The Best 15 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him, Her, and Them [2021 Guide]

  • BY Editorial Staff
  • July 27, 2021
The Best 15 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him, Her, and Them [2021 Guide]


Celebrate a decade and a half of marriage with these 15 year anniversary gift ideas. Celebrate the milestone of 15 years of marriage with meaningful gifts for him and her. 

These 15th anniversary gifts include both traditional gifts of crystal and modern watches. The couple can commemorate this special occasion with these sentimental gift ideas. Each anniversary by year includes gifts from a special material to celebrate the couple’s time together. 

What is The Gift for 15th Wedding Annversary?

Traditional Gift-Crystal

Crystal, which is much more than just beautifully polished glass. It represents the sparkling love and clear path between a husband and wife. Much like quality diamonds, creating beautiful crystals requires patience and a time commitment. 

Just as with their long love life, the number of facets in their relationship develop over their 15 years together. Like the crystal anniversary gift, their love for one another is crystal clear. 


Modern Gift-Watch

While crystal is a lovely present for a 15-year anniversary gift, some couples prefer to go the modern route. A beautiful watch symbolizes the time that they have spent together as husband and wife.

 It also represents the time they have yet to spend together as a couple. They will be reminded of their spouse and their love throughout the day as they look at their timepiece. 

15th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

Celebrate that special woman in your life on the 15th anniversary of her wedding with these traditional, crystal gift ideas. She is sure to appreciate these beautiful crystal gift ideas from her spouse or child.

 While themed gifts are great, it’s not necessary to stick to a category. Give something unique and unexpected this anniversary. From stunning jewelry to designer home decor, these amazing crystal gifts and other unique gifts will not disappoint.

1. Mr and Mrs 15th Anniversary Custom Canvas Print

Your favorite couple has a big day coming up. You want to get them a touching love symbol to show their relationship’s brilliance. 

Our stunning Mr and Mrs 15th anniversary custom canvas print outshines the rest! It‘s a one-of-a-kind keepsake that comes in two designs and four different colors. Just pick the one you like the most, then add names and a date!

2. A Crystal Rose

crystal anniversary gifts for her: A Crystal Rose

Swarovski crystals are the standard in which all other crystals aspire to be like. This beautiful crystal rose is a truly magnificent work of art, just like she is. 

A timeless design that will bloom forever, just like their love life. While this gift might look simple, it represents elegance and a standing commitment to one another. The perfect crystal anniversary gift to give a wife or mother. 


3. Song Lyrics on Photo Canvas Print

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Do you have a spouse who loves music, or are you looking for a perfect fifteen-year anniversary gift for her? Well, search no more.

This black and white song lyrics photo canvas print is just perfect for bringing back memories for your special day.

4. "15th Anniversary Sharing the Sofa" Custom Pillow

“15th Anniversary Sharing the Sofa” custom pillow

A “15th Anniversary Sharing the Sofa” custom pillow is a lovely personalized wedding anniversary gift. Give this cushion to your wife for a happy crystal 15th anniversary.

There‘s no greater joy than cuddling up with your life partner at the end of a busy day. Relive the great moments you’ve had during your time together while snuggling each other at home.

5. White Crystal Clear Cluster Drop

White Crystal Clear Cluster Drop​

Even after many years of working hard at marriage, she is still sparking just as bright as her wedding day. Make sure she knows it with this stunning 15 year wedding anniversary gift. 

These beautiful crystal chandelier earrings are certainly a statement piece that will capture the spotlight. Surprise her with earrings that will light up just as much as she does when she walks into a room.  


6. Women's Sparkling Dance Necklace

Women's Sparkling Dance Necklace

Make sure she feels extra special on her 15 anniversary with this truly stunning, tennis bracelet with two diamond rows. This beautiful and elegant piece of jewelry is a timeless design that she’ll love to show off wherever she goes. 

Can be worn alone for a simple, statement piece or accompaniment to any other minimalist pieces of jewelry. Just like her marriage, this piece is designed for her to last. 


7. Heart-Shaped Bird Custom Song Lyrics Canvas Print

This so makes a perfect anniversary gift for your wife. You can customize this Heart-Shaped Bird Custom Song Lyrics Canvas Print by telling us what song it is that takes her breath away. You can also add your names and wedding date to turn this canvas print into a memento of your undying love.

