30 Steel 11th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him, Her, and Couples (2021)

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  • August 2, 2021
30 Steel 11th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him, Her, and Couples (2021)

In search of the perfect 11th anniversary gift for your wife, husband, or a couple of the hour? This article will provide you with a complete guide to the best ideas for 11 year steel anniversary gifts.

If you’ve kept an entire celebration, be sure to enjoy the magical moment, cherish all the beautiful years of being together, and create more memories for a lifetime. Surprise each other with thoughtful steel gifts that you can look back on.

Here’s everything you need to know about the gift for an 11 year anniversary, including the theme, gemstone, and anniversary flower.

What Is The 11 Year Anniversary Gift?

The symbolic gift for the magical 11 year anniversary is steel. Representing the strength and durability of your marriage, steel is ideal for a couple who has been through 11 years of togetherness and is still going strong. The modern gifts for an 11th year anniversary are fashion jewelry.

The 11th anniversary gemstone is turquoise which makes a stunning anniversary gift. It symbolizes longevity, and that’s just what every marriage needs.

The flower that the 11 year anniversary is associated with is the elegant and passionate tulip that adds to the celebration’s beauty.

Steel 11th Anniversary Gifts For Him

From traditional steel anniversary gift ideas for your husband to fashion accessory gifts for a modern approach, we’ve got you covered. Surprise him by choosing something that he’d never think to get himself.

1. “A Perfect Marriage Definition” Canvas Sign

A Perfect Marriage Definition 11th anniversary canvas print gift



A perfect marriage is just two imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other, now isn’t that right? This canvas print is a winner. Express utmost love for your husband by gifting him this personalized piece of art that will stand out on any wall.

2. Engraved Horseshoe

engraved horseshoe - steel gift for husband 11th wedding anniversary



If your husband is an authentic horse lover, then an engraved steel horseshoe will be the best traditional gift he’s ever gotten. It is a beautiful rustic décor that is hand stamped with “I STEEL Do.” You can personalize it by getting your anniversary date engraved.

3. “I STEEL Love You” Keychain

11 Years And I STEEL Love You Key Ring 11th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Men



If your husband loves collecting keychains, we assure you, this will be his top favorite. A quirky 11th anniversary idea that will get him smiling from one ear to the other. You can personalize it by adding your anniversary date on the back of the keychain. This solid keychain is a gift that he can cherish for years to come.

4. 11 Years of Adventures Together Map Print

11 Years of Adventures Together Map Print



Is your husband all about the outdoorsy nomadic life and loves traveling with you? This 11 years of adventure together map print is the perfect gift for him to cherish all the years spent with you. Customize the map canvas print by adding the locations you’ve visited and the years you both went in. It is sure to make him beam with happiness.

5. Stainless Steel Bar Blade

Stainless Steel Bar Blade - 11 Year Anniversary Gift for Him



Thinking of a unique wedding anniversary gift for 11 years together? Do you need to show him how he is “The Greatest Husband on Earth?” Our stainless steel bar blade is the perfect gift for all movie nights. Surprise him and honor your 11 years of togetherness with this gift.

6. Steel Wedding Anniversary Pebble Art

Steel Wedding Anniversary Pebble Art



If your husband is one who admires art and loves to buy stunning pieces for your lounge wall, then this steel wedding anniversary pebble art is one excellent addition. The steel-colored heart represents your 11 year anniversary and is by far the most unique gift to give.

7. Glowing Star Map

Steel anniversary gift for him - Glowing Star Map



Want to give your husband something cool and out of the ordinary? A glowing star map is a unique and meaningful gift for him for your steel anniversary. It not only glows in the dark, but you can get your star map customized with the position of the stars on your wedding day and date.

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8. “We Still Do” Desktop Plaque

we still do desktop plaque - eleventh wedding anniversary gift for husband



Surprise your husband by getting him this “We Still Do” desktop plaque and placing it on his desk for your steel anniversary. You can customize it by choosing your favorite picture of you both, your names, wedding date, and a memorable quote. It is bound to make him teary-eyed.

