gift for her, one layer strings crystal leaflets, while the other showcases her initial in gold.

Custom Watch Women

15.Custom Watch Women



A great idea that combines the traditional and modern 15 year anniversary gift is this wristwatch. Her new timepiece uses a simple leather band and crystal glass to make a stunning accessory. There’s even enough space on the back to add a personal message.

DIY Blue Glass Necklace

16. DIY Blue Glass Necklace


More DIY jewelry to try includes making a blue stone necklace using bead wire and some pliers. You can also replace the stone with glass or rocks. To make it really personal, however, make your necklace from elements that hold a special meaning.

Spa Gift for Her

17.Spa Gift for Her



There’s nothing quite like the gift of relaxation to make that 15 year anniversary gift for wife special. This gift set includes lotions, bath bombs, and more, all available in different scents for you to choose.

15th anniversary gift for her:Custom Photo Mug For Wife

18.Custom Photo Mug For Wife



You can never go wrong with a personalized mug, especially when it comes to 15 year anniversary gifts. This option comes in two different designs and adds names and dates at the bottom of the cup.

Crystal Gemstone Tree

19.Crystal Gemstone Tree



The final gift idea for him or her is a wire art tree topped with crystal gemstones. Trees symbolize family, strength, and endurance. All of these are things associated with a healthy, loving relationship of 15 years

DIY Crystal Tassel Earrings

20.DIY Crystal Tassel Earrings


A different style of crystal earrings includes adding a little more flair with tassels. This DIY tutorial shows how to make your own pair of trendy earrings with simple supplies and techniques.

With so many wonderful ideas to choose from, you now have some new inspiration for 15th wedding anniversary gift ideas. The important part is to always choose from the heart and select something as timeless as your love.

If you want to find what to include in your card, please visit the anniversary quote to get sweeter quotes for your wedding anniversary.



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