8. BOLD Evolution watch

gift for 15th anniversary: BOLD Evolution watch

Opt for a modern anniversary gift idea for her with this stunning gold plated watch. Crafted from the finest materials featuring a unique and minimalist watch face. 

She will love wearing this bold and beautiful watch every day. For the woman who doesn’t want a traditional 15 year anniversary gift, she is sure to adore this amazing timepiece. 


9. Deco Madison Diamond Watch

Deco Madison Diamond Watch

Any gift from Neiman Marcus is sure to put a smile on her face. This stunning Hermes watch is a beautiful modern gift for a 15th year anniversary from a child or spouse. An amazing, designer watch that will make all of her married and unmarried friends jealous. 


10. Swarovski Vase of Roses

15 year wedding anniversary:Swarovski Vase of Roses​

Why get her just one, single crystal rose when you can get her an entire vase full of them? The Swarovski crystal vase of roses features 15 ruby red roses to represent 15 amazing years of marriage. A small yet stunning gift for 15th anniversary that she will love to display in her home  or office. 


11. Swarovski Crystal Heart Pendant Necklace

15 year anniversary:Swarovski Crystal Heart Pendant Necklace ​​

Make sure she’s able to carry a reminder of her many wonderful years of marriage with her wherever she goes. This crystal heart necklace is an authentic Swarovski crystal wrapped in a gold chain. 

It makes an elegant fifteenth anniversary gift for her. A sparkling reminder of her undying love for her spouse. 


12. Swarovski Crystalline oval watch in Black Rose Gold

fifteenth anniversary gift: warovski Crystalline oval watch in Black Rose Gold​

Can’t quite decide on whether to go with a traditional or modern 15 year anniversary gift? Give the gift of both with this stunning watch embedded with 1,700 tiny Swarovski crystals. 

A beautiful, on trend gift featuring rose gold with black crystal inlays. Celebrate her 15th year of marriage with this show stopping mix of modern and traditional gifts. 


13. Victoria Ruby Ring

crystal anniversary:Victoria Ruby Ring

Put a spin on the traditional gift of crystal with this one of a kind, vintage ring. A large ruby is featured in the center surrounded by a sunburst of circular and rectangular clear crystals. 

Be sure to take her out on a special occasion so she has a chance to show off this ring. Your wife will certainly appreciate this remarkable 15 year gift for her anniversary.  


14. Crystal Whiskey Glasses

Crystal Whiskey Glasses

These are for the lady who loves the finer things in life, such as an aged scotch, whiskey, or cognac. These lowball glasses come in a set of four in an exquisite satin-lined box. 

Stunning style made from high quality crystal, these glasses will help to keep her beverage cool. Just as durable as her many years of marriage, she’ll happily celebrate her 15th anniversary drinking from these beautiful glasses.  

15th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him

Even he deserves to be spoiled for making it through 15 years of marriage. While it might seem easy to pick out a crystal or modern gift for her, there’s plenty for him too. While it might just seem like yesterday they tied the knot, 15 years have come and gone. Go above and beyond for this year’s anniversary gift with these traditional, modern gift ideas and other unique items for him.

1. It All Began Under This Sky Custom Star Map Canvas

This  custom star map canvas is a fantastic present for your  your husband on 15th anniversary.

With a variety of colors to choose from this personalized map star will fit in with virtually any home and decor. Give this gift of the stars to your significant other to always remember that special night.

2. 15 Year Anniversary Canvas

15 year custom canvas

Looking for a unique gift for your wife to celebrate your 15 years of marriage? This custom canvas is a perfect gift to remind her of important milestones with you. 

Order now and show how much you love him.

3. Custom Photo And Name Suede Pillow

15 years down forever to go suede pillow is a romantic gift for your partner who has been with you for over a decade. The biggest 15th anniversary deserves to be celebrated with style. This pillow comes with an eye-catching design that will make you fall in love with it instantly.

4. Sundial Gift For Him

Sundial Gift For Him

If you’re looking for the perfect present for a loved one, we’ve got you covered. This sundial combine simplicity, elegance, and durability to create fantastic gifts for your 15th wedding anniversay! With our selection of sundials, you can’t go wrong.

5. Crystal Decanter And Glasses

Crystal Decanter And Glasses

No man cave is complete without a high quality crystal decanter and glass set. Be sure to wish him a happy 15 year anniversary with this classic whiskey decanter. 

Perfect for sharing a glass with this wife or having the guys over for some scotch and cigars. His friends will be wowed by this stunning set displayed in his bar room. 