9. 11 Years” Bottle Opener

a bottle opener with the words 11 years



This “11 Years” bottle opener is made to last just like your marriage! Handmade with love and ready to last a lifetime, gift your husband this personalized bottle opener that will forever remind him of you. This gift is such that it can be handed down to future generations.

10. Stainless Steel Bracelet

Black Matte Stainless Steel Bracelet - anniversary gift for him



Shiny and cool, this durable stainless steel bracelet is a fashion accessory gift for men who have a modern approach and enjoy wearing such things. You can get this bracelet engraved with your husband’s name and your anniversary date to give it a personal touch.

11. Anniversary Song Lyrics With Photo Canvas Wall Art

Anniversary Song Lyrics With Photo Canvas Wall Art personalized 11 year Anniversary Gift



It’s impossible for you and your husband to not have a special song in these 11 years of marriage. Choose your wedding photo along with your main song and there you have it, the perfect anniversary song lyrics with a photo canvas wall art. Place it on the wall of your room so that you look and smile each time.

12. “Eleven Years and Counting” Wallet Insert

Eleven years and counting - 11th Wedding Anniversary - Wallet card



Go a bit more personal and get your man a shiny “eleven years and counting” wallet insert for your eleventh anniversary. It will remind him of you each time he opens his wallet. You can personalize it however you want, with dates, words, quotes, names and even song lyrics!

Steel 11th Anniversary Gifts For Her

From statement rings to necklaces we’ve got the perfect 11th anniversary gift ideas for your beautiful wife. This section includes traditional steel gifts along with fashion jewelry gifts for your better half. Gift away!

1. Steel Ring Dish

custom steel ring dish - traditional steel wedding anniversary gift for her



A steel ring dish is a beautiful anniversary gift and a very useful one too. Gift your loving wife who’s been there with you through thick and thin in these eleven years this dish. Personalize this steel dish with your initials and anniversary date on it.

2. A Print To Remind Her Of Relationship Milestones

map canvas print - steel 11th anniversary gift



11 years and a lifetime to go! This framed print for your wife is a unique and thoughtful gift that will remind her of all the milestones you both have crossed in 11 years of your relationship and show her how far you’ve come with her.

3. Steel Twist Pendant and Necklace

Steel Twist Pendant and Necklace - Steel Anniversary Gift for Wife



As a token of love and appreciation for all the 11 years she has cared and spent with you, a modern jewelry gift is an excellent choice. This steel twist pendant and necklace is a simple yet modern piece of jewelry that your wife will love. A stainless steel chain symbolizes how strong your marriage is.

4. Personalized Steel Tealight Candle

Personalized Steel Tealight Candle for 11th Anniversary



A personalized steel tealight candle is a romantic and unique gift to surprise your wife with on your steel anniversary. With a soft flickering light it is bound to set a dreamy ambiance. Hand stamped and personalized, she is bound to fall in love with it.

5. Personalized Throw Blanket

Personalized Throw Blanket 11 year anniversary gift for her



This personalized throw blanket is a dream come true! Soft, snuggly and customized with her favorite song lyrics, it is bound to become her chosen blanket of all time. Make her feel cozy and remind her just like this blanket you’ll always be there for her.

6. Handcrafted Steel Rose

hand forged steel rose - steel gift ideas for wife on 11th anniversary



What better way to show the woman of your dreams that you’re very much in love with her the same way you were when you first met her than by giving her a one-of-a-kind handcrafted steel rose? She can hang this on the door of your bedroom so that it always reminds her of love.

7. Star Map Framed Print

Star Map Framed Print - A romantic Wedding Anniversary Gift for wife



Tired of juggling between traditional and modern gifts for your wife? Surprise her with a unique and romantic star map framed print on your 11 year anniversary. Make it more special by customizing and adding the date and place where she finally said ‘I do’. This frame will add so much meaning to your room.