6. A Classic Wristwatch

gift for 15th wedding anniversary:A Classic Wristwatch

While he may have lost track of time over the last 15 years of marriage, make sure he’s never late. This chrono watch is a stunning piece of art that he will be proud to wear everyday. 

Featuring wood from reclaimed oak barrels, this is certainly a one of a kind 15 year anniversary gift for him. A mix of traditional and modern with a crystal watch face. 


7. Apple watch Series

Apple watch Series

For the guy who is all about the high tech gadgets, he is sure to love this modern gift. This watch is so much more than just a standard timepiece. 

From texting each other to keeping track of his heart, this is a practical and useful gift idea. Keep in touch when you aren’t able to be next to each other with this 15 year wedding anniversary gift. 


8. Whiskey Stones and Glass Set

Whiskey Stones and Glass Set

Ensure his man cave is fully stocked with all of the bar essentials with this whiskey stones set. He’ll pour a perfectly chilled drink at the end of a long day with this 15 year anniversary. No matter his drink of choice, he’s sure to love these high-quality whiskey stones. 


9. Waterford Lismore Pilsner Pair

15 year wedding anniversary gift:Waterford Lismore Pilsner Pair

He certainly won’t mind this traditional crystal anniversary gift when he is pouring his beers into it. Bring back the elegance of your wedding day with these stunning pilsner glasses. They make the perfect addition to a bar or man cave. 


10. Waterford Giftology Lismore Essence clock

Waterford Giftology Lismore Essence clock

Gift your husband the timeless classic of a crystal clock. A beautiful piece that he will be proud to display in your home or his office. A stunning piece of art for 15 years of marriage gift from a wife featuring the classic Lismore pattern. 


11. Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch

happy 15 year anniversary:Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch

Make sure your man knows how much these last 15 years have meant to you with this professional chronograph watch. 

With OMEGA being one of the most iconic timepieces, he will never want to take this watch off. This gift combines the modern gift of a watch with traditional crystal featured in the dial. 


12. Men's Clear Crystal Cufflinks

crystal wedding anniversary:Men's Clear Crystal Cufflinks

For the guy who always likes to look his best, these crystal cufflinks are a must have. Celebrate the fifteenth anniversary traditional gift with this stunning, handmade item. 

These cufflinks will scream happy 15 years anniversary every time he wears them. For work or play, he will love showing these off. 


15th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Them

Celebrate that special woman in your life on the 15th anniversary of her wedding with these traditional, crystal gift ideas. She is sure to appreciate these beautiful crystal gift ideas from her spouse or child.


While themed gifts are great, it’s not necessary to stick to a category. Give something unique and unexpected this anniversary. From stunning jewelry to designer home decor, these amazing crystal gifts and other unique gifts will not disappoint.

1. Crystal 15 anniversary keepsake

fifteenth anniversary traditional gift:

A beautiful way to commemorate your time together is through this stunning, crystal paperweight. This gift breaks down the time leading up to your anniversary, right down to the seconds.

2. Waterford Crystal Champagne Flute

Waterford Crystal Champagne Flute

When searching for great gifts for 15th wedding anniversary for them, they will always appreciate something special for their home. This  glasses set is perfect for drinking with friends or eachother for party at home. 

3. Personalized Anniversary Clock

Personalized Anniversary Clock

The 15 year wedding anniversary gift is surely meaningful gift for couple. The wood wall clock is a stunning home décor piece that acts as a reminder of those special memories you an your husband cherish so much. It is handcrafted and laser engraved with specific information of a couple.

4. 3D Tower (Portrait) Crystal

15 years of marriage:3D Tower (Portrait) Crysta

Put a spin on the traditional with this personalized crystal wedding anniversary gift. Grab your favorite picture of the couple and have it engraved in this crystal like cube. They will be delighted to receive such a unique gift and be proud to display it in their home.

5. Extreme Amethyst Cluster

15 year gift: Extreme Amethyst Cluster

Searching for unique fifteen-year anniversary gift ideas? While this might not be a traditional crystal, it is a crystal of some kind. 

This amethyst cluster is not only beautiful, but it’s also strong like their marriage. A truly beautiful work of art, to represent their long-lasting marriage.

Celebrate marriage with these 15 year anniversary gifts for him, her, and them. Whether beautiful crystal or high-quality watches, you’re sure to find something special for the couple celebrating 15 happy years together.



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