8. Stainless Steel Cookware Set

Stainless Steel Cookware Set Gift for Wife on 11th Anniversary



Is your wife the queen of the house and the kitchen? If yes then she will love stainless steel cookware set as an 11 year anniversary gift. Pamper her with all your love and all her favorite pans and watch her glow with happiness!

9. Stainless Steel Flatware Set

Stainless Steel Flatware Set - Traditional Eleventh Anniversary Gift



A stainless steel flatware set is a beautiful addition to your drawing room, kitchen, or table! Make your wife happy by surprising her with this sturdy and rust-free flatware set that will hold up for years. Your wife will be delighted to hear this set doesn’t need polishing.

10. Tulip Earrings and Necklace

Tulip Earrings and Necklace - 11th Anniversary Flower Gift for Her



Tulips are the symbolic 11th anniversary flower embodying beauty and sophistication. Add more meaning to your gift by gifting her a piece of tulip jewelry. This stunning tulip earrings and necklace is the perfect gift to give your wife as your both start your second decade together!

11. Infinity Name Sign

infinity symbol metal sign - 11 year wedding anniversary gift



This metal infinity name sign indicates endless love that will go on forever, which is a perfect way to describe your relationship with your wife. It is one of the most unique and romantic gifts to give your wife on your steel anniversary. Place it above your bed to constantly remind each other of infinite love.

12. 11 Years And I “Steel” Love You Custom Mug

11 Years And I Steel Love You Custom Mug - Anniversary Gift for Wife



There is no better way to show your wife that you’re ‘steel’ going strong than an 11 year, and I ‘steel’ love your custom mug. If your wife has a great sense of humor, she will appreciate this idea. You can customize this mug by adding both your names and the year you got married.

11th Anniversary Gifts For A Couple

Skip the modern and traditional debate of gifting! Artistic and cool, these 11 year anniversary gifts for a couple are just what you have been looking for. Choose from our list and surprise your favorite couple.

1. 11th Anniversary Card

happy 11th wedding anniversary coin card



Cards are a forever favorite when it comes to gifting! Make the happy couple even happier with this beautiful 11th anniversary card with a steel coin to symbolize the 11 years that the couple has spent together. Fill it up with a heartfelt message for them.

2. Stainless Steel Beverage Bucket

Stainless Steel Beverage Bucket - 11th anniversary gift idea for couples



If the couple you’re friends with is a fan of beverages, this stainless steel beverage bucket is just a gift! It will surely lighten up the whole party. You can get it customized with their names on it to add a more personal touch.

3. 11 Years We Made a Family Sculpture Figurines

11 Years We Made a Family Sculpture Figurines



One of the most adorable, heartfelt, and unique gifts to give the couple you love on their steel anniversary. In these 11 years, we made family sculpture figurines is bound to leave them speechless. The steel figures on the wooden block are a one-of-kind art piece that they can put on the display.

4. Monogrammed Throw Blanket

monogram throw blanket gift for a couple 11th wedding anniversary



A monogrammed throw blanket is a practical and helpful gift. You can get the couple’s initials personalized onto the adorable and soft steel-colored blanket. They can also use it as a decoration piece in their living room, movie nights, or wall decor.

5. Personalized Steel Whiskey Cubes

Personalized Steel Whiskey Cubes - Traditional Steel Anniversary Gifts for a Couple



These personalized steel whiskey cubes are a classy and beautifully crafted item to gift a couple who loves their drinks cold. They can be personalized any way you like, and the coolest part is that they go in the freezer, and then you can put them in your drinks.

6. Tulip Beer Glasses

Tulip Beer Glasses - Eleventh Anniversary Gifts for Couples



Symbolizing the 11th anniversary flower, tulip beer glasses are the perfect gift for a happy couple on their 11th anniversary. They can be used for almost all types of occasions. You can get them personalized with your chosen design, name, and text, making it a very excellent gift.


An 11 year anniversary gift should be thoughtful and heartfelt as it is a milestone celebration. We hope this article helps you find the best steel gifts for your husband, wife, or favorite couple of all time.



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